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Uindo Bensha

Human Blood, Demon Soul:

"Her body is slowly deteriorating."

"Why hasn't she been able to heal herself?"

"It has more to do with her blood. Setsuko has never been able to recover blood faster than any human."

"But . . . Setsuko-chan is gonna better better, right? I mean, you can fix it Tsunade-baba, can't you?!"

"Uzumaki Setsuko is dying."

"I don't want to lose any more time with you."

"She . . . She just has a bad cough."

"Naruto . . . I'm so happy I met you. . . you and Kakashi have made me human. But Naruto . . . I'm dying."

"You're not dying! You promised you'd never leave!! You said that you would be here for me! Always!!!!"

"Hinata, why did you follow me?"

"I . . . I was worried, N-Naruto-kun."

"She's all I have. She understands me. She's my only family. I swore I would never let anyone hurt her. I didn't want anything to happen to her . . . I know I got attached quickly but . . . I never wanted to lose her. Now . . . now she's dying. And I can't protect her. What hurts the most . . . is that . . . she chose this. . . . she chose Kakashi over me."

"N-Naruto!. She didn't chose Kakashi over you. She chose love over her own safety!"

"Ka-Kakashi . . . w-why . . . why can't I stay?"

Setsuko stood up. Her once dark green hair was a light lavender, easy to mistake as a light pink. At the tip of her hair it faded into an extremely dark green. Her lips were a light violet. Setsuko's skin had become a startling white color. Around her hair, down both sides of her neck, down her sides, done the center of her legs, and centered perfectly down her arms to the back of her hands were tiny and thin blue vines. They did not come close to her fingers though. She held her hands out in front of her as she scanned over her body with silver eyes.


"This will do." She muttered before she staggered over to a mirror. She seemed to have trouble using her body. She stared at the reflection. Kakashi stared at her in horror.

"Who . . . who are you?" The woman turned around to look at him.

"I thought humans would have died out by now." She made her way over to him. "But instead you grow bold. Asking my name as though we were equal?"

". . . you're . . . a demon . . . go back to where you came from. Humans are everywhere. Humans rule the world now. Come back after they die."

"I could not even if I care to." She simply replied. "I might have come here for reasons unknown to me, but I will stay. The wind is my only concern."

"Who are you?" The woman laughed.

"Humans are so naïve! I am Bensha." Kakashi shot her a confused look.

". . . Speaker . . . I don't understand. Setsuko is the Bensha."

"Setsuko . . . was that the name of the human I now use?" Kakashi felt his eyes harden.

"Give Setsuko back." Uindo Bensha glared at him.

"Humans and their emotions. You grieve for this Setsuko. I do not nor do I care to understand. Humans do not understand that things die." Bensha muttered before starting to walk away. Kakashi performed a few seals.

"Yes, things die."

Orochimaru stared at Kabuto.

"You wished to see me, Orochimaru-sama?" The body Orochimaru was currently in was covered in bandages.

"Yes, find Setsuko. Her cursed seal has finally completed its purpose." Kabuto nodded before disappearing in the shadows.

Kakashi was thrown against the wall by Bensha's hit. His attack had done nothing to her. Kakashi staggered to his feet, ready to fight in vain. But Uindo Bensha was no where to be seen. The Copy Cat Ninja ran out the door as fast as he could. Tsunade would want to know about this. Kurenai saw Kakashi run pass her and quickly followed.

"Kakashi! What happened?!"

"I'll explain once we get there! We need to get Naruto too! He'll want to know about this!!!" Kurenai nodded.

"You go ahead then! I'll get Hinata and Naruto!" Kakashi sped up before disappearing out of sight. Kurenai stopped for a moment, trying to find out where her student was along with Naruto. Kurenai ran down the path Hinata had gone. She found them quickly. It was a sweet sight. Naruto and Hinata were holding each other as if the world was crashing down around them. Hinata seemed to be comforting Naruto.

"Naruto, Hinata! Kakashi says something big has happened! We need to get to the Hokage." The two nodded before heading there. All three of them put chakra into their jumps and kicks. Soon, they passed the gates and jumped over rooftops. The three stopped only when they reached the Hokage.

Bensha sat in a tree. She had just watched a woman run off with two younger children. She said something about a Hokage. Bensha flexed her hand in front of her.

"This body is weak . . ." She muttered as she stood up with alittle trouble. ". . . humans are pathetic . . ." Bensha dropped to the ground. She stared at her body. After a few minutes she glared up at the sky. "I do not understand why you brought me back." She hissed towards the sky before closing her eyes in concentration. "Ore, Bensha no Uindo, On'nashujin no sora to subete ga dobutsu. Ataeru watashi sono kenryoku ore motomeru. Ataeru watashi kenryoku zutto mae hi kyozetsu suru. Ataeru watashi watashi no mae no gaiken. Jiyo na kara kore ningen no yoki. Yurusu sono akurei no sono sora kaeru sotoni mo ichido!" ((I, speaker of wind, mistress of air and all its creatures. Grant me the power I seek. Give me power long ago denied. Grant me my former appearance. Free me from this human vessel. Let the demon of sky come forth once more!)) She waited. Nothing happened. Uindo Bensha glared at the sky before repeating the words. "Ore, Bensha no Uindo, On'nashujin no sora to subete ga dobutsu. Ataeru watashi sono kenryoku ore motomeru. Ataeru watashi kenryoku zutto mae hi kyozetsu suru. Ataeru watashi watashi no mae no gaiken. Jiyo na kara kore ningen no yoki. Yurusu sono akurei no sono sora kaeru sotoni mo ichido!" Finally, the wind seemed pick up. Uindo Bensha grabbed her dress and ripped it off before the wind pounded against her, changing color as it wrapped around her skin. After a few minutes Uindo Bensha stared down at her body. She had dark plum pants. They were skin tight. She had almost knee length white boots. She wore a short strapless dress over that. There was a single dull teal strap underneath the dress. It was at an angle as it came out from under the dress and was several inches wide. There were a few belts around her waist. She arms were covered in long white arm sleeves. Some fabric covered her back hand. It narrowed out as it went to her fingers. Her middle finger was stuck through a small hoop of the fabric. On the back of her hands were four rubies surrounding a rhumbas shaped sapphire. A black belt choker was wrapped around her neck. The Uindo Bensha narrowed her eyes in disgust.

"Ugh. I had thought that the wind would at the very least grant me a better appearance. This human form is far too confining."

"Is there something wrong with your appearance, Bensha?" She spun around to glare at Kabuto with malice.

"You call me that as if you were worthy. But you are nothing more than a vile human. Do not speak to me human." Bensha turned on her heals to walk away.

"So I take it you do not want to know why your are here?" She stopped and slowly turned to look at him.

"You brought me back? To this human infested world?" Before Kabuto could respond he was being lifted up off the ground by Bensha. She held him up with one hand is disgust. "I will break you for it."

"I-I didn't." Kabuto choked out.

"Then who?!" Bensha slammed him into the tree without any effort. Kabuto felt his mind drift off into a daze as he tried to recover.

". . . O . . . Orochimaru-sama . . ." He wheezed. Bensha stared at him.

"And what gives him the mind to think he can summon a Bensha no Uindo?!" She hissed. Once more she slammed Kabuto into the tree before throwing him off to the side. "Go to your master and tell him that I decline." Bensha walked away without another word.

". . . so . . . it appears that this Bensha was the reason for the cursed seal." Tsunade muttered to herself as Kakashi finished telling her and everyone else what had happened. Naruto stared at Kakashi with hope in his eyes.

"So, Setsuko-chan is still alive? We can save her?!" Kakashi hesitated, unsure of how to answer. Tsunade stepped in.

"Naruto, I'm sure that we will if there is a way to save her."

"She WHAT?!" Orochimaru yelled. Kabuto mentally winced before speaking quietly. He had a ugly bruise around his neck.

"Yes, Orochimaru-sama. The Bensha no Uindo refused. She also doesn't think you were worthy enough to summon her in the first place." Orochimaru glared at no one.

"Fine. The Bensha no Uindo will have to deal with me then."