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Tonight was the banquet, announcing our engagement. I was beyond happy, happy that the world would know that I was marrying Ella, the girl I loved with all my heart. Mother had taken it upon herself to prepare Ella and Cecilia had decided to help her, grinning happily at spending some time with Ella. So I was not permitted to see Ella until the banquet.

During the time I waited for her, I played sword fight with Christopher, then Michael. I beat them both, easily, and both were rather disappointed, not being able to beat the future king. And they dueled and their duel went on for some time, both equally matched and both equally good. It only ended when they were too exhausted to carry on.

"Char?" My younger brother, Christopher, asked me. "What does it feel like to be in love?"

Michael glanced at me, interested in my answer. I hesitated; how do you explain the feelings and joy? "Being in love, Christopher?" I said, stalling for some time. "What do you think?"

Christopher frowned, thinking. Michael, who was lying on the floor, answered for him. "Well, how would we know? We've never been in love. But I suppose it must be wonderful, to care for someone that much and for someone to care for you, equally." Michael glanced at me. "But why don't you explain to us, Char, and stop trying to buy some time." He grinned.

Darn it. "Well...being in love...where to start?" A small smile formed on my face and I am sure I got a faraway look in my eyes. "It's like...you feel your heart swell with emotions, you feel so...so right in the person's presence. You get a shock of electricity when you hold hands with that person, you can't ever stop a smile from coming on your face, you just want to hold that person in your arms forever – "

"All right, sorry I asked," Christopher interrupted me, snapping me out of my trance. "As amazing as that sounds, I suppose you have to actually be in love to understand it, right?"

I nodded. "It really is amazing. I...I never knew it was possible to actually have such a feeling, such a joy...of course, that was before I met Ella."

Michael nodded. "She is very nice. Kind and actually very funny. Not at all like the brainless ladies who hang around the palace." He smiled. "You're lucky, Char, you found someone like her. Ladies like that are very, very rare, I suppose. Most are too conceited to be nice, to prim to be funny."

I nodded. I was lucky to have found Ella, lucky to have her, to hold her, to be with her. "Uh-oh," Christopher said, grinning. "Char's got that look in his eyes, clearly stating he's thinking about Ella."

I grinned at him and pretended to kick him. "Shut up, Christopher."

He asked, "Where is Lady Love, for that matter? Surely you rather be with her than with your dashing, very handsome, brothers?"

"Talk about conceited..." I muttered and then said, "She's getting ready for the banquet tonight with Mother and Cecilia."

Michael raised an eyebrow at that. "Cecilia? Really? Usually, she isn't the type who is into 'girl stuff.' More like a boy if you ask me. She must like Ella a lot to actually talk to her about dresses and hair styles."

I grinned. "I'm glad she likes her. Ella and Cecilia are very much like each other."

Christopher frowned. "Except for the fact Cecilia is annoying and Ella isn't."

We all laughed at that, knowing he was only joking. "Oh, thanks, Christopher, I feel the sibling love," came a sarcastic voice. We all turned to see Cecilia glaring at us, hands on hips. "For that comment, Char won't be able to see his fair maiden until the banquet now."

I frowned. "Wasn't that already the original plan?" Cecilia glared at me while my brother stifled their laughter.

"Really, I have no idea how someone like Ella could like someone like you," Cecilia said huffily. "And really, you two," she turned to my younger brothers, "I fear the maiden who falls in love with you. But then again, I doubt anyone would ever love you two idiots."

"HEY!" Both protested while Cecilia and I laughed. Cecilia continued, "But Tyler and Kyle, now those actually stand a chance of having someone loving them." She turned to me. "They will be coming to the banquet, of course. They have just been busy because father wishes to...hmm... 'toughen them up' a bit. So they are now doing knight training. Must I say, they are actually pretty good."

I grinned. My youngest brothers, the twins, were hardly ever around nowadays, always off at training. Sure, they came to breakfast and dinner, but they were rarely around now.

"Anyway, mother says you better get ready, Char," Cecilia said, snapping her gaze to focus on me. "The guests will be arriving soon and you need to change out of those clothes and something more...ah...royal? Clean?" I glanced at down at my tunic, now covered in sweat and dirt and some grass stains. I nodded and began to go walking back to get change and ready.


The banquet was beginning and lords, ladies, barons, baronesses, dukes, and duchesses were all beginning to sit down. I was going to make my "grand entrance" with Ella by my side. I waited patiently, my new tunic shining.

"Char?" Ella's voice came from behind me. I turned around and my jaw dropped. Ella stood there in emerald green that matched her eyes perfectly. Her black hair was put up in an elegant twist and wisp of hair came to frame her face. Around her neck was a golden necklace, which gleamed in the candle lights.

"E-Ella?" I asked, not believing that this was actually her. Ella laughed, her laugh carrying off into the hall. "C-Char?" she imitated, laughing some more. That cracked a grin across my face. Beyond the huge doors, I heard a man, announcing, "Presenting, Prince Charmont of Kyrria and Lady Eleanor of Frell!

I held out my arm. "Ready?" I whispered. She looked nervous but nodded, slipping her arm into mine, and we started down the long stairs.

Everyone watched us as we entered, some ladies making remarks about Ella, saying how lovely she was, others looking crestfallen because she was on my arm. I made my way to the front of the long table, where my mother and father sat on their seats, beaming at us. I sat down and Ella sat down next to me, looking more nervous now.

Father stood, holding up his glass of wine. Everyone else held up theirs too and so did Ella and I. Across from us, Cecilia grinned, and my others brothers sat next to her. "Tonight, my friends, I have brought you all here to announce the engagement of my son, Prince Charmont to Lady Eleanor!" His grin widened. "To a well and long marriage!"

Everyone repeated, "To a well and long marriage!" And took a sip of their wine. I smiled at Ella over my glass and she smiled back, her nervousness easing a bit.

The food was wonderful and Ella looked happy as she ate. I smiled at her and was about to speak when High Chancellor Thomas began speaking to my father of the most boring affairs. I caught Ella's eye and she stifled a giggle. Grabbing her napkin, she took out a quill and began to draw his face. I watched her draw, a smile growing on my face.

An old lady – Lady Wilma (very nosy, might I add) – noticed Ella drawing and stood a little straighter, drawing to peer at what she was drawing. But she didn't notice her hair falling into a candle and began to catch fire. I stared, open mouthed and so did Ella, both of us in shock. It took her about ten seconds to realize she was on fire and when she did, she screamed, high-pitched. All conversations ended and stared as she screamed waving at her hair, terrified. She knocks over her water, as well as others people. "HELP ME!" She screamed, jumping around and around. Some of her friends – I suppose – came rushing over, ready to help but slip on the water she spilled all over the floor. A friend of Lady Wilma starts shouting at her, "Just take off your wig, Wilma! Take it off if you want to live!" And the maiden fainted. A man tries to help but, instead, slips on the water and falls onto the table, launching the turkey into the air, hitting the chandelier. It comes crashing down, not hurting anyone.

My eyes were wide at this point and my face was red. Not from angry...but from laughter. I was sure I was going to laugh. A lady's hair – wig – on fire, people slipping, falling, a chandelier falling on the table...I glanced at my family members and saw them red, trying to control their laughter.

Wilma threw off her wig onto the floor. A man threw his water over it and it stopped blazing with fire and was now black, when it was originally white. There was silence, dead silence. And it was broken by me, finally not being able to control my laughter. I began laughing, softly at first, but then my laughter grew. Ella soon joined in and then the rest of my family. Everyone stared at us as we laughed and then began laughing as well. Tears of laughter were practically rolling down my cheeks.

I turned to Ella, still laughing. "Ella, I used to think banquets were a total bore," I said with some difficulty; I was still laughing. "But, thanks to you, I'll never think of that again!"

She laughed harder now, clutching her stomach. This was why I loved her. Her ability to turn even the most boring things interesting. And I hoped she would never change.

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