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Chapter 25: The Break Up

It was 2 weeks before Vengeance. Everybody in Evolution had a big match. Ric and Eugene is going to have a title shot. Randy was going to defend his title. Paul is going to have a title shot for the World Heavyweight Championship. Jenny is going to defend her Women's Championship against Trish. And Dave is going to face Chris Jericho. Randy and the guys went out and Jenny stayed in the Penthouse. She trust Randy to go out with the guys without her looking after him, but Jenny still had the guys too look after him. About 10 'o' clock at night Paul called and asked Jenny to pick them up since he had 3 bottles of beer same with Ric and Dave. Randy on the other hand had like 8 bottles of beer. Jenny smiled at the thought of the guys drunk. She got her rental keys and went.

At the Club

Randy has been avoiding girls as much as possible, but when he had his 6 beer he gave in. He started dancing with some girls. Paul and the guys didn't stop him since it was just dancing. Now they were at the V.I.P. room. Randy was sitting down at a couch. Paul, Ric, and Dave were just looking outside the window looking at the dance floor.

"Hey Randy…. Me and Ric are going to use the bathroom…. Now you behave yourself." said Paul

"Yeah…. Sure man." said Randy who was very drunk

"And Jenny is coming to pick us up…." said Paul before leaving

When Paul and Ric left a girl came in who had the same hair color as Jenny. Randy looked at her and saw Jenny's face.

"Jenny?" asked Randy

The girl sat right next to him and smiled.

"Yeah…. It's me baby." said the blonde girl

Dave just kept on staring outside the window since he thought it was Jenny too. Then the girl went on Randy's lap and started making out with him. Randy kissed back since he thought it was Jenny.

3 Minutes Later

Paul and Ric decided to wait for Jenny downstairs and have her get Randy since they were to tired to go back up. Finally they saw Jenny.

"Hey Jen…. Go get Randy and Dave upstairs." said Paul

"Why wont you?" asked Jenny

"Come on Jen I'm tired…." said Paul

"Lazy ass." said Jenny

"I'll let that go this time." said Paul smiling at his little sister.

Jenny then went up the stairs and opened the door. When she opened the door she felt like someone just shot her on the chest. There she saw Randy making out with some bimbo. Dave heard the door open and saw Jenny which made his glass drop. Randy got surprised that Dave drop his glass so he put the blonde girl beside him. When he did he looked towards the door to see Jenny crying.

"I cant believe you Randy." said Jenny before running downstairs.

Randy got shocked and looked at the blonde girl closely and found out it wasn't Jenny he was making out with. Dave got him up and they both ran downstairs. Jenny passed by Paul who was surprised that Jenny didn't even notice him. He tried to shout after her, but was too late. When Dave and Randy finally got downstairs where Paul and Ric was Paul stopped Randy with his left hand.

"Randy…. Why in the hell is my sister crying?" asked Paul calmly.

"Well…. You see…. This blonde girl came in the room and I thought it was Jenny…. Since you said Jenny was coming…. Then when the real Jenny came I was making out with the girl…. If you don't believe me ask Dave." said Randy

Paul turned to Dave "Randy is saying the truth…. I thought it was Jenny too so I left them alone, but when I turn to see who was at the door I saw the real Jenny and dropped my glass…. That's when Randy realized it wasn't Jenny he was kissing."

"Okay…. I believe both of you…. Now we have to get a ride so that we can find Jenny." said Paul


Jenny got to the penthouse and grabbed all of her stuff and decided to ask Stacy if she can stay in her hotel room. Every time she close her eyes she sees Randy and that girl making out. She felt very empty and felt like she wanted to die. She sat down for a while and put her head down and started crying. About two weeks ago Randy gave her a necklace that has a heart that has her and Randy's photo. She took it off and left it on the bed and went. She knocked at Stacy's door. When Stacy opened the door she saw a very depressed Jenny.

"Holy shit Jenny what happened?" asked Stacy "John!"

John came and saw Jenny.

"Shit Jenny what happened?" asked in?" asked Jenny

"Yeah…. Here give me your stuff." said John

Stacy led Jenny to the couch. She gave her some water.

"Jen…. What happened?" asked Stacy

"I saw Randy making out with some girl…." said Jenny "And it looked like as if Randy didn't care that he had a girlfriend while he was making out with that bimbo."

"Jen….It's okay…." said Stacy who pulled Jenny for a hug.

"Please don't tell them I'm with you guys…. I'll find another hotel room when we go to Houston Texas." said Jenny

"It's okay…. You could stay with us…." said John hugging his best friend

"I just cant believe that Randy would do that to you." said Stacy

"I know…. Hey you don't mind if I sleep now…. I just feel like being alone." said Jenny

"Sure…. Go to the room on your left." said John "Your stuff are already there."

"Thanks…. Good night." said Jenny

When Jenny got in her room John and Stacy looked at each other.

"Stupid ass Randy." said John

"Why would he do this to her?" asked Stacy

"I don't think Randy meant to do this to her…. You know that if Randy is in a club he gets drunk…. Really drunk." said John

"Your Right…. We'll just have to see what's going to happened." said John leading Stacy to there bedroom to get some sleep.

Randy and Paul

After 20 minutes Randy and the guys finally arrived. They got to the hotel room and there was no sign of Jenny. Paul called Christian and asked if Jenny called. He said no and asked what happened. Paul explained to him what happened. Christian said that he would call Paul if Jenny calls. Randy got in there room and found the necklace and started cryi9ng, but not that hard. Paul found him there and patted his back.

"We'll just look for her tomorrow." said Paul

"I hate being drunk…." said Randy

"I feel bad for you Randy…. Don't worry…. If we don't find her tomorrow we'll find her at Raw." said Dave

Randy just looked at him and put his head down. This was great the love of his life has just walked out of his life. 'Stupid beers.' Randy thought.

No matter what happeneds at Monday he was going to talk to Jenny even if it meant that he had to kill someone to get to her. And for Jenny no matter what happeneds she has to avoid Randy and forget about him. Then she questioned herself. Could she forget about Randy?

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