Chaos Moon

Chapter 11


By The Eternal Dragon

Ranma didn't really pay to much attention to where she was being led by the others and in truth she didn't really care. She could try and deny it all she want but as soon as she heard the name Raziel she started having memories of him as well. Dark memories that would give even the most fearless of people nightmares that would last countless of nights.

She remembered spilling blood on the battlefield, lots of it, and even worse she remembered enjoying it. She was a celebrated warrior on Nemesis back in the war torn days of the silver millennium, and it scared her. Not only was she a freak, she was a monster, a murderer.

"Are you ok, sis?" Usagi asked from next to Ranma. Ranma didn't even notice when she sat down around a table with the other girls and Mamoru. They must have been at the shrine that was mentioned earlier. Funny though, it didn't look like a shrine, it looked like a bedroom.

"Sure, I'm okay. I just learned that I'm a murderer besides a freak. I'm beginning to wish you never found me." Ranma said, trying to fight back the tears which seemed not to want to leave lately.

"How could you say that?!" Makota snapped, "It's not Usagi's fault that this is happening!"

Ranma was glad when Usagi pulled her into an embrace, a safe haven from the rest of the world. She felt the tears fall down her cheeks and didn't care. It seemed okay to cry when she was with Usagi because no matter how depressed she was a small part of the redhead knew that the blonde girl would make it all better.

"That's not what she meant, Makota." Usagi said with a sad voice, "Ranma, she was trying to kill herself when I found her."

A collection of gasps echoed from the surrounding group as a sniff was heard from Ami. "Ranma, I think you need some help. I know what your going through and I will help as much as I can and I know a good counselor."

"I thought your mom was a medical doctor." Minako solemnly said.

"She is," Ami sighs, "The counselor is the one I seen when I tried to kill myself a few years ago."

"WHAT!?" Most of the gather people asked at the same time and in the same shocked tone of voice.

"It was before I met all of you, I didn't have any friends or anything and I thought noone even cared." Ami explained, her eyes closed as she took a deep and calming breath, "I don't want to get into it right now but suicide is not the answer Ranma, I'll be here for you and I know Usagi will too. You don't have to be alone."

"All of us will be here with you." Rei said.

"Ami, you had some stuff about what's his name, how about Rayne?" Minako asked.

"Rayne," Luna sighs as she jumps up onto the table with Artemis following. Ranma wasn't sure where the came from or if they followed them but she didn't really care about that either, she just wanted to stay in Usagi's arms for the moment. "Well, she was always depressed for a long time and I hate to say it but it was mostly our fault. Since she couldn't control the crystal or had the power to become a senshi most of us didn't really bother much with her. She would never become Queen or a senshi so in a way many didn't even feel that she mattered, even the Queen."

"The people shunned her mostly because many thought that she was an illegitimate child," Artemis said, "Only Usagi was really nice to her out of the inners, she always protected Rayne and stuck up for her. Besides her though Rayne didn't really have any friends."

"Until she met the outers," Luna said, "Hotaru became like Rayne's little sister because she knew what the senshi of Saturn had to deal with. Rayne then befriended each of the outers and they all became very close even after Pluto was banished."

"Luna!" Artemis exclaimed.

"They have a right to know," Luna said, "It's time they knew the truth anyways. Setsuna fell in love with Raziel and was banished to the gates of time to guard them by herself for eternity but I helped Rayne and the outers and Raziel visit often without the Queen even knowing. That's why Setsuna was never reincarnated like the rest of us. In fact, it was the Queen's arrogance that was partially to blame for the collapse of the moon kingdom and she realized it. She wanted to set things right and give both of her daughters and everyone a second chance at happiness without all the crap and politics that had happened on the moon. The crystal drained all the Queen's energies and answered her desire by sending everyone into the future to be reborn."

The room fell into silence as everyone was shocked at what they had heard, they knew deep down all of it was true.