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Warnings/notes : Otogi/Honda, Seto/Joey, slightly silly.

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written at 12th march 2004, by Misura


He won his first match. Though it was a close call. Close enough to cause Otogi and Joey to fall silent for a while, which did wonders for Honda's ability to keep his mind on the duel.

"I told you you were going to make it if you used that combo I taught you!" Joey grinned, slinging an arm around his shoulder. "Come on, let's go celebrate your first victory with a doughnut!"

"It was just good luck, really," Honda replied, acting modestly since his opponent was still able to hear them. "Without that Magic Card I drew in the last turn ... "

"With me at your side, -of course- Lady Luck is favoring you. Skill is no match for good fortune." Otogi glared at Joey. Honda decided that now might be a good time to strategically shrug off Joey's arm.

"And what's -that- supposed to mean, huh?" Joey demanded. "Duel Monsters happens to be a game that requires strategy and intelligence. Which is why -I- finished second in Duelist Kingdom, while -you- are nothing but an amateur."

Honda wondered how many times Joey was going to remind them of that. And how many times Otogi was going to strike back by using the 'dog-costume-incident'.

"Uhm, guys, let's just go get something to eat, okay?" Honda proposed, before Otogi could reply to Joey's statement. "My treat." If there was one thing that would get Joey running, it was the prospect of free food. And, well, maybe if he won, he wouldn't be completely broke by the end of the tournament.

"All right!" Joey really did look like an over-enthusiastic puppy sometimes, Honda mused.

"You two can go ahead. I have an urgent phone-call to make," Otogi put in.

"What - " Honda began, before Joey dragged him away. Ah well, maybe it was better not to know. He'd probably find out what Otogi was up to sooner or later anyway. And knowing Otogi, 'later' was the option Honda preferred.


Otogi looked smug when he rejoined them. Or maybe 'smugger' was the more correct term, considering Otogi usually looked smug already.

"I'm going to get a drink. Honda, can I get you anything?" Joey rose, pointedly ignoring Otogi. Which was, Honda readily admitted, a whole lot better than Joey not ignoring Otogi.

"No thanks," he shook his head. Otogi's smile warned him his boyfriend was about to say something. Honda felt justified to kick him under the table, as some sort of pre-emptive strike.

Joey left, while Otogi sent Honda a hurt glance. "What did you have to do -that- for? I wasn't doing or saying -anything-."

"Just making sure you kept it that way," Honda mumbled, suppressing the feeling of guilt that Otogi's look was giving him. He -knew- Otogi was just faking it. He hadn't kicked -that- hard.

"Hmph," Otogi huffed, abandoning his 'you wound me deeply'-expression and replacing it by a 'you are an idiot' one. "Why did you have to invite him along anyway?"

"He's my best friend. And I wish you'd stop acting like two little children!" Honda burst out. Not in tears, though he might, from sheer frustration. "Is it really so much to ask for you two to just ... get along? For one day?"

"Yes." Otogi shrugged. "It's not my fault anyway. Joey's just a mutt."

"No, he's not," Honda replied sharply. "And who did you have to call anyway? I thought you had arranged everything so that you could spend this whole day with me."

It wasn't that Honda didn't trust Otogi, but he did feel like he wasn't going to win the 'Joey's my best buddy so knock off the insults already'-argument, so he preferred a change in subject.

"I called the asylum, to inform them there was a rabid dog on the loose."

Honda choked on his drink. "You didn't!" he sputtered.

Otogi smirked, patting Honda on the back. "Don't worry, Honda, I guarantee you that Joey won't mind. In fact, if he finds out, he might even thank me."

"I doubt that," Honda muttered darkly. "I doubt that very much."

"Your lack of faith in me wounds me deeply," Otogi declared.


Joey frowned. He was sure he had memorized the table where Honda and Otogi had been sitting, but now that table was taken by a pair of giggling girls. In theory, he might be staring at the wrong table, of course, since it was rather crowded in here, making it easy to get confused about directions.

Realizing that he might have walked astray didn't help him much in finding back the right location of his two friends - make that his -one- friend and an annoying dice-freak - though.

With a sigh, Joey decided his best chance in refinding Honda would be to simply wait for the next round of the tournament. It couldn't be too long now. He might as well find a nice, quiet spot to finish his drink, and maybe buy another doughnut.

If it had been just Honda and him, Joey wouldn't have given up so easily. Yet with Otogi around, he was sure Honda wouldn't mind too much. His friend might even be glad of having some time alone with Otogi, inasfar as they could be 'alone' in this place.

Joey might not like Otogi one bit -to put it mildly- but he wasn't blind to the fact that Honda -did-. Or that Otogi seemed to like Honda quite a lot too. Enough to drop all plans he'd had for this day, just to come along to cheer for Honda, in spite of Dungeon Dice Monsters still being in need of quite some work.

Would Seto have done the same for him? Assuming for one moment that Seto wouldn't be organizing or participating in the tournament in question, would the CEO cancel his appointments and leave his laptop and cellphone behind merely to support Joey?

The answer to that, Joey decided, was a most definite 'no'. If he was lucky, and Seto was in a good mood, perhaps he'd get an 'I'm sorry'.

Buying two doughnuts as a consolation, Joey wandered out of the building, deciding the only place where he'd be able to find some peace and quiet was going to be outside.

As he sagged down on a bench, feeling rather tired all of a sudden, he didn't notice the footsteps behind him. Until the bag of doughnuts was snatched out of his hands.

"What - " Joey began, finding the energy to jump up and spin around with his fists raised and ready to fight for his doughnuts in under half a second.

"These are bad for you, puppy. I thought I told you to eat them less," Seto said coolly. There was, for the observant on-looker, a slight sparkle in his eyes.

"I'll eat what I want to and as much as I want to," Joey snapped, grabbing the bag back and wolfing down one of the doughnuts to emphasize his point. And well, also because he was hungry. "What are you doing here anyway?"

"A canceled meeting." Seto didn't sound too annoyed.

"Hmm." Joey sat back down, tearing the doughnut in two halves and offering the smallest one to Seto. "I'm glad you're here. Otogi was really getting on my nerves."

Ignoring the food, Seto accepted the unspoken invitation to sit down next to Joey.

"Funny you should say that, considering he's the one who called me to tell me there was, how did he put it again? Ah yes, 'a rabid puppy in need of someone with a collar and a leash'."

Joey growled. "Remind me to kill him later."

"Before or after I've dragged you off to my mansion?" Seto inquired.

"Don't ask stupid questions like that."


"I don't think Joey's going to show up anymore this afternoon." Otogi was wearing that smugger-than-smug look again, Honda noticed, looking up from shuffling his deck.

"Why not?" Honda asked suspiciously.

"Just a hunch." Otogi grinned.

"Otogi ... " Honda started, warningly.

"I think the puppy got collected by its owner." Otogi chuckled at Honda's stunned expression.

"-You- convinced Kaiba to come and ... "

Otogi made a small bow. "Honesty compels me to admit he wasn't too hard to convince, but, yes, I did inform Kaiba where to find our dear friend Joey. You can thank me later ... in private."

Honda shook his head. "I don't believe this."

"Try to concentrate on the upcoming duel," Otogi advised him. "Express your astonishment at my many talents later."

"Only a complete -idiot- would try to mix in Kaiba and Joey's relationship. Are you suicidal or something?" Honda demanded.