Take One: The New Girl:

It was 3:15 in the afternoon and Jeremy is in front of his computer, talking to Ailita. The sky was dark and grey, it seemed like a prelude or a foreshadowing to the storm that was to come. All was quiet and still, so calm, you wouldn't think that there could be anything happening soon. "The guy whom I am supposed to share my room with is coming today... This is gonna make going to the factory harder than before..." he said, speaking into the mouthpiece of the microphone. It would've looked like he was just using the 'hands-free' parts of his cell phone if people didn't notice a little box with a cute pink-haired girl on his computer screen.

"I know Jeremy, but maybe you can say I am your over-seas girlfriend who has a cousin who you visit everyday to send mail to. He may like that." Ailita said, looking at the now blushing blonde.

Down the hall, Jim was yelling at the principal as they lead a brown- haired girl towards Jeremy's dorm. "MR. PRINCIPAL! She's a girl! Jeremy's a guy! You don't want them in the same dorm room, do you!?"

The balding man just sighed. "I have read all of Ms. Rei's reports from all her schools in the U.S. and she seems quite capable to keep herself from doing anything, um, inappropriate. Plus, Jeremy is our brightest student here, so we shouldn't have any trouble with him." He said, putting a hand on the doorknob.

Jim was annoyed, but he still picked up the small suitcase and knocked on the door.

"One sec!" Jeremy yelled from inside his room as he clicked off from his conversation with Ailita. "Hello Jim, Mr. Principal and you must be-" He stopped, as his blue eyes saw the person he knew only as Rei. Starting to blush bright pink again, he stuttered "Is she Rei Mayuka?"

She nodded, her brown braid bobbled up and down with her head. It was now late winter and a flurry rained down from the heavens. Jeremy seemed in a dazed, seeing nothing but the girl in front of him, her aura seemed so familiar and comforting. He had felt this feeling only a few times before, mainly when he was with Ailita.

The adults left the two to become aquatinted and Mayuka plopped down onto the bed that was set up for her. Looking towards Jeremy, she took off her Ben-Franklin sunglasses to look at him clearly. "I suppose you are Jeremy?"

He nodded, "When I heard your name, I assumed my new roommate was a-"

"A guy? I get that a lot, probally because I use Last Name: First Name format." Mayuka said, standing up. She was not too out of the ordinary, she had long braided brown hair with green streaks in it, pale gray eyes, and brown-tanned skin. She was wearing shorts, despite the cold weather outside, an olive-green tank top with a jean jacket covering over it. Behind the girl was a long board-it resembled a snowboard, which was wrapped up in a cloth and placed behind her back. She stole a look at the computer monitor, where a small mail icon popped up. "What's that, Mr. Jeremy?"

"First off, don't call me 'mister.' Secondly, it's none of your- AILITA!!!" Jeremy yelled, when the screen that held the data's avatar popped up suddenly.

Mayuka moved her head at a slight angle. "What's that?" She said, putting down her board as she came closer to the monitor.

"Hello there. My name's Ailita and I am a friend of Jeremy's. I'm pleased to meet you." Ailita said.

"The pleasure is all mine." Mayuka said, smiling. Suddenly, she turned to Jeremy. "She's a computer program, isn't she?"

Jeremy nodded, as he explained the whole story, with help from Ailita of course. "So you understand that you must NEVER tell anyone about this, right?"

Mayuka nodded, amazed that something like this could ever happen. "Is there a way I can help?" she asked.

Suddenly, her rucksack wiggled and opened, revealing a small girl with fox ears and a fox tail. "I know how you can help, Mayu-Mama! Make a robot body instead of a virtualization program! Much easier!" the little being said, holding up a gloved hand.

"Baka! Kry, I told you not to get out!" the brown haired girl yelled at the small figure on her shoulder.

Jeremy pointed a finger at the small little creature. "What is it?"

Kry moved the finger with immense strength for her size. "My name is Krylancelo and I am a Robo-Kon, a particular type of Robo-Dream. Nice to meet you, Mr. Jeremy."

"Why do these two keep calling me mister..." he asked himself under his breath.

"I told my little robot to stay in my bag until after I could see if robots are considered pets around here. Guess I'll just have to keep you secret..." Mayuka said, picking up her little pet.

Suddenly, a light rapping was heard on the door, followed by it opening. Yume, Ulrick, and Od came into the room, followed closely by Kiwi. Kry ran up and hugged tighter to Rei's arm when she set her green colored eyes on the dog.

Kiwi jumped up as Od grabbed the dog by the collar. "Naughty, naughty." He then looked towards Rei. "Hello mademoiselle, you look like a nice girl. Girlfriend of the elusive 'Rei,' I presume?"

She shook her head, "Am I really elusive?" she asked.

"WAIT YOU'RE REI MAYUKA!?" the three yelled in unison. They where so loud that Mayuka and Kry had to cover their ears for they feared that they would explode.

"It's not that surprising, is it?" Jeremy asked, in a slightly annoyed look. "I mean Mayuka is a common girl name, and she's one of us now, anyways, she knows about Lyoko."

Yume gave a slight gasp, "How come she learns about Lyoko? Why not someone else?"

"Think about this, you three get scanned, I'm on the computer, and she covers for us. Or I can actually get scanned while she uses the computer. She's damn good at that, I read it in her records. Plus, if I didn't tell her now, she'll find out later whenever I leave the room at the middle of the night."

Mayuka blushed, she wasn't used to being credited with so much. Suddenly her stomach growled. "Anyone wanna catch some lunch?" she asked, sheepishly.

"Sure, but I don't think shorts will do you any good in this weather." Ulrick said, looking at the shorts and tank tops that the brunette was wearing. "You'll freeze to death in a minute."

Suddenly, Sissy opened the door. "I heard what you said." Ulrick, Yume, Od, and Jeremy prayed that the little posser didn't hear all about Lyoko. "And I know where to get her all the clothes she needs, Ulrick just has to go to a date with me."

Mayuka shook her head, her braid going in the opposite direction. "I have warmer clothes. It's just in there." She said, pointing at a suitcase that Jim brought in earlier. Picking up her suitcase and taking out some garments from it she headed out towards the bathroom. She came back in less than 5 minutes, wearing an olive-green sweatshirt and a pair of long jeans. In her hand was a cape, light blue in colour. She looked at Sissy as she plopped down onto her bed that would be hers for the next couple of months. "Are ya ready?" she asked.

Everyone nodded and they pushed Sissy out as Jeremy locked the room. The pouting primate named Sissy ran towards her friends as Jeremy and co. lead Mayuka to the cafeteria to talk more about Lyoko.

End Take

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