Summary: Seth isn't/wasn't familiar.

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Rating: PG-13, borderline PG. It's just PG-13 because of the mention of sex, STDs, and drinking. Sex, Drugs, and Rock n' Roll. Well, no Rock 'n Roll-just a mention of boy bands.

AN: 'They' are all of Seth's new friends (Summer, Ryan, Marissa, Luke, Anna, etc). What inspired me was the little rant/Seth Cohen angst below. Below is what he said, and then I'll go on with the story. The little scene is during the wedding, when Summer went to see Seth, who was (ever so hotly) staring out at the ocean. I copied it straight from the episode, so it should be right (right?).

Seth: Before he got here, I was the biggest loser. This place was hell for me, okay? And I can't help him, and I just, I can't even imagine what it's going to be like here without him.

Seth wasn't familiar.

He wasn't familiar with the feeling of getting drunk, surrounded by friends. He wasn't familiar with the feeling of getting laid, as various Newport Beach teens did every night, spreading who-knows-what diseases of all kinds. He didn't know the feeling of fitting in, listening to the music that they do and knowing who kissed who on 'The Valley' last night.

Seth still isn't familiar. They can get him drunk all they want, but he still wants to be drunk alone. Summer can have sex with him whenever he wants, but he still feels foreign in her world. He still isn't familiar with fitting in - no matter how much that everyone thinks he does. He still isn't familiar with their music, the boy bands that they listen to; the record-company formed stars. He still doesn't watch 'The Valley' and doesn't ever plan too.

Seth wasn't familiar- still isn't familiar.


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