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Story: It's my Life

Chapter Title: Hunted

Chapter: 8

It was a long drive to Matt's house. Sora fell asleep on Matt's shoulder during the ride. Matt glanced over at her at couldn't help but place a smile on his face. He continued to drive until he reached a huge black gate. Her typed in the code and entered. He rolled his window down to show the guard his id.

"Ah, Mr. Ishida, such a pleasant surprise."

"Thanks Walter."

Matt drove on and looked at the sleeping beauty. "A demon when awake, an angel when asleep." He leaned over "Wake up sleeping beauty"

She moaned and slowly got up. "what...You live here!?" she exclaimed.

Matt smiled. "There's a lot you don't know about me."

She smirked. "Let me guess, you have your own private rooms with a bunch of whores serving you?"

He frowned. "No, but I wish."

She gave him and odd glance and scooted away from him. He started laughing.

"Gosh, just kidding! Geez!"

Sora frowned and hit his shoulder. "You're still not off the hook."

"What? Oh I see, you need another Ishida kiss."

She hit his shoulder. "Does the Ishida kiss come with me kneeing you in the balls?"

He scooted away from her. "On second thought why don't we go inside." Matt parked the car.

Sora smiled and stepped out. Matt led her in the enormous house. She was in awe. A smile dazzled upon her face.

"You act as if you've never seen a big place before." Matt stated.

"I've never been in one. The closest thing is the boarding school." She said.


"Yeah, at home I guess you could call it. I either slept on the streets, in a car, at someone's warehouse, or my mom's small apartment." She said thinking back.

"Matt, and .. who might this be?" a man asked coming down from the staircase.

"Dad, this is that girl I called you about. Sora." Matt said.

"Sora, I've heard many tales of you."

He extended his hand. "Malcolm Ishida."

"Sora Takenouchi."

They shook hands.

Sora stared at him then at Matt. Matt winked and gave the million dollar grin.

"Now, what is the problem?"

"Sora is being stalked and threatened." Matt said.

"Sora, do you know who it is?"

"Yeah, he attacked me when I was drunk." She said.

"Wait, now I recognize you. I was trying to place you but I just couldn't."


"Your mom called me along time ago. When you first started getting into trouble. You're a Takenouchi correct?"

"Yeah, how did my mom know of you?"

"I used to be in that vacinity. I was friends with your mom. She knew my wife."


Before he could speak, gunfire came through the house. Blood spewed, a scream heard, glass shattering, and a cell phone ringing.

Sora cried with pain as she looked down and found a bullet in her arm. With her other arm she grabbed her cell phone.

"Yeah," she moaned.

"This is just a taste of what is next."


Sora gasped as smoke bombs came through. Matt picked Sora up and they all ran out of the house. Smoke was everywhere. A car drove up and a gun came out of the window.

"Give us the girl."

Matt shook his head and refused.

"Give us the girl! This is your last warning."

Matt refused again. The gun went off, fortunately it just skinned Matt's shoulder. Matt cringed and looked up about to fight. A man with a mask on was holding T.k his brother hostage.

"Give the girl!"

Matt looked at his dad and his dad nodded with reassurance. Matt uneasily handed Sora. They threw her in the trunk causing Matt to grit his teeth and clench his fist. He mouthed 'this isn't over!'. The guy blew a kiss and drove off. Matt mentally kicked himself.

"Don't worry son. Sora's being tracked."


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