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Chapter 11

It was the day of the party for Usagi. In fact, it was six o' clock. The party was supposed to begin soon. All the guests hadn't shown but Usagi's family, obviously the inner senshi, and Hikari and Kin agreed to show. Surprisingly, Ami's mom had agreed to come as well. Yet, Usagi was no where to be found. I was currently looking for her.

I walked into the kitchen and saw for the fourth time that day, the cute double layered cake with Usagi's face on it, saying welcome back and sporting two icing "buns" on top. It brought a smile to my face. The curtains were swinging with the warm breeze outside and the smell of dough treats wafted to my nose. Mako stood adding icing to her cookies at the counter.

"Have you seen Usagi?" I asked her.

Mako shook her head no. We checked the tub room and the fire shrine, but still no sign of Usagi.

"Where could she be?" I thought.

I found her out on the patio, gazing up at the moon. She looked to be in deep thought, and as much as I didn't want to interrupt her, I couldn't force myself not to.

"Usagi-chan, come join the party! It is for you after all." I said.

"I was just thinking about the new enemy." She stated. "And you."

"Me?" I responded. That was an unexpected answer. "Surely, Usagi, you don't distrust me?"

"No, no, not at all Naru," she said. "I was just wondering why you're a senshi. You never did explain it to me."

"Oh Usagi! I never did, did I? We have so much to talk about, you and I. Usagi-chan, I'm your sister!"

"My what?" she said in surprise.

"Queen Serenity told me everything. I was your younger sister on the moon, but I was reborn the same age as you so we would get along. I have my own ginzuishou, but it's not nearly as strong as yours."

Usagi was dumbfounded. "Oh, Naru-chan! I'm so sorry!" she suddenly burst out.

I looked at her, confused. "For what?"

"I completely ignored you for a few years before I left. I didn't mean to, I really didn't. It didn't even really hit me what I was doing until now. I just became close with everyone, and…well…"

"Usagi, it's ok, really." I said. "I understand why. I know you didn't try it either. If there's one thing I always wanted to tell you though, it's that I admire you, your strength and your disposition. I wanted to tell you that before you left, and I wanted to tell you that I knew who you really were, but I never did. Once Seiya came in, my opportunity to become your friend again was gone, and I've regretted that for many years." I told her.

She hugged me and I returned the hug. It was nice to again feel accepted and wanted as her friend. I had missed her a great deal all these years.

"Naru, there's something you should know about Seiya." Usagi said, as she stood up.

"I know who he was, Usagi. And I know you always loved Mamoru, no matter what. You don't have to explain yourself to me."

"Thanks, Naru." She said, smiling at me.

"I have a gift I want to give to you before everyone comes, so come out." I said.

"A gift? Ooh what is it?" Usagi said, acting like the normal Usagi I knew.

"Don't worry, you'll like it." I said as I dragged her out into the hallway containing the table overflowing with gifts.

I picked out mine and handed it to her. "Open it." I instructed impatiently.

Usagi undid the ribbon that held the box together and slowly opened it up. Her face turned to one of amazement and joy.

"Arigato Naru-chan!" she thanked me.

"You're welcome Usagi-chan, you're welcome."

"It's so pretty! Look at how it sparkles!" Usagi exclaimed. Suddenly she frowned. "But where am I going to put it? I already have a brooch!"

"Alternate between them?" I suggested.

"Usagi, there's something you should know about that…" I began, but was cut off as a bright light came out of the brooch.

Usagi quickly ran into the next room and I followed her. Queen Serenity appeared.

"Hello, Serenity. I hope you're having fun at your welcome back party." She began.

Usagi only managed to nod.

"As I'm sure Naru's already explained to you, you were once sisters on the moon. Naru is Sailor Eos, as I had long ago granted her a crystal of her own. I was born of the cauldron again and came to Naru to awaken her. The brooch you have contains my star seed within. Any time you need my guidance, all you need do is ask for my help, and I will help you. Or if you just wish to chat with me, I am here for that too. But I cannot materialize, as my star seed is too weak for that. Someday perhaps it will return to its previous strength, but until then I will remain with you this way. I trust that you and your sister will be much closer now, as I hate to say it but I mischievously planned it that way. I love you both. Any time you need me, call on me. I trust you shall need me soon. Goodbye my sweet dears."

Usagi stood holding the brooch for at least a few minutes before she turned to me with tears in her eyes.

"Naru, you knew about this?"

I nodded.

Immediately I was met with a big hug from Usagi, which, had I tried, I wouldn't have been able to squirm out of. Not that I wanted to, of course. I was glad she liked my present.

"Naru, you don't know how much this means to me," she said, "Thank you so, so, much."

I smiled, and Usagi placed the brooch, box and all, in a safe place where it wouldn't be disturbed. At first she hadn't wanted to part with it at all, but I convinced her it would be safe, and off we went to greet everyone.

She walked out, wiping tears from her eyes, but they were happy tears. It was then I realized that I had screwed up something.

"Usagi-chan, I forgot to tell you something." I said.

She looked up at me.

"I told your parents that you were Sailor Moon. I hope you didn't mind. It was kind of hard to get around since they thought you were…not alive."

Usagi never really had time to react since the next guests to arrive were her parents.

"Oh Usagi!" Ikuko cried and ran to her, hugging her.

Kenji followed and soon after Shingo followed suite and they were engulfed in a big family bear hug.

"So onee-chan, when were you gonna tell us that you were Sailor Moon?" Shingo asked.

"As soon as you stopped obsessing over how great she was, brat." Usagi said, smirking.

I could tell that she was happy to see her family again.

"Usagi, how come you didn't tell us?" Ikuko asked.

"I couldn't, really. Only my friends knew, and that was because they were my fellow senshi. I didn't want to put you in danger." Usagi explained.

"I know that, and I understand, but Usagi, we could've helped you. If we had known, we could've been there for you." Ikuko said.

"I know, mom." She said.

"Usagi, I am definitely proud of you."

"Honto? Does this mean I don't have to study anymore?" Usagi joked.

"Definitely not!" Ikuko joked back.

"What about this man that you're 'destined' to be with?" Kenji asked.

"Erm…heh." Usagi started. "Naru!"

I shrugged.

Shingo started up again. "Now that I know you're Sailor Moon, you have to take me with you when you go out."

"Wha-at?" Usagi exclaimed. "I don't think so."

"Alright, have it your way. But I can't wait to hear what my friends say when I tell them that Sailor Moon is my sister!"

"You little! You wouldn't dare!"

"Shingo! Behave!" exclaimed Ikuko, and even I was scared.

Shingo looked up at Usagi and smiled. "I really do think it's cool though."

Usagi laughed and gave him a hug.

The doorbell rang and I assumed it was more guests for the party. I was right. Mamoru, Hikari and Kin had arrived.

Usagi laughed.

Ikuko turned to see what was so funny and her expression turned to that of mesmerized.

"Mom, dad, Shingo, meet me and Mamo-chan from the future." Usagi announced.

Hikari hugged Ikuko, Kenji and Shingo. "I know that it's the past, but I can still miss you guys can't I?" she said grinning from ear to ear.

Suddenly a mass of pink hair came through the door and jumped on me.

"Naru-chan!" it yelled.

"Chibiusa-chan!" I greeted back.

"Who is this?" asked Ikuko.

Immediately Usagi-chan and Mamoru-kun turned bright red.

"Well first of all, dad, don't be angry, but this is Mamo-chan." Usagi said, as Mamoru shook hands with her father. "Second of all, this pink spore is my daughter."

Immediately Ikuko, Kenji and Shingo had the most contorted looks I've ever seen on their faces.

"Oh, I didn't have her yet." Usagi said. "She's from the future."

I noticed that at least Kenji sighed. Then they gave a look to Hikari, who shook her head.

"Nope, not yet." Hikari answered.

Chibiusa looked confused as to who to run to, now that she realized each was just as much her mother as the other. She made a quick choice and ran to Ikuko.

"So you're actually Usagi's daughter?" Ikuko asked, the idea finally sinking in. "I have a granddaughter! Come here, Chibiusa, is it? Usagi you shouldn't be calling your daughter a spore!"

They hugged and seemed happy enough.

"But mom!"

"It's ok, I'm used to it." Chibiusa said.

Everyone shared a laugh at that.

Only one person left, and that person didn't seem to be coming. Umino-kun.

Suddenly there were screams from the kitchen. I could hear Mako kicking butt but also yelling for help.

"Eos Moon Power!" I cried out, as I was followed by

"Moon Eternal, Make Up!"

"Cosmos Power!"

"Pink Moon Eternal, Make Up!"

Mamoru took out a rose and powered up. So did Kin.

Usagi's parents still stared ahead in disbelief. Shingo quickly darted off to follow us.

"Where'd you get a new transformation, brat?" Usagi asked Chibiusa, but she simply stuck out her tongue in response to the question.

When we reached the kitchen, we saw food everywhere. The first thing I thought about was the food for the party, but that was because I was so hungry. The second thing I noticed were the thirty shadow youma creeping about the kitchen. I was surprised that Mako had lasted that long.

"Eos Boomerang!" I yelled, throwing my tiara. I took out three in the process.

In a matter of seconds, the rest of the senshi showed up.

I ran over to Jupiter and began to get her out of harms way, while Mercury shot a rhapsody of water and Mars shot fire arrows.

I froze as I saw a foot coming toward me, and heard "Sailor V Kick!" I tried to duck, but to my surprise it didn't hit me.

"Shadow behind ya!" Minako said, and bounced off to destroy another youma.

Meanwhile, I managed to get Mako out to the room with Usagi's parents and she powered down. When I ran back out into the kitchen, it was worse. All of us were squat into a tiny place, using our attacks, the two Tuxedo Kamens throwing roses and the rest of the senshi using their attacks. With all the commotion it was a wonder that Yuuichiru and grandpa weren't in here throwing a fit about the mess we were making! But the bad part was that for every shadow we destroyed, two came back!

I stumbled back to the large room Usagi's parents were in. "Run!" I yelled to them.

Just as they headed out the door, who should arrive but Ami's mom!

"What's going on?" she asked, and then noticed Mako on the couch, injured. "Kami-sama, she needs immediate medical attention!"

I noticed Ami's mother run back out into her car and come back with her emergency first aid kit. It wasn't the same treatment as a hospital could give but it would have to do.

Mako groaned as Ami's mother put a splint on her broken shin, and bit her lip as she put iodine on her cuts. I left my post quickly to head back to the kitchen to help.

I heard Dr. Mizuno run out toward the kitchen, I assumed, to see if there was anyone else injured. I don't think there had been time for her to register yet that she was at her daughter's friend's home. I assumed her logical mind had simply kicked in and went into overdrive. While running I heard her dial the hospital and tell them to send an ambulance to the Sendai Hill Temple. I noticed from the corner of my eye that she slipped her cell phone into her pocket just as she reached the kitchen.

I turned and saw her. Immediately she recognized my face.


Her distraction fazed me and I let a shadow youma get the upper hand. My head hit the counter as I fell to the floor, but I refused to pass out.

I wondered if Dr. Mizuno would recognize Ami. I didn't have to wonder for long. Through the haze that was my vision I saw Ami turn around to analyze a youma when I heard her mother cry out, "Kami-sama! Ami, is that you?"

I saw Ami's eyes widen, just before I passed out.

When I awoke, I was in the garden outside the temple. Instinctively I put my hand on back of my head and noticed a huge lump.

"Don't move. You're injured." I heard a voice say.

Glancing to my left I noticed again the man in the navy cape and polished boots kneeling next to me. There was a blue tint mask on the ground. I figured it must've been in the way when he cared for me. I tried to turn my head to see his face, but he quickly picked up the mask and put it on. I noticed that he had a gash on his upper arm and it had stained his clothes red.

"Are you ok?"

"I'm fine," he said.

"Who are you?" I asked.

He looked nervous.

"Well you must have a name. Something I can call you." I said.

He gave a little laugh to himself.


I looked up.

"Tuxedo Kamen."

"That one's already taken." I said.

"So it is. I never thought it was a very creative name either, you know." The man added. "How about you just call me Tithonus then?"

"Tithonus?" I said. This man was nothing like Mamoru, but who could he be? I suddenly remembered the others. "Oh my god, I have to go!"

I stood up and ran toward the temple, and he followed me. I glanced back at him while I ran. He was really handsome, even more so than Mamoru, I observed.

When I reached the kitchen I noticed that all of the shadows were gone. But it was not without casualty, for Mako-chan had already been seriously injured, as was I, and Chibiusa-chan and Ami-chan were unable to move. As I walked in, I noticed the outer senshi standing off to the side. I thought they had come to help. But then I noticed the darkness in their eyes. "More clones." I thought.

"Eos Boomerang!" I yelled, but it hit the wall, as the four outer senshi disappeared.

When I turned around, Tux- I mean Tithonus was gone.

Dr. Mizuno stood there in shock.

"Dr. Mizuno! Sailor Mercury and Chibi-Moon need your help!" I yelled.

She immediately ran over and treated both. It turns out that Ami had two sprains, one in her foot and another in her arm while Chibiusa was lucky and got away with a few minor scratches and a bruised hip.

Ami was now sitting up on a sofa in the large room, still attired in her Sailor Mercury garb.

"Ami, why didn't you tell me?" asked Dr. Mizuno.

"I…I couldn't, Mom." Ami said as she removed one of the boots and put her sprained foot in soak. "I didn't see you all that often, and when I did, I couldn't tell you because, first and foremost I didn't want you to get hurt, and second, I guess I knew that you'd try and stop me."

"Of course I would've! Ami, you're an intelligent girl, and you are going places. You're letting…this…get in the way of your dreams."

From my small watching place I peeked, and I swear that it was the first time I've ever seen Ami-chan angry.

"Mother! I am quite capable of making my own choices. Who says that I can't be a senshi and a doctor at the same time? Only you believe that. Besides that, it's my duty. I must protect the princess, and not only that but I want to. Usagi is my friend and whether you like it or not, I will fight by her side. Needless to say, I'm ashamed of you. I figured you would commend me."

Her mother looked down at the ground, then back at Ami.

"I-I'm sorry Ami. I just want what's best for you, is all. You're growing up so fast. You're not the shy, introverted girl you once were. I guess I'm just afraid of losing you."

"It's ok mom. But it's my choice and my mistakes are my own to make, so please let me make them. Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere."

Just then, I decided to walk into the room and noticed Chibiusa sitting silently on a chair holding ice to her hip. She seemed content now that Ami and her mother had made up.

"Did anyone see the man in the blue tux?" I asked when all of the senshi had entered the room.

"Blue tux?" Mamoru exclaimed, and he and Kin looked at each other.

I sighed. It would have to wait.

I heard a muffle in the closet and when I opened it I saw Shingo, Ikuko and Kenji.

"Is it safe to come out?" they asked.

I nodded.

Looking around I realized it was going to be a couple of hours before we completely had the place cleaned up for the party again. But that was ok, since we could still have the party.

Just then the doorbell rang. I went to answer it. "Umino-kun." I said.

"Am I too late?" he asked.

"Well, actually there's been a mishap and we have to clean up." I told him.

"Oh well, maybe I can help." He offered. I glanced around to see if Ami had changed back. She had. I moved out of the doorway, and he slipped his shoes off and walked in.

It was then I noticed the reddish stain on his jacket.