Chaos Moon By The Eternal Dragon

Chapter 1 5/17/04

AN: This is a cross over of Ranma ½ and Sailor Moon which I own neither. It's only a fanfiction. This story starts out a little similar to another story I started but the two will be completely different. (Actually, I didn't like how the other one was turning out so I'm completely restarting it and it will be going in another direction than the other though the main idea will pretty much stay the same.)

The sudden crash of thunder sent shivers up the spine of Usagi as she hurried down the street to the train station hoping to arrive before the first drops of rain would fall. She had been in Nerima hoping to find her older brother who had been missing for almost a decade and her Auntie had mentioned that he may have been staying in this strange district that sent shivers down her back that was even worse than the thunder. The whole place gave her the creeps the moment she arrived.

Usagi groaned as the first drops fell from the darkened sky as she cursed the evils of the weather forecast and the uncanny ability that the meteorologist had to predict the exact opposite of what the weather really would be like. Luckily she was right next to the bridge that ran across the small canal which would give her the perfect cover while waiting for the rain to stop.

She slowly made her way down the small incline and under the bridge just as the rain hit hard causing a drawn out sigh from the frustrated blonde. The whole day seemed to go bad and it just kept getting worse. It didn't seem like the rain was going to let up anytime soon so she Usagi decided she might as well settle in for awhile.

A quiet sound brought Usagi's attention to the shape of a red headed pig- tailed sitting farther under the bridge. The other girl either didn't notice Usagi's presence or either didn't care. Slowly Usagi made her way closer to the girl as she realized the sound was made from crying. Usagi hated to see anyone in pain and set herself to see if there was anything that she could do for the sobbing girl.

"Are you okay?" Usagi asked as she approached the other girl and took a step back when she saw the flash of silver in the red haired girl's hand.

"L-leave me a-alone." The red haired girl said shakily.

Usagi slowly backed away hoping that the other girl wouldn't attack her when something else caught her attention, a thin line of red on the other girl's wrist. Something snapped in the usually easily frightened blonde causing her to march straight over to the red head and grabbed the knife from the girl's grip and throwing it into the water.

"What the hell do you think your doing?" Usagi demanded as she took the red head's arm and inspected the cut, relieved it wasn't really bad and it actually already stopped bleeding.

"It's none of your damned business meatball head!" the red head snapped, pulling her arm back roughly. "Why don't you go home and play with your dollies?"

Usagi wasn't going to back down to this girl who evidently already gotten over what ever she was crying about a few moments earlier. "I'm sure as heck not going to stand here and let you kill yourself!"

"Why should you care?" the red head snarled as she rose to face Usagi, then quietly, "It's not like anyone else does."

"Surely it can't be all that bad..." Usagi replied reaching her hand to the red head who just backed away.

"It's not that bad? Nobody gives a DAMN about how I feel. NOBODY!" the red head snarled, fighting back more tears.

"I'm sure someone does." Usagi whispered.

"Sure, my dad uses me to feed his fat stomach when he's not abusing me for the sake of the art. I have to hide from my own mother or else she'll kill me. I'm engaged to more girl's than I know what to do with and none of them care what I want, hell no that would be too much to ask. I'm just some damned prize to them. I have no friends, everyone either wants me dead or as a plaything!" as the read head ranted she slowly made her way to be standing almost face to face with Usagi, "So tell me, who the hell cares for a FREAK like me? NOONE, that's who! So why the HELL not kill myself?"

So many things ran through Usagi's mind as the red haired girl finished her rant, either on the verge of tears again or ready to rip off Usagi's head and she hoped it wasn't the later though she really didn't want it to be the first either.

So much of the red head's rant confused Usagi, like how did she get engaged to more than one girl and how did the red head get engaged to another girl anyway. Maybe she was like the outers, that would explain having to hide from her mother maybe. But still, something wasn't right about the whole situation.

Usagi looked into the other girl's eyes and saw complete hopelessness in them. She did the only thing she could think, Usagi encircled her arms around the other girl holding her comfortingly as she burst out sobbing again. The red head tried to pull away at first but gave up quickly and settled into the embrace as she cried her heart out, her whole body shaking from the heart wrenching cries.

Usagi slowly lowered the two to sit on the ground as the red head buried her face into the blonde's embrace, who didn't really care that the rain was stopping now. She was going to be really late but there was no way that she was going to leave the red head alone. If the girl's life was really so bad Usagi was going to try her best to help the poor girl.