A Different kind of War

A/N: This is supposed to be set between 'Epiphanies' and 'The Illusion of Truth'. And then continuing through Season 4 to the end. Most stories from season four will have very few changes, some will be very changed. The first part of this story will take several chapters, I will tell you at the end of each 'Episode'.

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Look into my eyes - you will see
What you mean to me
Search your heart - search your soul
And when you find me there you'll search no more
Don't tell me it's not worth trying for
You can't tell me it's not worth dying for
You know it's true
Everything I do - I do it for you

Worth Dying For:

            She fiddled with a small piece of circuitry. It was part of a communications relay that she had busted the day before. She sighed and ran a hand through her dark curls. She was so tired it wasn't funny. Between ducking EarthForce, PciCops and the Resistance, Mars was quickly becoming a trap she was unlikely to get out of alive.

She squeezed her eyes shut as the circuitry slipped out of focus. When she opened them a slight headache had started behind her ears. PsiCops… Several PsiCops doing a low scan to pick up surface thoughts. She pulled everything in, hiding behind the barriers her mind erected as she'd been taught.

After a moment the pressure was gone, leaving a bitter taste in her mouth. She continued rewiring the small board though now with more haste. For them to be that strong they were either close, not a pleasant thought, or there were more of them since the last attempt to find her. Her small fingers and the piece of scrap metal quickly working on the piece of circuitry.

A piercing scream rent through her mind. Throwing up her barriers she clasped her head in her hands and bent until she was in a tiny ball, it faded. The Shadow scream faded away. She body shook, her already pale face white with fear, her eyes wide and fearful. Slowly she pulled herself upright and made a few more adjustments to the tiny circuit board.

She quickly slipped it into the jimmied relay she had put together from various bits and pieces. Her hair bands were even holding bits of it together.

She typed in a code. A light went off showing her signal was past the Jammers, and direct feeding to another location, she let a breath she hadn't known she was holding out slowly..

"Little star to white queen. Darkness follows, shadows hidden on marshmallows" a stray thought popped into her head, Marcus was definitely insane, she glanced away, something or someone was near. "Nazis have found me, repeat the Nazis have found me, will attempt return to Camelot, repeat will attempt return to Camelot. Repeat Shadows on Marshmallows, Shadows on marshmallows." She cursed as she switched off the pieced together machine. The timer she'd built in showed fifty-three second, seven seconds to many. With a quick blow of her extended pike she smashed the small array.

She ran out of the room and stopped, fear causing her throat to close and her limbs to freeze. They had found her. Two black clothed 'nazis' were standing in front of her, their badges gleaming, bare hands raised towards her. She tried to push up defences, but was too slow. A terrible pain filled her entire body. She screamed as she went to her knees.

Through the pain she heard someone speak, in her mind, she felt others surround her. "Thirteen will be pleased. Begin interrogation immediately, anything to break her. But don't kill her." She slumped as hands reached for her, and fingers slipped into her mind, but one part of her, the part where her mission was kept, her identity, her person was kept safe, locked away behind a special wall in her mind. Information worth dying for locked behind a wall that would break bit by bit.

Sheridan examined a report on the defence-grid with little real enthusiasm. He was almost glad at Ivanova's interruption.

"Captain?" he looked up. "We've intercepted a transmission from behind the Jammers sir. It's a point to point signal being taken somewhere on the station." He leaned forwards, Damn the bloody spy's! he thought as his mind ran over several things at once.

"Is it finished?" She nodded. "Let me see it," she nodded again. He switched it on. It was weak, but a pretty face framed by dark curls appeared. A hand touched a curl, brushing it from her face, something flickered briefly, blue, green and silver on her sleeve.  John's mouth opened slightly, a frown stiching his forehead.

"Little star to white queen. Darkness follows, shadows hidden on marshmallows" Sheridan's eyebrows shot up as she glanced. "Nazis have found me, repeat the Nazis have found me," he glanced at Ivanova, if it was code it was very strange code "will attempt return to Camelot, repeat will attempt return to Camelot. Repeat Shadows on Marshmellows, Shadows on marshmallows." The transmission faded to static, before returning and playing again.

"what do you want to do about it" she paused a moment "John?" she asked as he paused the image, The girl in the message was turned away, a trace of fear evident in her features.  He turned to her as Delenn and Marcus stepped through the door.

"I think," he said with a glance at them, as he stood "Our explanation has arrived Susan." He said as he stepped around her to greet the two arrivals.

"John," Said Delenn, her tone serious and clearly worried, "We must speak to you immediately." Sheridan looked over at Susan with a slight smirk. She was distinctly annoyed looking, she shot him a glare. His hunches were so annoying. Marcus turned and left with a slight growl just below hearing, John thought it might be a curse, Marcus seemed on edge, thought John as the group left quickly.

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