Summary: They get assigned a project. What is it? Oh, nothing much. Just getting 'married' and having a 'kid.'

Warnings: OOC, hetero.

Pairings: TyHil, KaiOC, RayMariah, BryOC, MaxEm

Disclaimer: I don't own anything in relation with Beyblade, and I stole some stuff from the Harry Potter I got inspired from. I do however own the OCs you will see in this fic.

Note: This chapter has been revised. Rather thoroughly I must say.

I Want A Divorce
Mondays Make Me Scream

Classroom, Hilary's POV

In school, you get your fair share of projects in school. When you're not in class, you're in lunch. When you're not working on homework, you're working on projects. Yet, there are just some projects that sometimes just make you want to scream your lungs out with frustration and say-

"Marrige? Marriage? I'm not ready for marriage!" I exclaimed, more than a little put out that Mr. Marshall our teacher would assign us perhaps one of the most bogus projects ever.

And on Monday morning.

Our said teacher rolled his eyes, as if the way some of us were acting was a little too childish for him. Mr. Marshall can be such a hypocrite, not to mention very clueless and silly.

"Look kids, this is a huge project that will take up a quarter of your term grade. I will be assigning your partners randomly, and I expect you to work with them. I know that some of you will probably pass with flying colors. Some of you might not be so lucky." He gave Tyson a look.

"Two people working as parents to take care of a kid? Sounds so romantic," sighed Allison. My redhead friend usually wasn't such a romantic in the first place, but I guess she finds things that aren't romantic at all, very romantic.

I asked Mr. Marshall, "Exactly how does this... project go?"

He chuckled. "I will decide if your child is a boy or a girl. You and your partner will keep a notebook(1) in which you will write down all your statistics. In the notebook, you will list things like what jobs your partner has, their pay, the baby's name, the house you guys 'live' in, and more. This project will be our longest yet, and will last approximately three months."

Mr. Marshall paused as we all tensed up, waiting for the catch. A simple notebook in which we write stuff in, plus an imaginary kid? Sounded too good to be true. And it was.

"At the end of three months, you and your partner will put on a presentation, showing what you and your partner have learned in those three months while taking care of your child and 'living' an adult life."

I'm not one for guns, but please, someone just pull the trigger and shoot me.


Mariah despondently picked at her pizza. "This is such a stupid marriage project. God, I just know that I'm going to fail with no-so-flying colors," she said.

I put my hand on her shoulder, trying to comfort her. "It's not so bad Mariah," silently, I cringed, knowing that I was full out lying to one of my best friends. "And I'm very sure you'll end with a good grade."

"That's easy for you to say. You always get good grades. And yes, it is that bad." The pink haired girl sighed.

Wondering if now was a good time to tell her that now would be a good time to call a therapist for her problems, I just shrugged. "Come on Mariah, you get plenty of good grades. Besides, you've always been extremely lucky when it came to being assigned partners. You usually ended up with either Allison or Felicia, and sometimes even me."

Mariah chuckled. "Well, I don't know about you, but I don't think that I'll end up doing this project with any girls. But like I said, I don't know about you." She giggled.

Blushing, I smacked her head. "I sincerely doubt Mr. Marshall will be pairing me with any girls either!" I looked at Mariah suggestively. "But maybe in this care, you'll end up with Ray. Now that would be lucky."

Now it was Mariah who was blushing. She didn't deny it though, as it was plain as day she had a huge crush on Ray, who was probably the only one who didn't know. How ironic.

Just as I was about to further tease Mariah, we both heard a sharp scream of "AHHHHHH!" in the distance.

Mariah looked worried. "Hilary, that sounds a lot like Allison."

I nodded in agreement. There was no mistaking that shriek of terror.


Mariah and I ran as fast as we could, bumping into several people on our way. When we saw a familiar shade of red at the front of the hall, we stopped running. Because in front of us was a very big bulletin board with papers all over it.

Allison was clearly distraught over something. She was on her knees on the floor and banging the floor with fists, all the while screaming and shrieking words that made me and Mariah flinch.

I need new friends.

Though both of us were afraid of what might happen, Mariah took the rest and walked up to Allison. She placed a hand on her shoulder and watched Allison go a little more ballistic.

Then she asked, "Is something the matter Allison?" in a concerned voice.

And what a response she recieved.

Allison stopped acting so angry to stand up and stare at us with blank eyes. Then rushing forward, she grabbed the front of my shirt and starting shaking me. Which, now that I think about it, is sort of irrational, because if Mariah was the one who asked her the question, then shouldn't Allison grab her shirt?

Seriously, I really need to start hanging out with normal people.

"Yes guys, something is the matter. Something has GONE HORRIBLY WRONG! Something, like getting KAI FOR A HUSBAND! There are no words to express my extreme gratitude that Mr. Marshall would assign me such a dilligent partner." You could just hear the sarcasm dripping off her words.

I raised an eyebrow. It was no wonder she was so upset. Allison and Kai were not what you would call 'friends' Nor were they what you called 'accquaintances.' And you couldn't even begin to call them 'best chums.' Plain and simple, they were mortal enemies.

Which is actually quite a shame now that I think about it. Ally's shocking red hair and blue eyes greatly contrasted Kai's dual colored blue hair and purple hair. Deep down, I actually think they like each other but hide it by arguing. And for some reason, a scenario such as that reminds me of something.

Don't quite know what though.

Mariah put her hand on Ally's shoulder and tried to calm her down. "Cheer up Ally. It's not too bad. I mean, Kai's pretty smart and so are you! You guys will do fine."

Allison glared at us and retorted, "Whatever. You guys wouldn't say that once you find out who's going to be your husband. Actually, only Hilary wouldn't say something like that." She rolled her eyes. "Once again Mariah, your luck has landed you a very good partner, one you will be very happy with."

Eyes widening, I grabbed her hand and asked urgently, "Why? Do you know who we got?" I could feel Mariah's curiosity radiate behind me.

Ally only smiled and seemed to look very happy with our anxiousness. "Oh don't worry, it's not that bad Hilary. I suppose you could've landed yourself an emtionless cretin like Bryan, or just a jerk like Ian. You're actual just as lucky as Mariah. But only if you want to look at it that way."

Mariah and I exchanged glances before we walked up to the bulletin board in unison. As I walked up, my hands started sweating and you could practically hear my heart beating out of proportion. The endless possibilities surrounded me.

Who was my partner?

And there.

Four words located somewhere near the end of the list (as it was arranged in alphabetical order) that should not, and would not be anywhere near each other if I had gotten my fair say. Two of the four words that made my face pale and dream of my impending doom.

Hilary Tatibana - Tyson Granger


This project.


Did I tell you that part about my impending doom?

Still In the Hallway

I was still on the floor and thinking of my impending doom once again, at the same time trying to ignoring Mariah's happy aura.

This hardly was the time to gloat, but I so told her she'd get a good partner. And a good partner, she did get. Ray, her long time crush who was undoubtedly crushing on her too. Oh happy days, it was truly satisfying to know how happy she was when I myself was going to spend three months with an idiot.

Allison seemed to be influencing me a little too much.

As I sat down on the floor, silently cursing my life and Tyson's very existence, I heard someone's footsteps behind me and felt two legs brush up against my back.

"Hilary, are you okay?" I turned around and saw that it was the devil himself.

Standing up to my full length, I turned myself to meet Tyson's face, answering him with a hard glare and steaming face.

He seemed fine with my response and lazily responded back, "I'll take that as a yes. Hey, you know who I have as a partner?"

"Perhaps if you had gotten here earlier and not earned yourself a detention you would know," I retorted.

Tyson raised an eyebrow and shot right back with, "Well excuse me Miss Perfect; we can't all be like you." He walked to the sheets of paper and looked for his name. On any other day, I might've relished waiting for his soon-to-be torment.

Today however, was not any-other-day. Today was that day. Nonetheless, I knew the blow was coming, and needless to say, I was not disappointed.


My sentiments exactly.

And you just know that the world has turned upside down when:

1. You get assigned a 'real life' project.
2. Mariah gets sad around lunchtime (of all times).
3. Allison gets Kai as her partner.
4. I get Tyson as a partner.
5. Tyson and I actually agree on something.

To Be Continued

(1) I know that I hadn't mentioned a notebook at all in the story so far, not even in this chapter before it was revised. Also, I've added a lot of other details to the story because before it looked quite empty. Granted, I didn't lengthen it all that much.