Supporting Honda


Warnings/notes : Otogi/Honda, Seto/Joey, possibly slight Bakura/Ryou and Yami/Yugi, slightly silly.

Disclaimer : I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh. This fic was also inspired by a comment from hushpuppie1 in lj.

[!] Spoiler : if you know who Ryuuji Otogi/Duke Devlin is, this story will not spoil anything. If you don't, this story will spoil his identity, as well as the outcome of Duelist Kingdom.

written at 4th march 2004, by Misura


He should have known better. Should have asked Yugi to come with him or something. Or Ryou, maybe, though that might have been risky too, with that psychotic yami of his being all protective and possessive about the boy. But Yugi would have been perfect.

"Does Kaiba know his puppy's running loose?"

"Oh, shut up, dice-boy! If it wasn't for Honda I'd - "

"You'd what? Let me dress you up in a dog-suit again? Face it, Wheeler, you're not smart enough to beat me."

"You ... you ... "

"And you're not my type anyway. Too empty-headed."

"That's ... "

"I really wonder what Kaiba sees in you, you know. I wouldn't have thought he'd be one to go for dumb blondes."

"You are sooo dead."

Honda squared his shoulders, sighingly deciding he'd better do something. After all, it was his own fault the two of them were here. If only he had been smart enough to make sure Joey -really- was out of earshot before telling Otogi about his entry in today's Duel Monsters-tournament, this whole mess would never have happened.

Unfortunately though, Joey -had- been able to overhear the news, promptly declaring he'd come to give advice and cheer for his friend. At which Otogi had snapped that -he-, as Honda's boyfriend, was much better suited for that job and that Joey's presence was neither needed nor wanted.

He had felt obliged to speak up for Joey then, since, well, they -were- good friends. But then Otogi had looked all sad, so he had added that, of course, Otogi was important to him as well. Thus, in the end, it had been decided that they'd both come along.

A biiig mistake, if ever he'd made one.

"Guys ... could you knock if off? Please?"

Two pairs of eyes stared at him, blinking as if having trouble to remember who he was again. Unsurprisingly, Otogi was the first to recover.

"Of course, Honda, anything for you! Although it was really all Joey's fault."

Equally unsurprisingly, that set Joey off all over again.

"It was not! -You- insulted my deck! And my boyfriend!"

"Guys! Can we go now? I don't want to be late."

"Sure, love. Don't let the barking of that ... puppy stop you." Otogi smiled.

Honda wondered if he'd still have a living boy-friend at the end of this day. Judging by the expression on Joey's face, the odds weren't too good.

"Zip it, dicey!"

Yes, he should have asked Yugi.


By some sort of miracle, they arrived still in time for Honda to confirm his entry and receive his contestant's card. Otogi claimed it was thanks to his good luck. Joey, luckily, wasn't around to contest that, since he was busy deciding what to buy from the food-stand.

Honda almost dared to hope the rest of this day might run relatively smoothly, with Joey too busy eating and thinking about food to get into fights with Otogi and Otogi too distracted by his gorgeous, sexy boyfriend who desperately needed his help and support in the tournament to make any more insulting comments about Kaiba, the merits of Joey's deck or puppies in general.

Alas, it wasn't meant to be. The peace and quiet Honda so cherished lasted for exactly two-and-a-half minutes. Then Joey got it in his head that he might be better able to give Honda useful tips about playing if he'd get to see Honda's deck one more time.

Personally, Honda didn't mind. He knew his deck by heart, knew which cards worked best together, knew what strategies he was going to use against which type of opposing decks. And if browsing through his deck kept Joey happy and occupied for another ten minutes, that was a nice bonus. Plus, there always was the chance Joey might see something that had slipped Honda's mind.

After all, Joey -had- finished second in Duelist Kingdom. That had to mean -something-.

"Why should Honda let you see his deck? Your hands are still all sticky from that doughtnut you ate! Besides, it's not as if you could offer any kind of intelligent advise anyway." Otogi scoffed, swatting Joey's hand away as he reached for Honda's cards.

"I'll have you know that I finished -second- in Duelist Kingdom! That's more than you can say!" Joey snapped back. "And it's -Honda-'s deck, not yours. And he said it was okay."

"Hah!" Otogi sneered. "And who was it that crushed you so utterly and would have made you wear a dog-costume for a week if it hadn't been for Yugi saving your skin?"

"That was nothing but dumb luck!" Joey growled. Honda vainly wished he'd have made Otogi promise not to bring the topic of that dog-suit up today. It never failed to get Joey riled up. And it had gotten kind of old too, in Honda's opinion.

"-And- I am the unbeaten champion of Dungeon Dice Monsters," Otogi added smugly. Technically, that wasn't true, since Yugi had beaten him, but by invoking some obscure rule, Otogi had managed not to have to hand over his title. Yugi hadn't cared. Joey -had-, but with Yami jumping at people's throats if they so much as -sneezed- in Yugi's direction, he had wisely kept his mouth shut in Yugi's company.

"That's just because you created the game in the first place."

"Awww, are you very jealous of my genius? I bet the only game -you- ever thought up was 'Let's play lapdog to Kaiba'."

Honda was quite grateful that Joey's reply was drowned out by the sound of the bell that announced the start of the first round, followed by a list of which player was to play where.