Title: Anne

Author: electricgurl

E-mail: electricgurl0582yahoo.ca

Disclaimer: I don't own anything to do with Mutant X. Wish I did But I don't...

Rating: Pg-13 (heavy but not to the R point of view Metions Rape)

Summary:For years I felt dirty, like I couldn't wash enough. A five miunte fic challenage...Also thought it was time to write a Mutant X fic as my Round Robin story is going now wheres...Gotta keep the mobs at bay some how:) Enjoy... Not betaed


For years I felt dirty, like I couldn't wash enough. Brennan paused and looked up. Writing in a diary was a dumb idea but Adam had pushed the fact. And Brennan felt like he needed to give something back to the older man. He tapped his pen and looked down at the words in from of him. He still couldn't believe that he was really writing this down. It was sur- real, to him. He bit his lip and began to write agian his thoughts and memories flooding from him.

She thought that she was helping me...getting me off the street...Giving me a 'job' that would feed me at least three times a week. In fact it was the most horrifing time of my life. And when i look back I have had some rough times. She was called Anne and everyone knew her. And she knew everyone. So when my parents tossed me out of the house she was there wipping away thr blood and tears from my ill past.

That's manly why I trusted her so much. She had always been there for me. And probably still would be it if she knew where I was. Sometimes at night I wake up in a cold sweat and I have to really think about where I am. That's what still gets me.

It's the man reason why I have problems getting along with the other members of the group. I'm afraid of what they might want if I let them in.

The others think that it's just my bad ass street talk. But that's a cover. If anyone on the street had even know...well that would have been the end of my short life.

No one can ever know which is why I will burn this once I am done writing in it .

No one can ever know that Brennan Mulwray was raped.