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She stared at him out of the corner of her eye. She was trying to appear nonchalant, but in fact, her stare was deep and intent. God, she wanted that man. Everything about him exuded sexiness and she traced his muscles with her eyes. Even with his shirt on, she could see all the definitions of his muscular chest. God, she wanted to touch that chest.

She could feel herself kissing him now, touching him, letting him touch her. She looked down quickly, a blush creeping onto her cheek, setting her pretty blue eyes ablaze. The thoughts running through her mind were about as impure as you could get and the embarrassment washed over her cheeks. She couldn't look down for long though because her eyes were drifting back to him.

She couldn't stop staring, no matter how hard she tried. If she did try, they would develop a mind of their own and she'd find herself staring at him again. It was like an affliction, a bad habit, one she had no desire to break. Stephanie sighed and went back to her papers. That's all she had nowadays, papers, endless papers. If only the man of her dreams would come and whisk her away.

"Hi Stephanie."

She looked up and smiled lightly, "Hello Chris."

"Mind if I sit?"

She glanced around, "No, go ahead."

"Thanks," he said, grabbing a chair and flipping it around, sitting in it backwards as he leaned his arms on the back of the chair, "So what're you doing?"

"Work," she said sharply, "Couldn't you tell?"

"Yeah, I was just wondering what kind of work?" He never knew what to say around her. She made him so damn nervous because she was so beautiful and the way her bangs fell into her eyes made him want to run his hands through her hair. He almost reached his hand out. Almost.

"Script stuff, don't worry about it," she said, dismissively, hoping that he would get the point. She looked at him pointedly. She knew he liked her, she had known for months, but she didn't really care. If only he would leave so she could go back to looking at the object of her affection uninterrupted.

"Anything good?" He just didn't quit!

"Nope, nothing at all, I'm just reviewing current storylines," she said, "Hard work, but someone has to do it." She hoped he got the point with her hard work comment.

"Oh, hey Steph?"

"What Chris?"

"Would you, um, like, um," he stammered, not finding the right words.

Stephanie smiled at him, "Chris, I know you like me, and I'm flattered, but there will never be anything between the two of us. I'm sorry if I've ever gotten your hopes up, but nothing will EVER happen between us. I don't like you like that alright?"

He looked crestfallen and she felt bad for a moment. She hadn't meant to hurt him, but he was becoming more and more pathetic and she had to do something to get him away from her. He nodded his head slowly, as if he were deliberating her words in his mind, saying them over and over to make sense of them.

"Oh, I guess I was stupid to come over," he said quietly, feeling a little bit heartbroken. He could have all the women in the world, except one, and she was the one he wanted, wasn't life grand?

"It wasn't stupid, you just need to face the facts," she told him, "I'm sorry if I sound like a bitch."

"No," he said, "You didn't, you were just telling me the truth. I have to respect that."

"Chris, please don't be upset. You don't want me anyways, I'm horrible."

Chris sighed and looked at her. Not want her? The only thing he had ever wanted was her. He could make so many things happen. He was successful in so many things, but this one thing was so difficult for him. How could he not be upset when the woman of his dreams was rejecting him?

"I don't think you're horrible," he whispered.

"Thanks," she said sincerely, "I just didn't want to string you along."

"No, you're right, you're absolutely right," he said, "I was foolish to think I had a chance."

Before she could answer, he was up and out of his seat. She turned to watch him walk out of the room, his hands shoved in his pockets and his head down. She sighed heavily and went back to looking at him. She was disappointed to find that he had left. Great, now she had to actually do work. Unless...unless she went to go talk to him. She could cover it up and say that she was just discussing business. Satisfied with that explanation, she gathered her papers together and stood up. She walked down the hallways quickly, scanning ahead for the man she adored. She saw him leaning up against the wall, looking at what appeared to be a script. What a perfect opportunity for her to talk to him.

She tossed her hair back and then walked up to him. He looked over at her and smiled a little before going back to the script. Well, he acknowledged her presence, that was a step in the right direction. She took him in for a second, he was so strong and handsome, everything she had ever wanted in a man.

"Want anything?"

She nodded, "I was just wondering how you liked where your character was going," she said coyly, "I write it personally."

"It's great, I have a lot of...anger," he said, raising his eyebrows a little like that was supposed to be amusing. She giggled anyways, even if it wasn't meant to be funny. He could say something completely stupid right now and she would've found it hilarious.

"Yeah, we wanted to go that direction with your character, but if you don't like that, we can easily make you more of a team player or something," she said quickly, wanting to make him as comfortable on the show as possible.

"No, I think it suits me for now. You know, I am trying to be intimidating and everything."

"Yeah, but we just want to try to make everyone happy you know. That's what I try to do, make everyone happy." That was a lie, but for him, she would say anything. All he had to do was give the word and she would completely re-write everything for him.

"I'm happy with where I am. I'm still learning the ropes and it doesn't hurt to learn from the best, but thanks for asking."

"Oh, you're welcome," she smiled broadly, "I must say though, we're all very high on you in management, we think you're really going places. I can definitely see you as a World Title holder, you know, main-eventer. The whole thing."

"I'm glad you guys have confidence in me," he said, "I'll have to make sure that I can live up to all those expectations."

"I wouldn't worry too much about that. From what we've seen so far, you are more than making your impression around here."

"Great, I'm looking forward to the show tonight, looks like I have a great match," he said, gesturing towards the script.

"Yeah, we want you to look good out there. With Brock being gone, we think you are the next monster guy around here," she told him. She looked over him again and saw that he would make one hell of a wrestler, he DID make one hell of a wrestler. If only he was in his wrestling tights right now, she could ogle him a little bit more.

"You seem to think very highly of me Ms. McMahon," he said with a smile that almost made her melt.

"You know you can call me Stephanie right?"

"I know, but when I'm addressing you as my boss, shouldn't I refer to you as Ms. McMahon?"

She was about to tell him that he could call her anything he wanted, but bit her tongue on that, "Call me Stephanie. I'm not like my father who insists that if you aren't his friend you call him Mr. McMahon. I want everyone to know they can talk to me...whenever." She added a little extra emphasis on that last word.

"I'll keep that in mind...Stephanie."

She smiled, "Good, I hope you do."

"Is that all you wanted from me? Cause I have some things I need to do."

"Oh," she said, with a tinge of disappointment in her voice, "Yeah, that was it."

"Ok, see you," he said, turning his back on her, to see Stacy a little ways down the hallway, "Hey Stace, you are looking so sexy tonight!"

Stacy turned around and giggled, "Don't let Andrew hear you say that."

"Let him, you look hot in that skirt," he said, walking over to her. They started walking away.

Stephanie watched his retreating figure and felt green with envy as she saw Stacy laughing and talking with the guy that should've been HERS. He should want to talk to her, and compliment her on what she was wearing. So she didn't wear the skimpy, barely there kind of skirts that Stacy wore, she still had a lot of style and grace and deserved better than to just be looked at as the boss. She wanted him so badly, she should have him. She would have him, if she had her way. And she always got her way.

Why did she have to fall for Dave Batista?