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Hermione laughed heartily as she tossed aside A Wizard's Weekly Guide to a Witch's Mind magazine, a new and quite a hit of a wizard's guide to the women's mind. On the front cover was a smiling picture of Hermione, her long curls softly cascading down her back, her makeup light but beautiful, her cinnamon eyes dancing.

"'Hermione Granger, 24, is the most successful mediwitch in the history of magic. Discovering the cure for Werewolfism as well as saving over three hundred witches and wizards alike since she started has given her a salary of over 300 galleons a week. Not only that, but this beautiful brunette is among the top ten most eligible bachlorettes!'" Ginny read out loud, gathering up the magazine and pointing to a very flattering picture of Hermione on the page, laughter sparkling in her eyes as she looked at the other nine eligible bachlorettes, all smiling prettily and glaring at the other candidates. "Hermione, I can't believe this! First you were in the top 50 eligible bachlorettes, and now you've moved to the top 10! I'm positive you're the most beautiful of them all, as well as the smartest and funniest and—"

"Ginny, it's not that big of a deal!" Hermione laughed, snatching the magazine from her friend and tossing it on the floor next to Witch's Weekly, pictures of their top ten bachelors flashing seductive smiles, making any sensible witch weak at the knees.

"Yes it is! Did you not hear? The two magazines are putting together a top ten eligible people up on a big group date and then they are going to print it in an article! You know how many magazines they'll sell?" Ginny said excitedly, grasping Hermione's hands.

"Yes, but they'll have a problem with one of the bachelors, you know," Hermione said, smiling wickedly at Ginny, who immediately dropped her hands and blushed. "That's right! Harry is in the top ten, and just recently got hitched on a pretty red head!" Hermione laughed, Ginny looking up with a grin on her face.

"I trust he'll do the right thing. I don't care if he goes out with another girl. I mean, we've only been an official couple since yesterday!" Ginny exclaimed, sighing happily and falling into the cushions of the overstuffed, soft, black leather couch. "By the way," she asked, "how do you keep this couch in one piece with ol' Crookshanks clawing at everything in sight in his old age?"

"Ginny, I'm not one of the smartest Witches for no reason," Hermione said, gently patting her wand holder on her hip. Ginny smiled and shrugged, taking a deep breath, partaking the sweet vanilla scent of Hermione's study room in her apartment. Well, when Ginny heard Hermione say she moved into an apartment, she had thought of a small, meager thing that's just barely satisfying for life. Oh boy had Ginny been wrong. This apartment had four bedrooms, one being the huge master, two and ½ bathrooms, a study/office, a large kitchen, a back patio and a large living room with a healthy fireplace. Hermione abruptly and stretched out her weary muscles, which she had hoped to rest after her morning trip to the local Muggle gym.

"So, you heading into work soon?" Ginny asked, picking up Witch's Weekly from Hermione's table and flipping to the page of bachelors.

"Yea, after I change out of my 'I just got back from the gym and took a shower and threw on what ever I wanted to' clothes. I really don't feel like it, though," Hermione whined. Ginny lifted both her eyebrows, her eyes intent on an article she found. "What do you got there?" Hermione asked, walking smoothly in her oversized gray sweats and white t-shirt.

"Ahem. 'Draco Malfoy, 24, is currently the single richest individual in Britain, in both the Muggle and Magic world. While in the off-season of Quidditch, this young eligible bachelor works for the Ministry of Magic as the Financial Supporter of Magical Healing (FSMH) as well as a practicing mediwizard for the less fortunate in the financial department, all of which bring in a whacking number of 750 galleons a week, which increases once Quidditch is in season, for he gets money from broom sponsors as well as other aides. Not only are his looks stunning, but after his parent's death in the Great War, he turned half of his father's fortune to help those Muggle-born witches and wizards, like the eligible Hermione Granger, to help them recover from the damages his father enforced on them. His kindness has softened the hearts of many old rivals of the Malfoys, as well as stolen the hearts of young witches world wide.' Can you believe it? Draco Ferret Malfoy, one of the sexiest men I've seen in a while, er, besides Harry, of course," Ginny said with a grin at Hermione's hot look.

"Yes, I can't deny that his smile is dazzling and could melt away any normal girl's heart, but my circumstances are quite different. I remember the awful names he called me in Hogwarts, but I guess I'll have to see for myself how much he's changed. No doubt he hasn't seen/read the article about me..."Hermione said, laughing softly to herself.

"Hermione, what time do you have to be into work?" Ginny asked, quickly shutting the magazine as Draco's bewitching blue-gray eyes winked at her, sending a blush creeping into her cheeks.

"Hmm, around 10:00. I get to go in late today since I stayed extra late last night," Hermione explained, slowly trudging down the marble hall towards her room.

"Well, it's 9:45! You have fifteen minutes to get ready! I've got to go, the Daily Prophet will be quite upset with me if I don't turn in the article they've been asking for since last Tuesday! But they'll forgive me if I tell them I can get an exclusive interview with A Wizard's Weekly Guide to a Witch's Mind eligible bachlorette!" Ginny said, winking as she grabbed her few papers and slipped her lavender robes over her skirt and shirt. She quickly waved and in a blink she was gone.

"Lucky for me I've already showered and dried my hair," Hermione said to herself as she quickly walked into her bedroom, changing from her sweats and t-shirt to a pair of white, straight legged pants and matching white doctors shirt, slipping her midnight blue medical robes over them. Turning to the mirror she waved her wand once, quickly applying eyeliner and a light eye shadow to give her a more exotic look, grabbed her bag of notes and patient files, and quickly apparated to her office in the hospital.

"Good Morning, Miss Granger, could I get you coffee or anything?" Hermione's apprentice, Savannah Meeks, asked.

"No thanks, Savannah, but I do have one request. Call me Hermione, please! I feel dreadfully old with all those formal titles like 'Miss'." Hermione said, putting her papers on her desk and stepping around to greet her apprentice.

"Yes, Mi—I mean, Hermione," Savannah said, a slight grin on her thin lips. Hermione smiled, flashing a perfect smile, and pulled her long hair in a loose ponytail, setting her gaze in Savannah's blue eyes.

"Any big cases this morning?" Hermione asked seriously, leaning against her desk and folding her arms across her chest.

"No ma'am, I mean, Hermione." Savannah said, stepping side to side nervously in her pale blue robes, indicating that she was a mediwitch in training.

Hermione gave a disappointed look. "Any cases at all?"

"Well, there was a little boy who came in with a Werewolf bite, but nothing that I could fix up with the help of Mr. Malfoy," Savannah said, lowering her head so her short blonde hair covered her face. Hermione's face grew slightly hot in irritation.

"Why didn't you just wait for me?" She asked plaintively, tapping her fingers in a pattern on her upper arm.

"Mr. Malfoy insisted that I show him how the procedure was done. He also wears your shade of blue robes that you wear, indicating he is a most advance mediwizard. I couldn't turn him down, Hermione, I just couldn't! That dazzling smile of his just—I mean, he was so demanding!" Savannah blurted out, blushing that would make Ron and Ginny's wild red hair look washout and dull at her last comment. Hermione rolled her eyes and tucked a stray curl behind her ear.

"Savannah, I would like a full report on how you executed the cure, every last detail down. You may sit here in my office, it must be hand written, at least six inches of parchment. Now hurry on, this will be your minor punishment for partaking in a task that shouldn't have been done without the supervision of your mentor, A.K.A. me. I'll be back in an hour to see your progress. Now hop to it!" Hermione said, clapping her hands twice to get the young lady to quickly move to Hermione's seat, pulling out an Eagle feather quill that Hermione had given her and started scratching down on a piece of parchment. Hermione smiled at her student's diligence and set off outside her office, her feet leading herself to the guest office where other mediwizards would stay if they were studying in the hospital.

"Well, well, Miss Granger. Pleasure seeing you here," a familiar tenor voice called from behind the desk.

"Malfoy..."Hermione murmured under her breath.

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