A/N Only a little thing and my first ever Duck Slash – or duck fic in general - so be pleasant - however constructive criticism is welcomed and loved.

Disclaimer – I own neither 'Angel: the Series' or Adam Banks or the Ducks. However Charlie would be fun to own.

Adam rolls his eyes as Gail Fenerro and Tyler Hannigan discuss last nights' Angel' episode in the row behind. Don't get me wrong; Adam loves the big broody Captain Forehead as much as the next guy but he's trying to concentrate on European History here. Which is another thing, why did he take this class? When almost every other Duck took American history?

Tyler's a Cordelia fan, He's waxing lyrical about her boobs at the moment, something about perkiness? Or was it ampleness? He wasn't really listening, he knows Gail's a Spike fan. And a Connor fan. He's waiting for Gail to start talking so he can stop imagining Cordy's boobs and start seeing Connors wavy brown hair and Spike's chiselled cheek bones.

It's weird really, that in the world of celebrities – smoke and mirrors, 'bite you in the ass make believe' his dad calls it when he's in front of the TV after work watching whatever movie comes on. Adam's dad is easy to please when it comes to films – so long as there's dialogue in English he's all right. Subtitle movies make his eyes hurt. Adam likes a movie with some deep meaning, he has to think about. And Keanu Reeves helps too. He likes 'My Own Private Idaho' though he still doesn't really understand all of it. He's 16 and wishes he were old enough to watch that film without feeling guilty. But, the point. In celebrity-land Adam likes the slim, anti-hero, imagines had he been around fifty years ago he'd have been a firm fan of James Dean. To some extent he is now. But in real-life? In real-life he knows he's not looking for deep soulful eyes and a wry smirk, not searching for that slow, easy lean against a wall, cigarette cockily grasped by slim fingers in an indifferent hand.

He's looking for bright, laughing brown eyes and a strong jaw a firm determined smile. He's looking for tall – not quite comfortable yet in his grown-up body. Looking for confidence that borders on arrogance. But he knows beneath all of that there's a good heart and the spirit of a leader. He's looking for a Duck. Number 96. Charlie Conway. Who took American History.

So he'll sit here and wait for Gail's turn to talk about last night's 'Angel', and daydream about curly brown hair. Because he really didn't want to take European history anyway.