New Introduction

For those of you familiar with this story you are sure to notice that the spelling of certain names has been updated. I hope that I'm not offending anyone, I am only attempted to keep names as accurate to their cultures as I can. If you notice a serious mistake please take the time to inform me and I will make the required change. Thank You

Old Introduction

I had once read a story that started with Ranma defeating Shampoo and it diverted from there. In the particular story Shampoo did not give the kiss of death to her opponent. Just before she could give the kiss of death Ranma turned towards Shampoo and lowered her head. Shampoo placed her kiss upon Ranma's forehead thus signifying that Ranma was now her daughter. I liked the idea but have not been able to find the story since. Thus will I write a fic based upon that idea. It is not my intent to plagiarize the author's work. That being said, I begin.


Village of the Amazon's, China

It was the year's martial arts tournament. The children had had their fun earlier in the day, now it was time for the elite to do battle. This was a separate tournament that only a select few could enter, and only by invitation. It was open for all to watch as it gave everyone something to aspire to.

It was these fights that Shampoo would watch intently every year. It was what had brought her an early victory in the trainee tournament held before the elite had their chance. Now, she was of the elite. It was eighteen years ago today that Shampoo had gained her status as an Amazon warrior. And now, having misjudged her opponent, she found she had lost the prize she had worked so hard for. It was amazing that this slip of a girl, who appeared to be nothing more than a vagrant, who had the audacity to steal a prize intended only for the elite warrior who could best all her opponents, could move so quickly and hit so powerfully.

Luckily for the girl, Shampoo had already won the tournament by the time the prize had been stolen. However, luck would not avail this girl today. Shampoo had lost to an outsider female, she knew her duty. She approached the child and took hold of her jaw. She moved to plant the kiss of death upon her enemy, but her enemy moved with her and her kiss had been planted upon the girl's forehead. This kiss signified something else entirely.

Shampoo, who had forsaken finding a husband in the pursuit of her one goal, now found herself the unwed mother of a girl who looked no older than 14. Shampoo had lost her prize, but would she find another in the girl that was now her daughter?

The kiss that Ranma had received must have been significant. When the woman had kissed her forehead all sound had immediately stopped. Everyone was now looking upon the scene with wide eyes. Then the murmurs began. Something had happened and Ranma was at a loss as to what exactly it was. Yet now she felt somehow connected to the woman she had fought; the woman who she had to admit could easily have defeated her. It had been a fluke, and Ranma knew it. The woman's confidence had been her downfall.

Ranma was further confused when she found herself being hugged by the older woman who was addressing the crowd. She had no idea what had been said, yet she found herself smiling as a cheer rose up into the sky. That was when a much older woman made her presence known.

Ke Lun could sense that the child was confused and had absolutely no idea what had happened to her in the last few minutes. The child had no knowledge of their language, which wasn't too surprising considering she was of Japanese descent. But the vagabond had found a home among the Amazons. Now it was time to tell her.

She moved quickly through the crowd as they parted to let her through. When she was at her granddaughter's side she held up a hand and the crowd was silent. "Amazons," she addressed the crowd, "the tournaments have ended and the festivities may begin. Enjoy yourselves as I and my granddaughter help our newest member settle in to her new home." The crowd immediately began to disperse; they only had so much time to themselves before the feast was to begin.

"Shan Pu," Ke Lun was speaking directly to her granddaughter. "Head home and prepare for our arrival. I must speak to your daughter alone." Shan Pu left the scene without question. The matriarch had spoken and she could only do what had been commanded of her.

"Child," She said taking hold of the girl's hand. "Why don't you come with me so that I may explain what has happened here? Your panda, I assume he belongs to you as you entered with him, must stay behind, I promise no harm shall befall him." Ranma nodded and began to follow the old woman's lead. "Mu Si," She called to a man who was wandering nearby. "See that no harm comes to this girl's pet."

They were roughly 200 meters from the village when the elder stopped. She had chosen a large clearing surrounding a lake. There was a sense of peace and tranquility that helped settle the emotions running rampant in Ranma's mind. Birds flew overhead as waterfowl meandered aimlessly across the lake. The summer flowers were in bloom, permeating the air with the sweet scent of their delicate perfume.

Ke Lun was about to speak when she heard the girl sigh. "Is something the matter child?" She looked into the girl's eyes. "You seem… sad."

"I was just thinking that I almost never have a chance to enjoy places like this. Pops is always pushing me, telling me that nothing matters beyond the art. I have to forego places like this, as they will only make me soft. I've missed so many things growing up that I have no idea what life must really be like. I'm truly glad for this moment. By the way, my name's Ranma." Ranma gave a polite bow after introducing herself.

"That's a strange name for a girl, yet wild horse seems to suit you. My name is Ke Lon. The girl you fought with was my Granddaughter, Shan Pu. It is only because you took her by surprise that she lost. She was overconfident."

"I figured as much. I always thought I was good, but I could tell from the get go that she was better. The way she carried herself and the way she fought, I've only seen it's like one other time, and my father was quick to rush us away. Now, mind telling me what happened back there? Why did she kiss me?"

"It is our law. When an Amazon is beaten in combat, if her opponent be female, she must place upon her foe the kiss of death. Then she must chase her to the ends of the earth until her enemy meets death at her hand. However, you saved your own life by acting as you did. Her kiss fell upon your forehead and as such she is now your mother. You are an Amazon now. Having defeated my granddaughter in combat you have proven yourself worthy of warrior status, even if it was a fluke. In the eyes of the village you are to be respected, though you are still a child."

"Mother." Ranma whispered, a tear coming to her eye, which she was quick to wipe away.

"I'm sorry child; it's not easy to loose a parent."

"She's not dead; at least, I don't think so. Pops never talks about her, but my heart tells me that she still lives. It will be nice having a mother again. But there is something that you should know. I'm not really a girl."

"I can sense now, after having been so near to you, the magic of Jusenkyou around you. It does not surprise me. I assume you were born male?"

"I was. Does this change anything?"

"In the eyes of the Amazon's you are a warrior, thus you must be female. Yet outside the village you are whatever gender you so choose."

"You mean that I gotta be a girl while I'm here?"

"Yes. But don't feel bad. You are you, no matter what. In your heart and mind, if you believe yourself to be a boy, then a boy you must be. However, you've been given a rare gift. You can experience the world like no other. If you were to explore your cursed form and to try to experience life as a woman I would not look down upon you. The curse is a part of you, now and forever. If you choose not to live it, then at least learn to live with it. There is no known cure. Let us head back child, you must think about what I told you. You will be staying the night at least. We can decide what must be done tomorrow."