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Devil's Love
Chapter One

Carl ran, ran faster than he ever had before. Unholy shrieks echoed in the sky, resounding in his ears. Villagers dodged around in him, trying to get inside, away from certain death. Carl knew he should take cover inside as well, but he had to find Van. He didn't know why, he just had to.

There was the hunter, one foot on the edge of the well, crossbow in hand. His finger was wrapped tightly around the trigger, ready for any attack. Van was the only one in the mass who seemed calm, at ease, which Carl found amazing. But then again, many things about Van amazed him. Anna Valerious stood near Van, sword at the ready, her eyes locked on the sky. They were the ones who had any chance against the vampires, not he. All Carl had was one bottle of holy water clutched in his hands.

Then he saw her. Hurtling down out of the sky, a shriek on her lips, was one of Dracula's brides. Carl tried to yell at Van, to warn him, but he couldn't. His voice refused to work. Unfortunately, the hunter was preoccupied with the other bride swooping down at Carl. Van raised the crossbow, sighting quickly along the shaft, and then releasing it. The bolt skimmed over Carl's shoulder, drawing a thin, dripping line of blood.

Carl didn't notice the cut, or the ear-splitting scream as the arrow slammed into the vampire. He raised his arm and flung the bottle of holy water as hard as he could.

Van had whirled around on his feet and had already raised his crossbow; since he had dealt with Carl's problem, he would now deal with his. He could see Anna coming to his aid, sword in the air, out of the corner of his eye. However, he didn't need her aid. His finger closed over the trigger. A bottle smashed into the vampire.

Glass shattered, peppering Van as he hurriedly protected his eyes. Water dripped on his face and shoulders, pleasantly cool. But the vampire screeched as the same water burned into her skin. Van turned his head a fraction to see Carl, who had froze, arm still half in the air, a shocked expression on his face. For a moment, Van almost smiled; Carl had just shown bravery not usually seen in a friar.

"Van Helsing!"

Anna's voice tore through the air. Van's distraction had not lasted long, but long enough for the bride, still recovering form the holy water, to lash out. Her clawed hand caught him across the chest, ripping into his skin and throwing him to the side.

Carl was jarred from his shock as van tumbled into the dirt at the foot of the well. He took one step, prepared to run to Van's aid, when a broken arrow clattered on the stone near his feet. A black-fletched arrow, Van's arrow, clean of blood. Carl once again began to run for his life, once more hearing an unholy screech in his ears. But mortal feet could not outrun the wings of the immortal. A pair of hands, a woman's hands, latched onto his shoulders, lifting him into the air. Carl's eyes widened, looking at the vastly-shrinking ground, focused on the man at the foot of the well.

"Van! Help me!" he cried out, this time finding his voice. But, unfortunately, so did the vampire holding him, at the same time.

"My sisters!"

The bride's voice drowned Carl's. The friar knew he was probably too high up in the air to be heard now. But he still shouted. Anna was at Van's side and the hunter was on his feet, disregarding the bleeding gashes on his chest. Neither one even noticed Carl in the bride's grasp.

"Silence him!" one bride, a red-haired woman, hissed. She glanced at the ground, making sure once more that the hunter hadn't heard Carl's cries. Then, Carl knew nothing more.

End of Chapter One

Ok, I think I should clear some things up first before you review. First: I do know the brides' names, but it's being told more from Carl's POV (though it's not in first person) and he doesn't know their names yet. Two: Yes, I will refer to Van Helsing as "Van", not "Abraham" or "Gabriel". Only when Dracula talks about him will he be called "Gabriel". Thank you for reading (I'm not the best romance writer, but I hope you at least got the feeling that there was something between Carl and Van, if a little one- sided). I hope to have the next chapter up soon. Please review!