Chapter One:

Sesshomaru calculated the scene meticulously, his face placid and expressionless as ever. He was enraged though deep behind that impassive face. He hated to admit it but his bastard of a brother had the upper hand here. How many years had he been trying to beat him? It had to be over 11 now that Rin had just turned sixteen not long ago...

Rin....He wondered if she was all right back there at his palace where he had left her. He didn't want her to come this time. He didn't want her to get hurt. He was even more annoyed by this weakness he felt for her, but there was no way he could sate this feeling. He shook his head of those thoughts. He must concentrate on the battle.

"What do you want this time, Sesshomaru?!" Inu Yasha demanded, pulling out the Tetsuiga and pushing that human girl behind him, his mate, Kagome.

The truth was that Sesshomaru was bothered that he had never been able to beat is younger half brother, even after all these years. How could that mere half breed beat him, a high standing full blood demon lord? It must have all been lucky mishap.

Sesshomaru's lip began to curl into a snarl. It had been about five years since their last battle and he was annoyed that it was not going well. Of course none of this showed in his face, but inside he was seething.

"Inu Yasha..." he began in a cold drawling voice that he used when he was especially angered, "Why do you injury your all ready low status by taking that weak human woman as your mate?" He finished, gesturing casually to Kagome standing behind him.

Inu Yasha shook vehemently with rage and opened his mouth to retort, but Sesshomaru cut him off. "Oh yes...I forgot...She suits your dirty blood...doesn't she?"

Inu Yasha snarled and rushed forward suddenly, swinging the Tetsuiga as hard as he could. "Don't talk about MY Kagome like that!"

Sesshomaru easily glided out of range, his fur and brilliant white hair waving behind him gracefully. "Why don't you try aiming for me, half breed?" he mocked in his same cold, collected voice. It was this manner that ticked Inu Yasha off so much.

Inu Yasha panted, his amber eyes glowing as he snapped around to face him. "If humans are so bad to have around, why do you have that girl, Rin, tag around you all the time?!" he spat back.

Sesshomaru froze for an instant, his eyes narrowing into slits. He felt like he had just been cut in half by that damn sword. To have his own words used so cruelly against him, that was something only HE was allowed to do. How dare that half breed wimp insult HIS Rin and him in one breath!

Unfortunately, Inu Yasha saw this paused second where Sesshomaru was unable to think of nothing besides anger. He grinned widely. "BACKLASH WAVE!" He yelled as he swung his sword to deliver its deadly blow, a blow that would surely kill and shut up his brother forever.

Sesshomaru was hit with pain...pain beyond any other he had ever experienced before. It was like every inch of his flesh was flaming, burning away as someone proceeded to rip it from his body. He felt his sword, the Tensuiga pulse at his side, but he knew that its power would not be enough to save him. This attack...it was too strong.

Sesshomaru couldn't hear anything, couldn't see, couldn't breathe. Everything was black and dark and a stray thought came wandering into his mind through all his pain. He was going to die...no question...there were his last moments here and he would die in front of this worthless hanyou and his human mate.

'...I can't die...not yet...Rin...no...can't...die..."

Rin rushed through the forest, her long brown hair tied back in a hasty ponytail that was constantly being snagged by stray branches. The wind whistled in her ears and the air stung her eyes as she ran as fast as she could. Something was happening...she knew it...she had that feeling...that something was happening to him...to her Sesshomaru.

For the last eleven years he had raised her as his own, treating her with an offhanded affection that he seemed to rarely display. After all this time she cared about him dearly, waiting for those precious seconds when he would smile at her, a true smile with nothing hidden behind it but a small bit of caring.

He had always been there, teaching her, protecting her, staying with her, even if he tried to make it not too obvious, but he was always there. She longed to tell him that she loved him, as more than just a father, but as she would love a husband...or a mate. She knew that there was little chance that he could possibly love her back in that way. She was a human. She was not something that a great demon lord like him would love or want. She knew she should have just been happy with how things were, but she wasn't. She couldn't stop the burning desire to be with him, in his embrace.

"Sesshomaru-sama...I hope you are all right..." she said worriedly, trying to keep her emotions under control. She didn't know what she would do without him if he were to be hurt...or killed. She would die herself.

Inu Yasha looked down at comatose body that lay on the ground covered in blood.

"Finally that bastard got what he deserved!" Inu Yasha spat, turning away with his sword slung on his shoulder.

"Is he dead?" Kagome asked, looking over at him. Inu Yasha shrugged indifferently. "Not like it matters much. C'mon let's go!"

Kagome turned away and began to walk, but was frozen by a piercing


Rin rushed into the clearing at top speed. She could smell blood and Sesshomaru's scent. She could recognize his scent anywhere. "Please...let him be ok..." she begged as she looked around.

Her eyes fixed on his body, her heart stopping and her eyes widening as she let out a little scream. He lay there silent, his long white hair thrown back across the ground in a bloodied banner, his eyes wide and unseeing. Blood leaked over the corners of his mouth and she couldn't tell if he was breathing or not, but she could see no visible signs. She stumbled up next to him and collapsed onto her knees beside him.

"What happened to you?" she whispered softly as she took his bloodied head and set it in her lap, gently stroking his battered cheek. There were hot tears streaming unwanted down her cheeks and falling with a slight splash onto his face. She bent down to his lips and felt the slightest breath escape his lips. She sighed with relief he was still alive.

His eyes began to burn slightly red and the hairs on her arms prickled. It was his demon aura. Somehow he was still surviving. He was still unconscious and she was worried that he might stay like that forever.

"Hang on, Sesshomaru-sama, I will help you..." she whimpered, terrified that she might lose him. He might still die...Her Sesshomaru...she might not get a chance to tell him...just how much she cared...


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