Chapter Summary: In which Hilary isn't attached to a coat hanger anymore, Tyson blushes more than not, and a Ms. Landon is a recipient to a rather audacious letter. Bryan just raises an eyebrow and Felicia is much more Sadistic Than Usual.

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I Want A Divorce

Under And Over Red Rover

Classroom, Third Person's POV

"Let's take a recap shall we?"

Felicia, still clothed in Army garb, took great note at the disarray her classroom was in. Tyson looked close to having a small aneurysm, which she highly suspected was indirectly because of Hilary, Emily was still twitching even though she was "safe" enough to be untied, Allison's clothes had seen better days and she was sporting a bloody lip, whereas the Mindy Clone was out cold with two black rings around her eyes, and Hilary was nowhere to be seen.

Oh yes, she had seen better days.

"No. Wait. Before we take a recap, I would like to know something." Her dark eyes stared at them all in a piercing manner. Almost everyone in the classroom had a simultaneous shudder.

"Where. Is. Hilary." Though it was a question, Felicia had given the impression it was more of a statement.

"Um, er, well, that's an-"

"She was here a minute ago and like, we have-"

"Hilary? HILARY? Oh, where are you…"


"Shut up."

The black haired girl watched with sadistic satisfaction at how everyone cowered at her power. She turned back to her partner who was also cowering beside her and used her most saccharine voice. "Bryan sweetie, where is Hilary?"

"N-N-No one's seen her so far."

Felicia's lips thinned. "Did you hear that?"

Max looked confused, as did everyone else. "Hear what?"

"That was the sound of your impending doom."

In the Coat (Hanger)

Contrary to popular belief, there were many things Hilary did not understand. Things about the universe, about nature, natural phenomena, silly girls, silly boys, silly boys with blue hair and a cap with an enormous appetite were simply beyond her capacity of learning.

And she had just added 'Sticky Buttons of Stupid Coats' to her list of Things I Don't Understand and Never Will.

Unfortunately, lists were the least of her worries. So going where no woman had ever gone before, she used every ounce of gymnastics class she had left in her, and removed her arms from the sleeves of the coat, wincing as her awkward position left her shoulders shaking.

As soon as her arms were free, the rest of her body fell through the coat, and she landed in an ungraceful heap on the floor, slight pain coursing through her body.

"I'm never wearing another coat again," she said exasperated. As Hilary was standing up, she noticed the door was opening. Her face paling, the brunette reached for the coat hanger to hide in again (despite past experiences). Sadly, she reached too late.


"Oh, excuse me."

Words did not express how relieved Hilary felt, as it was just a janitor who had walked in. Though janitors usually knew most of the school's secrets, they had sense enough to keep their mouths shut and tended to ignore most of the students.

Sighing with happiness, Hilary shot out the door.


"It's just so hard sometimes to, you know, watch him. Sometimes I'll remember how things were like before they changed. And I…I miss him so much." Tears were starting to erupt from the corners of her eyes, but she pushed them back with all the will power she had.

Mariah squeezed her hand in comfort. "It's okay Allison. You need to get over this. There are other people in the world. And besides, it's not healthy for you to be this upset. That Mindy Clone was unconscious because you almost cut off her air circulation."

The redhead couldn't hold it anymore, and ended up making huge baby sobs. "There's no one like Kai! I miss him so much Mariah. Ever since he read that damn book, he's been nothing but the perfect husband! I can't even hit him on the head without feeling like some guilty wife! And who cares about the Mindy Clone?"

The Chinese girl looked confused. "Um, but isn't that a good thing? You know, that Kai's being such a good partner." Her question about the Mindy Clone went unanswered, as the answer was obvious.

Allison looked ready to tear her hair out. "I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE PROJECT. I just want Kai. Without him, life just isn't fun anymore. I have to resort to hitting and yelling at Tyson now, and Hilary gets really angry when I do that, since he's all her property and all even though she won't admit it." Here, she rolled her eyes and gave another huge wail.

"Are you honestly telling me that you only miss Kai… because he was your punching bag?" she asked while cocking her eyebrow and tilting her head to the side, giving Allison an incredulous expression.

The redhead gave her a weird look. "Well, of course. Why else would I miss him so much?"

Mariah face faulted. "Yeah. I know that. Of course."

What is it with stubborn people and their denial? I knew it was too much for Allison to admit she had real feelings for Kai.

Classroom, Max's POV

Felicia had really done a number on the class. All of Mindy's cronies, excluding the one that Allison had knocked out earlier, were covered all over with bruises and had their clothes ripped to shreds. The rest of the class were either already in a catatonic state or had big bruises on their legs.

Twisted enough, Felicia had reserved the more gruesome punishments for her friends. Tyson had closed his eyes a long time ago in fear of fainting from seeing his very thoughtful injuries.

Poor Emily on the other hand, had her eyes wide open and she was rocking back and forth, whispering frenzied ramblings about "lemon pie, the moon, the glockenspiel. Why is it called the glockenspiel Maxie? Why?" and other things that made me inch away very slowly from her.

Nonetheless, I kept checking that she was okay.

Ray's ponytail had come unleashed and – to the boy's horror – had quite a few bald spots from when Felicia's anger decided to have its turn at him. Right now, he was crying over his loss, obviously very broken hearted and taking it like a girl.

All things considered, I think Felicia went pretty easy on him. Though that was probably because Felicia was quite smart and didn't want to do anything to really rile Mariah up, as the pink haired girl was the only one to have ever matched Felicia in raw strength.

Sadly, when Mariah and Allison had come back from the library, not even Mariah's feline power was able to save her from a rabid Felicia. In the end, she wasn't exactly looking her best.

Allison was-

Well. I'm not really sure exactly how to describe her condition.

At least I was a little bit luckier than her. Sure, Felicia did manage to crack a few of my ribs and pretty much injure more than half of my body, but otherwise I feel great. I could really use some of that chocolate though.

"Hey guys!"

Hilary just ran into the classroom, slamming the door behind her. Her face was as red as Allison's after sunburn, which is really saying something because she has such pale skin. It looked like Hilary had run all the way here.

"Good news, I managed to plant the letter into the…" Hilary's voice trailed off as she took in the dismantled classroom and everyone's injuries. Her eyes widened as she saw Tyson, and immediately rushed to him.

Aw, it was really just too cute for words.

"Tyson? Tyson? Are…are you okay?" The brunette asked with a very concerned voice as she leaned close to the beyblader, checking his pulse, even though I don't really think Felicia would go so far as to kill him.

The bluenette finally opened his eyes. "H-H-Hilary? Is it really y-you?" They both stared at each other in wonder, something passing through their eyes.

"Yeah Tyson. It's really me." Hilary gave her partner a real genuine smile and reached across to squeeze his hand.

If Mariah was still conscious, I think she would have gushed herself out anyway.

Tyson sat up weakly, as Hilary propped him against the wall. "I-I was really worried when you didn't come back for hours Hilary. I th-thought for sure you were a goner." He crackled a small grin at her and they looked lost in the moment.

The brunette chuckled. "Well, don't worry about it, I'm here now."

Both of them didn't look like they were about to stop smiling anytime soon.


As soon as Felicia had reappeared by the doorway, Tyson had immediately paled and looked close to having an aneurysm again. The brunette furrowed her eyebrows and looked very puzzled as to why everyone else in the class (including yours truly) looked like they would have loved to be anywhere else but here.

"Hi Felicia," Hilary greeted her friend eagerly, giving her a quick hug.

The poor girl. For all her intelligence, deep down Hilary was just as oblivious as the rest of us.

"So, how did the letter delivery go?"

Hilary beamed brightly. "It went really, really well! I was able to plant the letter in Cressida M. Landon's compartment. I would've come back a lot sooner except that," she looked sheepish; "I got stuck in a coat hanger.

Bryan raised an eyebrow (he was one of the rare ones who escaped with only a scraped knee). "A…coat hanger?"

She narrowed her eyebrows at him. "What's the matter Bryan? Got something against coat hangers?"

"Uh. No. Not really."


"Well anyway," interrupted Felicia, who was looking quite amused at Hilary and Bryan's face-off. "I'm glad you're finally back Hilary. Believe me Hilary, if you were gone any longer, I would have inflicted even more damage on these guys."

I suddenly found a whole new appreciation for Father Time.

Hilary on the other hand, didn't look quite as happy as the rest of us. On the contrary, she looked rather flushed. "T-This was all you?"

Felicia gave her a grin. "Yep."

The brunette took a moment to stare at her friend, then back at the disarrayed classroom, and then back at her friend.


Lunchtime, Ray's POV

"Were you able to plant the letter into the correct Cressida Landon's compartment Hilary?" Felicia asked, as she had been pumping the brunette for as much information as possible regarding their infamous mission.

The said girl rolled her eyes as she took another bite of her 'gray' salad, as Kai was still reinforcing his Parental Diet onto us. "Yes Felicia. For the last time, I remembered just in time that Ms. Landon's middle name was Margaret, and stuck the letter."

"And then what happened?"

"Then I got stuck in a coat hanger, which is an experience I DO NOT WISH TO REMEMBER NOR RETELL." Hilary glared at us as we tried to conceal our snickers, and we quickly sobered up when we saw how twitchy she looked.

It was almost amazing at how similar she and Emily looked at that moment. Speaking of which, Emily had to be taken to the nurse, who had looked quite frightened at the state of her.

"Okay, so let's move on," said Mariah, who was eager to change the subject. "Felicia, now that we've planted the letter without too much difficulty, what's our next course of action?"

"I was thinking that we could-"

"No." All eyes turned to Allison, the one who had uttered the word. She had a very determined and very wretched expression on her face.

Bryan raised his eyebrow. "What do you suggest Allison?"

"I'm suggesting that we do not do a thing about Mr. Marshall nor Ms. Landon until we can fix Kai." The redhead gritted her teeth. "Got it?"

Felicia protested. "B-But Ally, we can't keep working on Kai when-"

"Someone say my name?"

Everyone froze. I guess we all kind of forgot that Kai was actually sitting at our table and could have heard everything we discussed. No. Wait. He probably did hear everything we discussed.

I gulped, as everyone was giving me angry looks because I was the one sitting next to Kai and should've noticed. Which was quite unfair, as Tyson was also sitting on Kai's other side. Except that he was too busy making eyes at Hilary.

And Mariah wasn't even there to protect me, because she was off in the library collecting information for our project.

"Helloooo, I'm right here." Kai waved his arms, trying to direct the attention back to him. "I just wanted to know what you guys need to 'fix' about me. Am I not treating our baby right Allison? Do I need to make another crib? Am I ignoring you too much in order to help Mindy? Oh, or do you need your space when it comes to taking care of the baby?"

Allison looked dazed. "I-You-We-Yes. That's exactly it Kai." She looked very elated. "As much as I like that you're helping Mindy ("Hilary, stop guffawing!") you need to spend some time with me, because I am your wife and our baby is mine and your responsibility above all else. Got it?"

Kai nodded his head meekly. "Of course dear. I'll try to see Mindy less often if it'll make you happy."

The redhead got up and steered Kai away from the lunch table. "Glad to hear it sweetie pie." They walked out of the Cafeteria, ignoring everyone else, too caught up in their own world.

"That was so sweet and romantic."

"Twisted you mean."

"It looks like Allison is going to try and change Kai by herself instead," said Hilary who had a contemplative look. "Anyway, it should make things easier because that way we can move on with our next move."

Max nodded in agreement. "Sounds like a good plan to me. So, let's start our next move." He flexed his hand in a victory sign and gave us cheesy smiles.

"Yeah! Wait. Uh. What's our next move?"

Felicia looked calm. "Before we make any move, we need to see if Ms. Landon decides to listen to 'Principal Daniel's letter' or just go ahead with her contest. Though I don't really think that should be a problem, as Hilary and Tyson did make a very convincing letter."

Tyson looked confused. "But…how would you know if our letter was good enough if you never read it?"

The black haired girl laughed. "Duh, because Emily would have proofread and made sure it sounded professional enough. I mean, I think you guys would have had sense enough to run your letter by her instead of just making her copy and copy and copy it without even checking it."

Hilary paled.



"Bryan. Go get me another copy of that letter."



The Letter (Dun Dun Dun)

Dear Ms. Cressida Landon,

Dude, what's this I hear about some stupid competition in which Mr. Marshall and you are using your stupid Marriage Project to turn the students into actually caring about their grades? Dude that so ain't cool. For one, no one even cares about their grades in that class.

Tyson take that back! I – er, I mean. I, Principal Daniels, take it back. Truth be told, there are plenty of good students in our school concerned about their grades. For instance, I am – um, I mean, Hilary Tatibana is a one of the aforementioned students. She is truly a gift to our school.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. No one needs to listen to your – MY silly ramblings about loud mouthed witches. Besides, everyone really knows its Tyson Granger that makes the school go around. Being a world champ, you'd think that he was one of those great students who could do no wrong. And that is very true.

Oh please. Tyson gets tardies and detentions every five minutes.

At least I – uh, TYSON knows when not to act like some stupid old hag!

I AM NOT – HILARY is not an old hag! Tyson is the one who has problems with his behavior!


No. Wait. I don't TAKE IT BACK! Tyson Granger is the most annoying boy on the planet!

Well Hilary Tatibana isn't exactly what I would call a perfect angel either.



Anyway. Uh. Ms. Landon, this whole contest just ain't cool. You gotta learn to chill dude. After all, Mr. Marshall is always chill, and the students obviously like him more than you. I'm just saying.

You can't say that to a teacher Tyson! I mean, um, Principal Daniels. I mean me. I shouldn't say that to you Ms. Cressida. But please end this competition, if only to save some of our better students the unneeded suffering and torture that comes with it.


No. Wait. I like Yours Truly better.

Yours Truly-

I think Sincerely is a way better word dude.



(writing is too squiggly and scrawled to decipher. There are also spots of blood and pen ink)


Principal Daniels

Bakuten Middle School

PS. And do something about those nails of yours. Passion Red is so last season.

PPS. Tyson, how do you know that? I – mean, Principal Daniels, how would you know that? I MEAN, how would I know that? Well. It's because I'm a principal. Um.

Cafeteria, Still Ray's POV

I think it was against the laws of nature at the speed of which Felicia's face changed colors. First she was as pale as a ghost, then red as a tomato, then pale as flour, then red as a cooked lobster. At the end of the letter, she looked ready to burst with anger.

I wondered if I had enough energy to last if Felicia decided to unleash another of her 'punishments' and decided that, if I didn't, one of my cousins should inherit the family fortune.


Luckily (or unluckily, however you may see it) our violent friend seemed to have directed her anger at only Hilary and Tyson. The rest of us looked pretty safe.

Tyson stuttered, "W-Well you see, i-it was-"

"W-We d-didn't k-know t-that," stuttered Hilary as well. They both looked scared of their fate, with good reason.

Felicia promptly gave them a dark look. "Don't say a word," she hissed.

Too scared to do much else, they simply nodded with fright.

"Now, because you two have written such a letter filled with…with such blasphemy, you two have to fix the mess you've got yourselves in."

"U-Uh, what d-do you want us to d-do F-F-"


Max and Mariah (who had arrived several minutes ago just in time to read the letter with the rest of us) both covered their faces, not wanting to watch their friends getting tortured.

I, on the other hand, had no problem with it. After getting shattered just looking at my bald spots, which were covered because of Tyson's generosity and his ugly cap, I was in the mood to see someone else suffer.

"Since you two have completely ruined everyone else's good efforts," Felicia said smoothly, "It seems only right that you two should be the ones to fix it."

Their eyes widened. "B-But how?"

The dark haired girl looked at her partner. "Bryan, please take Tyson and Hilary up to the torture chambers in which I shall give them proper instructions in which they should not possibly fail." With that, Felicia got up from our table, and walked out.

Bryan had sense enough not to protest, and dragged Tyson and Hilary kicking and screaming out of the cafeteria as well, only a few steps behind Felicia.

Mariah had a weird look on her face. "Uh, torture chambers?"

I shook my head. "Better not to ask."

"Oh the torture chambers," sighed Max with a giddy expression if I'm not mistaken. "Located on the fourth floor of our school and hidden behind a secret wall, the torture chambers were first built to teach truly awful and strict teachers a lesson. However, as the years past, they used it for more sinister means in punishing means. To this day, they say you can hear the pitiful screams of students screaming their hearts out…"

"Sounds. Interesting."

"I'm very disturbed now."

Max giggled. "Yeah, well. That thing's so old with cobwebs that no one ever uses it anymore. For Felicia though, it's sort of become her sanctuary."

"I always knew she was sneaking off to plot out deaths," whispered Mariah under her breath. I smiled at her, resisting the urge to laugh at how cute she looked when she was paranoid.

Perhaps all those Parent Diets have shot out of my stomach to my brain or something.

"Well anyway, see you guys," Max said cheerfully. "I got to go see Emily at the clinic, you know, check if she needs to be enrolled in a temporary asylum and the like. Catch you guys later!"

Mariah looked at me with a cheesy smile. "Come on Ray, we have books to crack and babies to take care of."

I sighed as I followed Mariah out of the cafeteria. I liked her, really I did, but there are only so many fake diaper changes a guy can take.

Library, Third Person POV

"Kai, do you really think all this toilet paper is necessary?" Allison asked disgruntled at the amount of toiletries she was forced to hold.

"Of course it is! If we want Vivian to be raised in a clean and safe environment, then we have to provide her a safe and clean environment! And in order to provide a safe and clean environment, we have to use a lot of toilet paper! I mean, what better way is there to clean something?"

Allison sighed. "Whatever you say Kai."

Kai beamed, and then looked concerned at the redhead. "What's the matter Allison? I'm here for you now, you shouldn't look so down. Does someone need me to read 'The Truth about Babies' again?"

"NO. Er, no. That's okay Kai. Really, as much as I enjoyed it when you read the first thirty chapters, I'm really not in the mood." She looked a little sick, and was contemplating suicide. "Let's just," she sighed, "Work Vivian's crib. And the toilet paper."

The bluenette smiled at his partner. "Okay Allison. Let's get to work."

Allison truly did not know how much more of this she could take. True, she silently vowed to herself that she would change Kai back to his normal stoic self, but seeing the "other side" of him in action only helped fuel her doubts. And she really wasn't sure if she could change Kai back.

"Rock a bye baby, on the tree top…"

'But,' she thought as she looked at Kai singing their baby to sleep (even though it was just an egg), 'I suppose it's nice to have Kai so cooperative. Perhaps I'll see if I can make him cooperative even after I change him back.'

If she could change him back.


Hilary paced the classroom anxiously, the worry read clearly among her features. Mariah had been trying to soothe the brunette, but Hilary had waved her efforts off, knowing that she would not be able to feel well unless she knew if Tyson was alright.

"Look Hilary, Tyson hasn't even been gone for an entire hour. I'm positive he'll be back very, very soon," Ray said, trying to help Mariah in helping Hilary.

Hilary practically screamed at him, "That doesn't matter Ray! As long as Tyson is out there, anything could have happened to him. He could have been eaten alive by Ms. Landon herself!"

Mariah sighed. "Hilary, Tyson knew how dangerous this mission was. He's was prepared for any disasters if any befell him. Tyson chose this, and he knew what risks he'd take."

"He didn't choose anything! Felicia forced him to do the stupid mission in which he had to plant another letter in Ms. Landon's mail compartment! And now…now he's gone!" Hilary started crying big baby sobs, reminding Mariah of her earlier encounter with Allison.

"Hello crew," greeted Felicia as she appeared by the door. As soon as Hilary saw her, she grabbed Felicia by the neck and started shaking the life out of her. "H-Hilary, k-kind of c-c-choking here."

Hilary ignored this. "Felicia, where's Tyson? Is he okay? I know you said you'd accompany him on his dangerous mission, b-but I don't see him." The brunette looked so worried.

"Oh, don't worry Hilary." A strong arm wrapped itself around her shoulders. "I'm right here." Gasping, the brunette turned, only to find herself mere inches away from Tyson.

"T-T-Tyson? Is it really y-you?"

He gave her a smile. "Yeah Hilary. It's really me." Squealing with delight, the brunette allowed herself to be hugged by her partner for a few seconds, before withdrawing to simply look at him.

"You know, this conversation sounds very familiar to me," Hilary chuckled as Tyson and she remembered that they had said the exact words to each other earlier, when the bluenette was injured.

They both sighed in unison, and just stood still, taking in the moment.

"Aw, this is really adorable, truly. But we have other things to discuss people." Felicia broke up the sweet moment, and redirected the attention back to her.

Felicia coughed. "Now, because Ms. Landon has finally received a much better letter," here, she gave another sadistic glare to Hilary and Tyson, who both shivered when they remembered their experiences in the torture chamber, "We'll move onto the next move-"

"Uh, Felicia?" Max dared to interrupt her, something which he severely regretted once she gave him a pointed glare.

"Yes. Max. What. Is. It?" Her teeth gritted.

The blond shuffled his feet, looking edgy. "I-It's just that you said before that er, we shouldn't move onto our next move until we were sure that Ms. Landon would accept 'Principal Daniel's letter' and… well, we don't know if she's accepted it yet."

Felicia's bad mood was immediately replaced by a lightened one, and she looked quite sheepish. "Oh yeah. That's right. I did say that after all." Everyone nodded in agreement, glad to catch a break.

Unfortunately, their break didn't last long. "Right then. I'm going to need the every one of you to spy on Ms. Landon and see if she went along with what the letter said or if our Principal's received an alarming encounter. I'm going to especially ask you Ms. Landon students to watch her. Is that clear?"


"Aye aye captain!"

"Sounds like a jolly good plan, ain't that right?"

Felicia felt like slapping herself silly. If these were the great Landon students, then for once, she could understand where Mindy was coming from sometimes, and why she acted like such a snob. Someone had to be in charge.


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