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Tohrue's Note: The original chapter of Take Some of My Love was published on May Seventeenth, 2004: Just a little over two years ago. When I went back and read it, I absolutely cringed. Deciding that I couldn't stand it, I figured that I wanted and needed to rewrite the chapters. Not totally change everything, of course: Just fix things such as spelling errors, grammar errors, language, and all that jazz. So, here I bring you, the rewritten first chapter of Take Some of My Love.

Kairi, Selphie, and Yuffie trotted down the 'elegant' hallway of the typical high school, all thinking about different subjects. Yuffie had been figuring out how many detentions would result in the knocking out of another girl, Selphie was trying to calculate how many bags of candy she'd be able to buy with ten dollars, and Kairi was lost in thought about the upcoming Choir solo tryouts.

Earlier that day during Choir practice, Kairi's teacher announced the upcoming solo tryouts that were going to be held in a few days. The one that won the spot of the solo singing position, got to sing a song of their choice at the end of the concert. However, it had to be something 'appropriate'; something from the heart. Which just made it even peachier. See, the fact was, Kairi had a hard time expressing her feelings when it came to being around people she didn't know. If she was around her friends, she could say how she felt on spot. But if it was with people who could judge her in a negative way, it didn't come so easyily.So even if she was to win the hotspot in the concert, she'd probably be dropped like a sack of potatoes for having nothing to sing.

"Well, well, would you look what we have here."

Kairi snapped out of thinking state, and lifted her head up from the ground. Whenever the girl got too caught up on what was playing through her mind, her eyes would linger towards the floor and she would involuntarily watch it as she walked. A terrible habit she claimed it to be, but she certainly preffered over biting her nails or chewing with her mouth open.

Standing before them was the clique of their school that were the self proclaimed 'rulers' -- or in mainstream words, the popular kids. It was a wonder how they'd became popular, actually. Sure, a few had rather good looks but they all carried a nasty attitude and had rich fathers and mothers to pay for their stuff. Selphie, Yuffie, and Kairi .. well, they didn't actually blend in with them. Sure, the girls were all fairly pretty in their own ways, but they'd never had the certain traits to be friends with those sort of people.

A boy among the crowd stood tall with his head held high. A rather intimidating boy, people never really messed with Riku. The guys in their school never disagreed with him and the girls all looked at him with love struck eyes. Him and Sora -- another one of teen royalty in their school -- basically dominated. Wakka, Tidus, and a few other boys made up the crowd, as well as the 'Teen Queen Trash,' which Selphie had nicknamed them.

Riku then took a step forward.

"Why do you girls even go to this school? I mean, come on, you obviously don't fit in with anyone here. At least the people who don't hang around us, look decent. You all look like you just stepped out of a garbage can. You all belong on the other side of the Island."

Selphie quirked an eyebrow upwards while Yuffie placed a look of disgust on her face. Kairi bit down on her bottom lip nervously; not really sure what had just happened. The girls that remained about a foot behind the boys, giggled at Riku's remark while exchanging satisfying looks.

Sora then, joined into the conversation.

"See Riku? They can't respond."

The taller boy looked back at the brunnete for a moment's passing and then, nodded his head. Turning around, he walked back into the group. Realizing that they were wasting their time on nothing, both Sora and Riku faced the opposite way and began to walk away. The rest of the people in their group followed seconds after.

"Well, excuse us for not being born with the attitude of a stuck up, self absorbed, rich snot. If you think it's such a crime for us going to school here, why don't you just run to mommy and daddy and complain to them? Surely with their money they can convince the school board to transfer us. But of course, that's only because you can't do anything yourself except make people feel like the dirt on your shoes." Kairi stopped then.

The silence in the halls had became even more silent than before. The group of people had been walking the whole time Kairi was talking, but they stopped once she had finished the remark.


Oh .. wow. Kairi stopped for a moment to pause in thought. That hadn't been her. Nah. Those words hadn't even slipped past her lips, had they? Of course not. She certainly had never had the guts before to say such a thing as that. Feeling sort of lost, she hadn't really been reassured that she'd actually said that until Selphie and Yuffie started to laugh.

Sora turned his head and looked back at the three. Despite the fact that Yuffie and Selphie had found Kairi's remark quite a burn and hilarious, him and the rest of his peers weren't laughing. Slightly shaking his head, he gave a sharp smirk, then turned back around and continued on his way down the hall.

"Did you see the way everyone was staring at us in the hallways? She made us look like villians!" Riku stood halfway up from the table chair, and slammed his fist down upon lunch table. The table slightly shook, but no one paid attention.

"Yeah, I did. Calm down," Sora said smoothly as he flicked a piece of lint off.

"Dude, yeah, just sit down and eat your lunch!" Slightly agitated, Tidus lifted up his arm off the table, and swung it in the mid air at nothing in particular.

Following the commands from his fellow peers, Riku released an agitated sigh and stubbornly sat himself back down in the plastic appareled chair. Whilst everyone ate in a silence -- not counting Wakka's obnoxious chewing sounds from his apple -- Riku continued to exchange glances to and fro, from their table to the one where the Kairi, Selphie, Yuffie, and some other girls sat.

"Hey Sora."


"Wanna make a bet?"

Sora shifted his eyes from his salami sand which, up to the best friend whom was giving him the 'mischievous' eye. Quirking the infamous eyebrow, Sora paused from his eating process, and placed his sandwhich down onto the table top. Was it then, that he was actually paying attention.

"Wanna kind of a bet?"

Tidus and Wakka stopped their brunching, as a conversation slowly started to form between Sora and Riku. With the word 'bet' ringing into their ears, both boys, too placed their food onto their table so distraction would not be a hazard while trying to listen to the latest.

"You ask out Kairi on a date," Riku paused and nudged his shoulder slightly, indicating to the laughing Kairi across the room. Sora merely gave her a glance and then looked back to the peer. "try to to get to third base with her. And then dump her. If you can do that, I'll admit to the whole entire school that I'm as queer as the rainbow and love to check out the guys in the gym locker room."

So far, Sora was taking a fond liking to this bet. Painting a smile across his lips, he got ready to say his response to the bet, but Riku continued on.

"But ... if you can't get anywhere with her, or she dumps you at or before third base, you tell the whole entire school what kind of a sissy you are, and I .. " his sentence slowly trailed off as he dug into the depths of his ocean blue pantaloon pants. In seconds, his hand was back, only this time with a treasure. "and I .. get to publish this photo on the front of the School Newspaper."

Due to Sora having some trouble seeing the photo, he leaned in from across the table. Wakka and Tidus also tried to get the slightest glance, but Riku used his free arm to swipe them back. Finally, when Sora was close enough to examine the photo's entities, he shot Riku a rather angry look.

"You wouldn't have the balls .."

"Try me, Sora. You really don't have a choice."

Mumbling to himself, Sora traced his gaze to Tidus, then Wakka, and then Kairi who sat half way across the room. She was slightly pretty ... and she could prove to do well. Maybe this bet wouldn't turn out to be all rotten apples after all.

"Alright, you have yourself a bet."


With Sora smirking, and Riku grinning like a mad hatter, the two outstretched their extensions, and roughly shook hands with one another. If anybody could charm a girl to third base, it was Sora. And Kairi, was only going to the simplest of them all.

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