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Love…I never felt it before, never understood it. But what was it? All I knew is that I had fallen in love…fallen hard for Ella, Ella of Frell. She is everything a man would ever want. That's why I'm scared. What if she doesn't love me? What if she loves someone else? Just because I'm a prince who will soon be a king, doesn't mean I can't be scared. But, I don't get scared easily. But…this is what I am scared of. Her refusing me. How can I live with myself?

I tapped my pen on the paper, which I would turn into a letter and send it to her. I could even imagine her reading my letters, her beautiful black hair falling over her shoulder and she tucks it behind her ear. Her beautiful green eyes reading my letter, a small smile on her lips. How I longed to see her in person, how I longed to see her smile…

Ever since I had first met her, I knew she was the one. She wasn't like most ladies I met, who were only after my crown. She was special and didn't treat me differently than any other ordinary person. She treated me like I was a human being and not a prize to be won.

I glanced at the paper, clean and not a single thing written on it except for 'Dear Ella'. How was I to tell her I loved her? After all, I was a friend. That was all I was to her. But that didn't stop me from wishing that I was more than that. I needed her like I needed air.

I sighed and glance out the window, at the blackened sky. I was writing at night, as always so I wouldn't be disturbed. The stars were bright like her eyes…

I needed to tell her! I felt as if I were going to explode if I kept this inside. I…I had to! My pen began to move, writing the words that I had longed to write.

Later, I finally finished. I read it. It was everything I had longed to tell her. I had to send it immediately and find out if she loved me or not. The suspense was killing me slowly, as if poison was inside me and eating me alive.

I ran out of my room and hurried down the hall. Some servants glanced at me but continued their work. I didn't pay attention to them but only hurry. I then saw the man I always gave my letters to and who sent them for me. I called for him and he stopped and waited for me and bowed politely. I didn't have time for the formal junk. I had to get this letter sent!

I ordered him to immediately send it. He hesitated but I barked at him to do what I ordered him to do. He scurried off, terrified. I suppose I had been to rough but I had to find out, had to know.

I walked back to my quarters. What if I was back home in Frell, sliding down the stair rails with Ella? I could see her; her black hair flying out behind her and her eyes lit up as she flew down the stairs, laughing all the way down. And me…me, ready to catch her and twirl her around as if she was a princess. Which she would be if she only chose me as the lucky man!

I blew out the candle, jumped into bed and fell into a deep sleep but not until I thought: If only she chose me…if only.

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