Impassioned Shades of Red

By: feathergurl

ACT 1/?

The monthly hunt


A baby cried in the dark night, flames roaring high above its loud screams of sadness and fright. A door was suddenly slammed open, causing cinders and burning pieces of wood to fly into the small nursery. The dark figure ran towards the crib gently yet swiftly tucking the babe within its comforting arms before it suddenly disappeared in a flash of light.

The figure reappeared outside of the burning household, gently rocking the crying child within its arms, watching with a deep sadness and dismay as the child's house burnt to the ground. The babe slowly began to quiet, gently latching its small hands onto the figure's dark shirt.

The figure lightly brushed away the child's sun kissed locks, only to look into the deepest blue eyes- eyes that screamed of unconditional trust and love. It was as these eyes met his own that the figure made a sudden decision- beginning the fate of the one who would later become a focal point in the struggles going on within the world.

"From this day on you will be my child- Naruto Umino, son of the underworld's only defense squad."

The moon in that hour- rose into the sky as if to shine its light down upon the two in an honorary blessing of luck to the new family.

And as time would have it.....years later that babe would grow into a powerful young man....and the beginning of a tale nearly as old as time itself would be fulfilled....

------ 17 years later------

"Otousan! That's not fair and you know it!"

Naruto Umino stood before his father, his face twisted into an obvious scowl of anger and hurt.

"Oh come off it Naruto! You know as well as I, that I'm doing it only for your safety—"

The blond promptly cut him off.


Iruka's brow twitched in annoyance as he began to buckle his shuriken holster around his thigh.

"Naruto, you're too young—"

"I'm 17 for fucks sake! An adult by vampire standards! You won't be able to shield me forever— both you and I know that all you're doing right now is delaying the inevitable! As a faithful member of the Uchiha clan, our family is bound to always protect the city— and I'm your son! I will one day take position in the squad, and you will NEVER be able to stop it. Otousan...." Naruto's heated and passionate speech gradually quieted until it was no more above a whisper.

"....doing this will only hurt me....what will my friends say when they find out I wasn't able to join the squad? Shikamaru.....Gaara.....even Lee was admitted to the squad!"

Iruka's hands paused in their grabbing of his sword as he turned around to face his son. The man looked into Naruto's eyes for many minutes before sighing in acquiescence.

The brown haired vampire let out a groan as he summoned several items.

"I know I'm going to regret this—"

"Thank you! I'll make you so proud!" Naruto lunged forward; catching his father off guard as he effectively knocked the two of them to the ground.

"Naruto.....what have I told you about lunging at people?"

The blond got off of his father with a sheepish smile.

"I know, I know – it's all well and good until someone gets an eye poked out."

Iruka rolled his eyes at the bland answer, his hands grasping the summoned materials as they zoomed over to the two. Handing the clothes and weapons to Naruto, Iruka grasped his shoulder.

"You do understand that the moment this uniform is put on, you can never go back? You will officially be a part of the clan-and a vampire."

Naruto looked down at the clothes he held in his grasp before looking back up at his father, a faint smile on his face.

"I've always been a vampire and a member of this clan- this is just going to solidify that fact."

Iruka let out a sigh and smiled sadly as his son.

"Go and get dressed."

"Yoshu!" the boy cried as he fled the room.

Iruka sighed as he rubbed his hands down his face, memories of the past 17 years running through his mind.

'You're confused of what you really're human and yet vampire....but you're also......' Iruka's thoughts were broken as Naruto suddenly pranced into the room, now dressed in the traditional clothes of the defense squad.

Black and red cloth covered the entire expanse of Naruto's toned body. The boy wore a set of black baggy pants which hung loosely from his slim hips while a long fishnet shirt hugged his chest, covered only by a navy vest that also hung loosely around his frame. The last item and the most important rested around his neck, the necklace of the Uchiha clan.

The one true thing that labeled him as a member of the squad was this small and nearly insignificant pendent that hung around his neck. Every member of the squad was required to wear one, and if they ever took it off after putting it on they would face the penalty of death.

Iruka averted his eyes, not sure if he could continue to look at Naruto without bursting into tears of somber joy.

"Come on, the squad is waiting." Iruka threw Naruto his own sword, which had been resting casually against the wall.

Naruto grinned wolfishly as he caught the sword, strapping it to his back.

"Let's go."


Meanwhile...... in the depths of the Konohagakure underground, an intense discussion surrounding the future fate of the royal line was going on within the walls of the small, fortress like castle that served as the royals quarters.....

"My lord, you are aware that your 100th birthday is coming up..... If you don't find your mate before that time your power level will take nearly twice as long to develop."

Sasuke Uchiha looked over at the old advisor, measuring him up before looking away in obvious distaste.

"I am aware of that gentleman, but I will not take my mate without proper courting."

"My lord, I must press upon you the severity of the situation with the obo- na clan.....we need all the strength we can get and an heir would also be secured in your joining.... At least look over some of the nobel—"

Sasuke stood up abruptly, slamming his hand down on the desk.

"Enough. I will not look at one more woman, you said yourself that I must be the one to find my mate, to CHOOSE them. I will not have some flaunting whore thrust into my life, when my mate could be walking just outside this room!" Sasuke glared at each and every one of his advisors, sitting back down only when he was assured they would stay quiet.

"When and where I deicide to take my mate— will be up to me. But I will not stand for you meddling in my affairs! My father found his mate- my mother, during the monthly hunting, as did his father before him.... perhaps I am destined to find my mate as well."

The advisors looked at him aghast.

"But my lord—"

"The men—"

"You can't possibly think—"

"SILENCE!" Sasuke bellowed, his eyes flashing dangerously.

"Now at a time."

The advisor from before, stood up.

"My lord, you see it is not the woman hunting this eve—it is the men."

Sasuke looked at him with a raised brow.

"Your point? You know as well as I that it is quite possible for a male vampire to impregnate—"

"My lord! That is not what I was about to say! Are you REALLY comfortable with the idea.....of.....of.....well it's just unnatural....never before have two men—"

Sasuke glared at him coldly.

"Never in my life did I think I would live to see the day that the vampire council of Konohagakure would scorn the idea of the royal line being continued on by two males. Have you forgotten? The first vampire said to be my ancestor, fell in love with a mortal man and after courting him, turned him...bringing the Uchiha line to life. It is because of those two that I am standing before is highly possible that I may not even choose a man....but if I will recognize him as my mate. Is that understood?"

The council members rose from their seats before bowing low to Sasuke.

"Yes we understand completely lord, forgive us."

"Leave, we will meet tomorrow—I will tell you if I was successful or not."

"Hai." With that the advisors rose from their crouch, filing out of the room leaving Sasuke to his muddled thoughts.

In the darkness of the room his black eyes suddenly flared a furious red, his pupils spinning unnaturally.

"Bless me, oh heavenly gods—lead me to my mate on this indecisive night."


"Move swiftly men, for we have little time to tarry." Iruka said in a soft, strong, voice. The gathered men and numbered boys nodded their heads before forming their attack formation, moving in a group towards their rapidly approaching enemies.

Suddenly a kunai zipped past Naruto's ear causing the blond to tense and reach for his sword, still running along side Gaara and Shikamaru. They too had seen the deadly kunai and in reaction had drawn a set of shuriken each. Iruka suddenly let out a low whistle before forming the horse and dog signs to wordlessly tell the group to spilt up and attack their enemies one on one.

In a magnificent blur of red and black the vampires and human teen split up and zoomed towards the unsuspecting obo-na clan members. Spotting a scout assassin perched high in a tree, Naruto summoned his chakra as he furiously sped up the bark, his blade locking with the vampire's only moments later. Their blades flashed back and forth in a deadly dance- neither backing down knowing that it would mean their death. Suddenly Naruto disappeared leaving the vampire unsteady and strung high on both tension and steadily mounting fear. Naruto silently appeared behind the vampire as he crept up behind, promptly shoving his sword through the member's heart wincing at the scream that tore from the creature's throat.

The blond yanked his sword out, causing the vampire turned to dust, an effect from the silver ore contained within the sword. Naruto moved on, his blood beginning to pound from the excitement and danger of the hunt. It was at swift pace that Naruto ran— his long strides taking on an almost feline quality.

Naruto lunged forward, heading towards the leader who had just slain one of the lower Uchiha troops.

Naruto stopped short of the vampire, locking gazes with the leader before bowing slightly as he cut his hand, letting his blood drip to the ground. The vampire looked at the action with a raised eyebrow before his lips rose in a devilish smirk, nodding his head as he too made a cut on his palm.

"May I ask who I face?" the vampire asked Naruto.

Naruto grinned, his eyes alight with an intense excitement.

"Naruto Umino, the only son of Konohagakure's defense captain."

The vampire's eyes snapped to his cheek markings and then to the pendent that hung around Naruto's neck.

"So you are.....well then it is an honor to face you. I am Akari Akai, the son of Saitou Akai the second captain of the obo-na's defense squad."

Naruto titled his head with a small smirk.

"It seems that we are in the same position, neither you nor I can afford to be defeated, so let the best man win or in this case- the best vampire."

The two bowed once more, neither taking their eyes off the other.

It was Naruto who first moved, lunging swiftly at Akai, his blade clanging against the other's in resistance. Akai smoothly spun around, swinging his deadly katana in the direction of Naruto's legs. As the blond jumped into the air to avoid the attack, he threw three shuriken at the vampire causing a cloud of dust to rise as he landed. Naruto flipped his blade sideways as he charged once more, this time aiming for the vampire's chest.

The only damage Naruto was able to inflict was a small scratch on the obo- na's arm. The small wound however caused the vampire to growl in pain as the flesh surrounding the cut turned to dust in seconds, leaving a small chunk of skin and fat missing.

Naruto smirked but did not rejoice yet as he pulled out two kunai spinning them intricately. The blond began to form a string of hand seals, his hands seeming to flash in the faint light of the moon as the kunai dazzlingly spun around his flowing fingers.

As Naruto began to form the final seal something extraordinary happened.....


Sasuke sailed through the trees, hopping from one branch to the other as he scanned the surrounding greenery for signs of the hunt. His eyes suddenly caught sight of an obo-na corpse sprawled on the ground, its trail of blood leading deeper into the forest.

Picking up his pace Sasuke finally caught sight of metal flashing under the cool moonlight. As he drew closer, the young ruler felt an almost magnetic pull yanking on his heart and mind, his soul becoming enveloped by a swelling feeling of warmth.

He jumped to the ground coming face to face with the fierce battle, his eyes catching sight of Iruka Umino- his defense captain, and the other members of his group. Yet as his eyes passed over each of the men none of them seemed to be able to quench the pulling emptiness of his soul.

Just as he was about to head back to the capital in disappointment, Sasuke stopped suddenly as his sensitive nose caught the alluring sent of jasmine and honey. Sasuke spun around; his eyes settling on a boy whose blond hair seemed to glitter in the moon light, his locks shining as if they were sparkling with the moon's tears. His eyes were the deepest shade of blue- passionate, strong and so very determined in that moment.

Sasuke's breath was sucked from his lungs as the oddest feeling of completion spread throughout his body, more sensual then any pleasure he had ever felt.

It was in this moment that he knew the blond would be his mate....and hell if he'd let the obo-na bastard hurt his angel! Sasuke yelled as he lunged forward, throwing a barrage of kunai at the enemy vampire before sweeping Naruto up in his arms as he jumped into the air.

Iruka spun around, recognizing Sasuke's chakra, his eyes widening at the sight of his son in the lords arms.


The vampires of Konoha as well as the obo-na stopped in their battles to look over in the direction of the yell, their eyes widening in disbelief as they saw Sasuke land back on the ground, stepping in front of Naruto as he drew a hidden sword from his side. The blade slipped from the sheath with a faint but foreboding hiss.

Sasuke's sharp red eyes focused their fury on Akai, who had already dispatched Sasuke's earlier barrage of kunai.

"Don't you dare touch my mate." Sasuke hissed at the vampire.

Naruto started in shock at Sasuke's words, not yet realizing just who the man was.

"NANI?! YOUR MATE?! WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!?!" Naruto screamed in outrage. Iruka at the words whimpered as he cradled his head in his hands.

"Dammit Naruto....what did I tell you about thinking before speaking....?" Iruka moaned piteously.

Sasuke looked back around, his lips twisting into a seductive smirk, making Naruto's heart jump involuntarily.

"Sasuke Uchiha, your lord and future mate." With that he launched forward into battle, leaving Naruto shocked and staring in the place that Sasuke had been only moments before.

'Fuck...I just yelled at lord of the underground.....and he said.....I'm his mate.....wait....that would mean.....that he wants to have sex with me! KAMI- SAMA!'

It was the loud clang of Akai's sword being smacked from his hands that caused Naruto to look up, his arm raising as his mouth opened in a silent yell.

Desperate, Naruto ran forward and jumped in front of Akari as Sasuke's blade moved down to split the vampire in half.

"Stop it!" Naruto yelled.

Sasuke's blade stopped a fraction from Naruto's nose, surprise evident on the Uchiha's face.

"Stop it... just...stop had no right to step in on our fight regardless of who you might be. If I AM your mate....then please spare his life.....for me....spare his life."

Naruto looked pleadingly at Sasuke, his chest rising rapidly from the sprint he had endured when jumping to save Akai.

The said vampire looked at Naruto with an overflowing wave of awe and respect, his eyes shocked.


Naruto turned around to look at Akai, a small smile on his face.

"As I said earlier, neither of us could afford to be defeated.....and since Sasuke-sama jumped in on our blood fight it would of hardly been fair if no one but I had defeated and killed you. At least this way you can return to your clan and tell them that you faced two of the strongest warriors in Konoha and came out of it alive."

Akai let out a sigh as a small smile also rose to his lips.

"Naruto-san.....I will definitely look forward to fighting you again."

The blond nodded his head, a grin on his face, making it seem as if they were talking of nothing out of the ordinary.

With that the obo-na leader whistled, gathering his men as he waved once to Naruto before as and his squad moved off into the darkness.

Naruto turned back around to look at the strangely stoic vampire lord that stood before him.

"Anou.....about what I yelled earlier....." Naruto began as he sheepishly scratched the back of his head.

"I don't.....I'm sure you must be making a mistake. There is NO way I could be your mate...."

Sasuke looked at the blond with a raised eyebrow.

"And why not? The vampire codes—"

Iruka walked over to the two hesitantly stepping into the conversation.

"Sasuke-sama, if you would allow me to speak...?" after receiving a nod Iruka continued on.

"Naruto.....does not know all of the vampire codes....."

Sasuke's eyes narrowed as they shot from Naruto's face to Iruka's.

"Umino-san, you know that all vampires within the underground must know of the codes. What you have just said makes you guilty of breaking one of our most sacred laws..... You know what the penalty is....."

Naruto looked between the two in obvious confusion.

"What are you two talking about!?! What codes?! Otousan why did you never—"

Iruka ignored Naruto's frantic voice as he nodded to Sasuke, bowing his head.

"Yes I know the penalty but.....before you make any further judgments......there is something that you must know about Naruto......he's...."

Naruto's eyes widened as he realized just what he father was about to confess.


Iruka looked at Naruto with pained eyes.

"...he's human."

Time seemed to stop for the three of them, the gathered Uchiha squad gawking at Naruto with something akin to shock and repulsion.

The blonde's eyes became clouded with tears as he looked at Iruka with a sense of hurt and betrayal. Not caring that he would most likely followed, Naruto fled into the depths of the forest, ignoring his father's yells for him to stop.

Sasuke gave Iruka an intense look, letting the vampire know of his displeasure.

"You hid his true ethnicity for 17 years? From my father.... and now me!?"

Iruka nodded his head avoiding looking into Sasuke's eyes.

"Sasuke-sama.....I couldn't let the others know.....they would hate him....."

"Be that as it may..... You should've known that my father and myself would never exclude his true origin to the should have come to us."

"Hai....." Iruka softly said.

Sasuke looked at him for a few more minutes before nodding his head as he slid his sword back into his sheath.

"You are excused, but in the future do not expect me to be as lenient."

Iruka nodded once as he bowed to Sasuke, preparing to head into the forest after Naruto. Sasuke's raised hand however stopped him in his tracks.

"Take the troops back to the city Umino-san, I will retrieve..... Naruto."

Before Iruka could even open his mouth to protest, Sasuke had already sprinted into the forest after Naruto, his dark form promptly melding with the long shadows of the trees.

Sighing, Iruka turned back to his troops motioning for them to follow him back to their home. The men gave him hard looks, none of them stepping any closer to him then they already were.

'I deserve it......lying to them....demo....Sasuke-sama....please bring Naruto back safely....'

------- Naruto raced through the dark trees, his tears and chest burning with the pain and hurt that seemed to pour from his heart unbidden.

For 17 years he had pretended to be a normal vampire......but even that couldn't hide the fact that he was a dirty human....a flaw.... An insignificant flaw.....

He suddenly tripped over a root, hitting the ground roughly as his ankle twisted in an unnatural direction. Naruto's mouth opened in a silent scream as his pain seemed increase to an even higher level.

The blond after a few minutes, fighting the pain, got up and continued on limping- holding onto the trees that passed him by.

Naruto's pace picked up slightly as he finally caught sight of a quiet clearing that had always sheltered him from the world, even in his most desperate times of need.

Within the pristine clearing a large oak tree seemed to stretch to the very top of the sky, its strong branches open as if to embrace Naruto. The blond limped to the tree, running his hands over the ancient tree as he slid to its base, resting his head against its unflinching side.

"He told....he finally told....I thought that maybe it would stay quiet forever....that I could simply live my life peacefully among those I called my friends and family... but..... even if it had.... things would still of been wrong....because......"

The young man let out a sob as his tears once again rose.

"....because that bastard had to come along and claim that I'm his mate!....I CAN'T BE!!! GODDAMIT I'M ONLY 17!!!!" Naruto slammed his fist into the tree's harsh bark; not caring that his skin would soon become red and raw from the impromptu hit.

"I can't....I just can't be the lord of the underground's's wrong.....I'm just a stupid fucking human!!!"

The blonde's back suddenly tensed as he both sensed and heard another enter the clearing. The chakra was unmistakable..... it was him......

"What do you want?" Naruto whispered in a bitter voice.

Sasuke looked at Naruto's turned back with calculating eyes, walking further into the clearing but making sure to keep a safe distance between them.

"To have my mate."

Naruto let out a harsh laugh.

"Why the hell would you want me.....? I'm just a dirty human...."

Sasuke inwardly sighed, his patience being tested with each passing second.

"You're not dirty.....just because you are human...makes no are unlike anyone I have are special...."

He trailed off as he drew his sheathed sword from his side, laying it down on the ground before him as he came to his knees.

"....Naruto, I believe your name was."

The blond turned his head to one side, nearly looking back but keeping his eyes trained only on the ground, his back remaining turned to Sasuke.

"It is....."

Sasuke took a deep breath as his mind began to form the words that would seal both his and Naruto's fate.

"Your father....did what he thought was best for you....if he hadn't told me that you were human then he would have been killed....I don't think he wanted to save his life just for himself but for you...."

"I had heard of you before of course....the only son of my captain. There were rumors....of how Umino-san had rescued you from a slaughtered vampire colony, bringing you here to adopt you as his son."

Naruto let out a whimper as he raised his hands to cover his face, the ever present tears continuing to trickle down his cheeks.


"The vampire codes have shaped and protected my land for thousands of years..... first beginning when my ancestor took his mate....a mortal man." Sasuke spoke in a soft voice, trying to slowly lull Naruto back into a sense of security.

"The vampire codes cover the basic etiquette and laws that the villagers as well as the royal family must obey. You father broke one of the most sacred human shall be within the village....unless they are turned. We could never afford for a human to know of our existence....otherwise we would be hunted to extinction."

Naruto finally spun around, looking at Sasuke with fearful eyes.

"Turned?!" Naruto crawled backwards away from Sasuke until his back was pressed flush against the tree.

Sasuke looked at him calmly.

"You do not need to worry....I will not turn least not yet."

Sasuke's words seemed to placate Naruto only a little as the blond looked at him warily, never drawing his eyes away from his face.

"Not yet....?"

Sasuke nodded his head.

" must understand that it is impossible for a male vampire to impregnate a must first be turned so that I will be able to produce an heir. Not only that but when you are turned we will be bound to one another."

Naruto's eyes hardened once more.

"You have some nerve.....what makes you think I would want to become your whore?! What even made you think that being your MATE would make me HAPPY!?!"

Sasuke let an amused grin rise to his lips.

"Temper temper....if you must know.....I wasn't too glad at the idea of being bonded at such a young age either."

Naruto shot him a freezing glare.


Sasuke smirked.



Sasuke raised his hand, instantly causing Naruto to quiet down. The blond seethed in anger, but dared not yell at Sasuke....he was his lord after all.....his perverted bastard of a lord....but his lord none the less.

Sasuke picked up his sword with both hands as he walked forward and kneeled back onto his knees just before Naruto.

Sasuke's hands lifted up the sword as he looked deep within Naruto's eyes.

"I ask for you to accept this sword as a token of my admiration for you. I also humbly ask you to allow me the chance to court you in the next few months- but you must promise to eventually allow me to take you as my mate. Do you accept?"

Naruto's breath caught in his throat as his mind struggled to think up an answer. He didn't need to know a single rule of royal etiquette to know that this was a very important and special event. It some odd twisted way Sasuke was proposing to him....and to decline him.....would be the greatest disgrace imaginable to the ruler.

Naruto closed his eyes as he searched for the answer deep within himself....he felt that he could trust Sasuke, that much was obvious...perhaps....they would both grow to like one another as time went on..... Taking a deep breath Naruto made his decision and steeled himself for what he was about to say.

"I accept." Naruto whispered as he opened his eyes to look at Sasuke, slightly taken aback as Sasuke placed the sword within his hands before gently curling his fingers closed around the sheathed weapon. The ruler then leaned in and lightly pressed his lips against Naruto's, causing a surge of something akin to electricity to shoot throughout his body. Sasuke pulled back, only to smirk at Naruto's now blushing face.

"W-what was that for?!" Naruto stuttered.

Sasuke licked his lips as if trying to capture the taste that Naruto's lips had left behind, smirking as almost alluring look rose within his eyes.

"A kiss to seal our promise.... I hate to break up this lovely chat fest, but it was time I took you back home. Your father was worried for you when I last saw him."

Naruto's eyes became cloudy as he looked away, a stubborn frown taking root on his lips.

"I don't want to see him right now.....after what he said...."

Sasuke rolled his eyes as he fought the urge to smack the young man.

"Naruto, your father did what he thought was best. He LOVES you; I hardly doubt he would hurt you on purpose."

Naruto guiltily looked at the ground.

"Demo.....everyone will hate me now."

Sasuke finally became fed up at trying to comfort the depressive boy and instead picked Naruto up, holding him within his arms.

Naruto's eyes widened as he vainly tried to escape Sasuke's grasp.

"What the hell—"

"There is no way you're going to be able to walk on that ankle."

Naruto growled as he continually hit Sasuke on the chest.

"Let me down you bastard!"

Sasuke looked down at him with a bored gaze.

"Stop thrashing, you're only wasting more energy."


Naruto fumed within Sasuke's arms, all previous harmony between the two forgotten.

Sasuke decided to ignore the comment and continued walking.

"Dobe, when we get you home you really need to take a shower.... you smell."

"WELL IF YOU WEREN'T STICKING YOUR NOSE RIGHT NEXT TO MY NECK—" It suddenly struck Naruto just how close Sasuke was to his neck.....and a neck to a vampire usually meant food....


As Sasuke's laughter rang throughout the forest, Naruto's enraged yell nearly overpowered it.



Iruka nervously paced back and forth within his living room, every now and then looking at the clock before running a hand through his free brown hair.

"Where are they....? Could something have gone wrong...?"

The leader once again looked at the clock letting out a groan as it suddenly gained yet another minute. 12:35 and they still weren't back hour and a half of waiting!!!!

" really need to calm down."

Iruka looked at the figure lazily sprawled on the couch, glaring at the man who had dared to comment.

"Calm down?!! My son is currently out somewhere within Konoha forest!! Not only that but did I mention that Sasuke-sama our LORD has just decided to take Naruto as his mate?! You want me to calm down?!!!"

Kakashi visibly shrunk back at Iruka's frantic yelling, his eye widening as he spotted something just beyond Iruka that nearly made his heart stop.


Iruka snapped his head to glare at Kakashi.


"Err......behind you...."

Iruka's shoulders slumped as he sighed.

"They're behind me aren't they?"


Iruka slowly turned around to find an amused looking Sasuke and a red faced Naruto, both of which were staring at him intensely.

"Sasuke-sama!!! You found him!!" Iruka cried as he moved forward, stretching out to take Naruto from Sasuke's arms stopping only as Naruto gave him a cold look. Dismayed Iruka struggled to think up something to say, but could only come up with blanks.

"Well....Sasuke-sama it is getting late and I'm sure you have much to do tomorrow... thank you for bringing Naruto home safely."

Sasuke tilted his head.

"It was no problem, it also allowed us to get things sorted out."

"'ve already talked...?"

Sasuke nodded his head.

"Aa, but I also think it would be best if you and Naruto.....discuss it- going more thoroughly into it. I only skimmed through the parts that are currently important."

Naruto's eyes narrowed.

"Only the parts that are currently important? You mean there's MORE?!"

Iruka looked nervously at Naruto.

"Hai....much more.....much much more."

Naruto pointedly kept his eyes trained on Sasuke, not once acting as if he had heard Iruka speak up.

"I'm tired Sasuke, could you take me to my room?"

The Uchiha, who understood the blonde's current feelings towards Iruka, left the room without a moments thought.

Iruka's eyes began to water as the two left the room, the man vainly trying to pull himself back together. Kakashi watched helplessly from the couch, slowly piecing everything together.

"Iruka....what's going on....? Why is Naru-chan being so—"

Iruka cut him off.

"Because I told Sasuke-sama Naruto's secret while in front of the squad."

Kakashi's one visible eye widened for the second time that night.

"You told?!! You know that you'll be excu—"

Iruka turned away pressing his forehead against the cool surface of the living room window.

"I'm not going to be executed....I've been pardoned.....though I think that I may have been better off dying....what I did....I betrayed Naruto's trust in me. What I did was WRONG."

"On the contrary, I believe what you did was the right thing Umino-san."

The two grown vampires jumped and spun around to see Sasuke leaning casually against the doorway.


"Umino-san I've known you for far too's just Sasuke to you.....especially since in the next few months I will most likely become your son in law."

Iruka's eyes widened at the daring words.

"Son-son in law?! He's already agreed?! But-but-"

Sasuke's eyebrow rose in curiosty.


"E-excuse me for saying this...but Naruto.....isn't one for really being controlled.....he won't like the idea of being the one to carry your child.... Not only that but...well...."

An amused smirk crossed Sasuke's lips.

"I've found that out first hand.....and I do admit....he's a free and wild person, but he will have to learn to control those no means will I smother him, he will still be allowed to do as he pleases but he will have to learn to be more careful from now on."

Iruka bit his lip absentmindedly as he nodded his head, opening his mouth before closing it- unsure of what to say.

"He's pretty mad at you...... It might take a while but I don't think too much damage has been done. I will do all that is within my power to make sure his secret is not released to the public... but....that is all I can do."

Iruka nodded his head, letting out a small sigh as he smiled tiredly at Sasuke.

"Would you like a cup of tea Sasuke-sam—Sasuke?" Iruka blushed as he nearly added the honorary onto Sasuke's name.

The Uchiha looked as if he was about to decline, but then thought better of it as he gave a curt nod.

Iruka grinned and a little light seemed to flow back into his eyes.

"Wonderful.....I'll be back in a few. Please, make yourself comfortable next to my lump of a friend." Iruka motioned to Kakashi's spot on the couch, his grin growing even larger as Kakashi sent him a disgruntled look.

As the brunette left the room Kakashi's front of annoyance dropped and the vampire turned to Sasuke, his one eye serious.

"What will the council say? Last time I saw, they were quite busy throwing the nobles daughters at you."

Sasuke smirked widely, his fangs glinting in the dim light of the room.

"I've already dealt with them. I don't think they were too happy at the idea of me taking a male mate, but they won't have any complaints when they find out just WHO he is."

Kakashi's eye crinkled as he frowned.

"Is it because of the Kyuubi?"

Sasuke gave a short nod as an almost dark look began to shadow his eyes.

"Yes and also the legend..."

"You don't mean to say—?!"

"Hai.....he's the one they were talking of."

" you know—"

"What this means? Yes I do......this means that he and I will finally be able to save Konoha from HIM....."

Kakashi looked at Sasuke with a frown.

"I have no doubt about that.....Naruto is after all a strong, resourceful's the other part of the legend that has me really wondering....."

The two were quiet as they watched the fluttering shadows of the curtains in the pale moonlight.

"Do you think I can learn to love him?"

Kakashi looked over at Sasuke, smiling slightly.

"I think the question you meant to ask was how can you NOT fall in love with him....Sasuke I know you're afraid to trust people after what happened.....demo.....Naruto won't hurt you."

"He's such a gentle soul at heart....and if you really want the two of you to become close, slowly try to open up to him. Don't let your austere image get in the way...."

Kakashi during his speech looked in the direction that Iruka had gone only moments before. Sasuke smirked as he let out a small chuckle.

"So you've finally found someone eh? And to think that you were placed here just to watch over the Umino ended up finding your mate. Will you propose?"

Kakashi's visible cheeks were slightly red.

"Yes I'm planning to do it on the 15th moon."

"The full moon.....impressive."

Kakashi whacked him on the head.

"Watch it brat. You may be my lord but I'm still older then you. I have a good 400 years on you."

Sasuke just smirked.

"That just means your becoming an old relic."

Kakashi glared at Sasuke's insult, and just as he was about ready to shoot back his own verbal slap, he shut his mouth quickly rearranging himself into the original place he had been in the beginning of the conversation. Not two seconds later Iruka came in carrying a tray, balancing three cha bowels on top, each filled near to the top with warm tea.

As Iruka handed Sasuke his tea bowel, he received a nod of thanks before the young leader lightly began to sip at the beverage. However when Iruka handed Kakashi his tea, thoughts and questions suddenly began to rise within the brunette's mind as his eyes locked with Kakashi's. The vampire took the bowl gently from his grasp, lifting it up to his lips as he took a long dredge, never once breaking eye contact with the younger vampire.

Diverting his gaze, and now blushing furiously, Iruka excused himself as he left to give Naruto the last tea cup- hoping to possibly win back his favor.

Sasuke looked over at the coyly grinning Kakashi, snickering in amusement as Kakashi turned and winked at him.

"For an old relic you've got to admit I have skills."

Sasuke shook his head.

"No Iruka just blushes too easily."

Kakashi didn't know whether to be insulted or amused.......he decided to choose the latter.


Next time in Impassioned Shades of Red:

"You need to understand, I've only been ruling for a year- and since all of my family is dead I am the only one capable of continuing on the Uchiha line. If you refuse to carry my child then all will be lost....."


"The Kyuubi hmmm?.........Well isn't that just perfect.....little brother what have you gotten yourself into this time?"