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This is set after Leo finds out Chris is his son but, Piper isn't as far along in her pregnancy as she is on the show she'd about two months. Piper is still staying at the magic school till she's ready to give birth. Also is right after Buffy killed Angel but, instead of running away to LA she goes to San Francisco. Buffy's mom died from the brain tumor a few months after they came to Sunnydale and Giles is her guardian. Everything else that happened up to this point on both shows is pretty much the same.

"I wonder who dug up the Lazarus demon?" Paige commented as they walked through the quiet cemetery.

"I don't know Paige but, with Piper away I suggest we find out before they attack again." Phoebe replied.

"Let's just get this thing buried and get out." Paige said shuddering. "Cemeteries at night give me the creeps."

"With everything you've seen in the last few years your afraid of this." Phoebe laughed as she finished coving up the hole they dug.

"Um, I hadn't seen that yet." Paige replied pointing to an hand emerging from a fresh grave a few feet away.

"Crap, what do you think it is?" Phoebe asked.

"Zombie?" Paige offered as she back up.

"Well it looks like were about to find out." Phoebe replied as the body emerged from it's grave. She began to move towards it when Paige grabbed her arm stopping her.

"Wait." Paige said.

"For what?" Phoebe asked annoyed.

"Don't you see her." Paige whispered pointing to a blonde teenage girl sitting on a headstone watching the grave as the body was emerging from it. "I'm surprised you didn't sense her.

"I can't get a read off either of them." Phoebe whispered back. "Maybe what ever that is she's one of them too."

But, before Paige could reply the girl spoke.

"I was wondering when you'd get up. I've been sitting here all night just waiting." She said to the newly emerged body.

"And what are you my snack?" He asked smiling sadistically.

"Oh yeah that's me, help I'm a poor innocent little girl someone save me." she replied sarcastically.

"Laugh while you can girl." He replied kicking her. The sisters watched as she flew into a headstone running to help.

"Get back." The girl yelled as they approached them. They were shocked to see her stand up appearing uninjured.

"Well well well, what do we have here, dessert." he laughed as Phoebe tried to attack. He easily threw her into another headstone. Paige ran over to help her.

"He's really strong." Phoebe said as Paige helped her up. He began to advance towards them but was grabbed and thrown to the ground before he could.

"You want them, you'll have to get threw me first." She said. He jumped up surprised. The sisters watched as they circled each other before they began fighting. They watch as the girl skillfully fought, She knocked him down again.

"Slayer." He yelled surprised.

"Pile of dust." She replied pulling out a stake and quickly putting it threw his heart.

"I leave the hell mouth and what do I get the same old thing. I did it, I hate myself for it but, I did it. All I want is to be left alone. I killed him what more do you want from me." She yelled to no one in particular. "That's it I'm done. Find someone else to save the world, I thought I told you I quit." She turned as if finally noticing the girls there. "You shouldn't hang out in cemeteries at night it's not safe." She added as she began to walk away.

"Wait, Who are you?" Paige called after her. But, she was already gone.

"What the hell was that?" Phoebe asked.

"I don't know it looks like it was a vampire but, I think we need to talk to Chris and Leo about it." Paige replied orbing them out.

Back at the Manor

"CHRIS, LEO." Phoebe yelled as Paige began looking threw the book.

"What." Chris asked orbing in. "It's like two am."

"What's up." Leo asked arriving right after him. "Trouble with the Lazarus demon?"

"Not exactly," Phoebe began. "We sort of ran into another unexpected problem."

"What?" Chris asked.

"Defiantly Vampire." Paige replied showing Phoebe what she found in the book. "But, I thought we killed them off."

"You fought off a vampire, are you ok." Leo asked concerned.

"No, I mean yes were ok but, we didn't fight it exactly." Paige began.

"Some teenager girl did I think it called her Slayer? Right Paige." Phoebe cut in.

"Yeah wait she's in here. It says Vampires are difficult for witches to kill because magic does not always work on them, and it is best to leave it to the Slayer, but it doesn't say much else."

"You met the slayer?" Chris asked impressed.

"Yeah I guess. So what. What is she anyway." Paige asked.

"Into each generation a Slayer is born...." Leo began.

"...One girl in all the world, a Chosen One. One born with the strength and skill to fight the vampires, to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their numbers." The Girl From the Cemetery finished. The all turned to see her standing in the doorway. "Funny whoever wrote that one forgot to add the parts about fighting demons, dying and the people around her all dying. Now we all know what I am so, You can tell me who you are and what you want from me." She demanded.

"How did you find us." Paige asked confused.

"Well I saw that funky light show you used to get to your car at the Cemetery, if you ask me it was a bit to beam me up Scotty for my taste but, whatever. Anyway I figured two girls alone at night in a cemetery obviously doing some kinda magic is probably something I should look into."

"You think were evil?" Phoebe asked shocked.

"Why else were you out there?" She replied.

"How do we know your not evil, you were the one talking about killing people and hell mouths?" Paige retorted.

"She's not." Chris answered for her. "Their not either, there good witches."

" Fine, now that we've got all that sorted out I'll be on my way," She said as she turned to leave. "you never saw me." She added.

"Wait," Phoebe called out.

"What?" she asked turning back around.

"What are you running from?" Phoebe asked.

"Who says I'm running?" She replied.

"Well, from what you said in the cemetery it's obvious something is wrong." Paige answered.

"I wasn't talking to you." She shot back.

"Who were you talking to?" Paige asked.

"The powers that be or whatever is up their screwing me over." She replied.

"Hey if you stick around we can help you with that, Leo is part of..." Phoebe began.

"Phoebe," Leo cut her off.

"What?" Phoebe replied. "With Piper out of commission maybe she can help us and if she wants to talk to the powers up their you can help due to the fact you are one of them."

"Is that true?" She asked. Paige and Phoebe nodded.

"Leo's an elder he's high up in the power chain up their." Paige answered. They were shocked when she walked over to Leo and decked him.

"Maybe you can get the message across to the rest of them, I did what you wanted now leave me alone, I quit!" She yelled.

"What the hell was that for." Paige asked rushing over to Leo.

"It's not what we wanted. You have to know we never wanted it to turn out as it did." Leo tried to explain.

"Yeah well it happened. I did what I had to do and now I'm done." She replied close to tears as she turned and ran out the door.

"Chris follow her." Leo ordered.

"What was all that about?" Phoebe asked after Chris took off after the girl.

"She's not very happy with the Elders or anyone up their right now." He replied

"I got that but, why?" Paige asked.

"Long story but, Basically she ended up having to kill the man she loved in order to save the world." He answered.

"Ouch, I know what that's like." Phoebe replied.

"It wasn't exactly the same but, I think your right maybe it would be good to try and get her to help you guys out while at least until Piper comes home, and you may be able to help her work through what happened. I'm going to go let Piper know what's going on and you guys wait and see if Chris has any luck." He said orbing out.

Chris chased her for about half an hour before she finally stopped running and sank to her knees sobbing.

"Hey." Chris called walking towards her.

"What do you want." She asked looking up at him.

"I just want to talk, You see the witches back there are my aunts and my mom's kinda out of commission for a while so they could use your help." he answered honestly.

"I thought I made it clear I quit when I hit that Leo guy." She replied.

"That was pretty funny." Chris laughed. "You don't know how long I've wanted to beat the crap out of my dad but, I guess you beat me to it."

"He's your dad?" She asked surprised.

"Yeah but, not by choice." He answered.

"Father issues, I know what that's like. My dad is somewhere in Europe enjoying the company of his secretary and completely ignoring my existence." She replied.

"What about your mom?" He asked.

"She's dead." She said starting to cry again.

"Sorry I know what that's like." He said moving to sit beside her.

"What, but you said..."She began confused.

"I know, long story. But, You tell me yours and I'll tell you mine." He replied with a smile.

"Deal." She said giving him a small smile in return.

"Come on, lets go back to my place and we can talk." He said standing, holding his hand out to help her up. As soon as she took his hand he orbed her to the room he was staying in at the club.

"Dammit, warn a girl before you do something like that." She yelled as soon as she got her bearings.

"Sorry." He replied with a grin.

"No your not." She laughed. God it felt good to laugh she hadn't laughed in months.

"So anyway, I'm Chris." He said.

"I'm Buffy." She replied.

"Buffy Summers?" He asked shocked.

"Yeah." She replied hesitantly. "Do we know each other?"

"No, It's just I've heard a lot about you, Your like the most powerful slayer ever." He answered.

"I seriously doubt that, anyway how would you know?" She asked.

"I guess I should start, I'm from the future.................................." He began. About an hour later Chris finished telling her his story.

"Wow, and I thought my life sucked." She said as he finished.

"Yeah well, what can I say it's a gift." He laughed.

"Well I guess it's my turn." She began. She told him about becoming the slayer, her first watcher dying getting expelled, her parents splitting, and moving to Sunnydale. How she hoped to have left it all behind but, found out they'd moved on top of the hell mouth. She told him about facing the master, dying, and losing her mother. Then finally she told him about Angel. Falling in love with him and then losing him to evil then getting him back only to have to kill him and how she ran away afterwards.

"I didn't know that." Chris began.

"Know what?" Buffy asked.

"That he got his soul back, all the records state that he was Angelus when you slayed him." Chris answered.

"How can you not know I thought you had connections with the powers or elders whatever." She said.

"Maybe they don't know." He replied.

"Maybe, so let's keep it that way...." She began.

"Hey what was said here stays here, and that goes for the stuff I said to, You can't tell my mom or anyone else about her dying." He cut in.

"Ok, I guess as long as you keep my secrets I'll keep yours." She replied.

"Now that we settled that what do you say about helping us out for a while." He asked.

"I quit remember." She began. "I mean..."

"If you quit what were you doing in the cemetery tonight?" He cut he off.

"Fine you win I'll talk to your aunts, but I'm not promising anything. I might not even be able to help much." She said yawning.

"Alright why don't we get some sleep and we'll head over there tomorrow." He said grabbing a pillow. "You can take the bed."

"But, it's your..." He cut her off.

"I'm trying to be a gentleman here, just take it."

"Ok." She replied kicking off her shoes and crawling into the bed. "Chris." She called after he turned off the light.

"Yeah." He replied.

"Thanks, for everything." She began.

"I didn't do anything." He replied.

She felt a little better after talking to Chris but, she wondered what did he mean, the most powerful slayer ever, and just what would happen tomorrow when she went to see his aunts she wondered as she drifted off to sleep.