"How long has he been like this?"

"For over a year now."

"But how did it start?"

"When he saw Rachel again after defeating TechNet and the Wolves. He and Rachel had wanted to make another crime fighting force called Excalibur to carry on Xavier's dream about co-existence for Mutants and Humans, but Captain Britain, Kitty, and Meggan didn't want to do it, leaving the two alone. Finally, Rachel left him alone on Muir Island with no one but Moira for company and nothing to do but think about the past.

"The doctors think that the second loss of family made his mind snap, and that's why he's like this."

"We should have left a message or something with him and Kitty. Maybe this wouldn't have happened then."

"Don't blame yourself, Logan. You couldn't have known that Kurt would go insane from the two sudden losses." Ororo said, resting a hand on his shoulder. They stood in front of a two-way mirror, looking at the pitiful creature inside that crouched in the corner of the room, writing on the wall with a red crayon that wouldn't last much longer.

"Couldn't Chuck do something about this?" Logan asked. "Like go into his mind and bring back his sanity or something like that?" Ororo shook her head sadly, tilting her head to one side.

"I asked him the same question when I found out about this." She said. "Charles said that if he tried that, he would risk wiping out some of his memories, or end up just killing him or making his condition worse than it is now."

"Worse? What can be worse than what he's going through now?" Logan demanded, indicating Kurt as he howled and slashed at the padded walls when his crayon finally snapped and became useless to him.

"He could become a vegetable." Ororo explained. "Or nothing but a gibberish creature that drooled and pissed on itself; forever needing someone's help with everything he wanted to do." Sighing, Logan shook his head a bit, unable to understand this.

"Can I at least go in and visit him?" he asked, raising his eyebrows slightly. Ororo shrugged slightly, checking a clipboard of Kurt's medicine schedule.

"Rogue visited him yesterday, and he clawed her across the face when she got too close to him. She has three scars now from it." She said. "But you can give it a try." She added with a shrug. "He might be able to recognize you since you two were such close friends and all." Nodding, Logan slowly walked up to the door and he unlocked it, taking a new box of crayons with him before he shut the door.

Kurt was wailing in Rom and German as he continued to slash his message on the wall he was facing, his tail lashing his back as if it was a whip, leaving large welts on it that bled when he struck them over and over again. A few times he clawed at the collar around his neck, which was needed to stop him from teleporting away from the hospital and getting lost in the outside world where he would most likely last only five minutes at the most.

The message he kept writing on the walls was; [i]Gone. All of them dead and gone![/i] The ones written in crayon looked jagged and childlike, and the ones he wrote with his claws looked like something Stephen King would put in his latest book or something.

Logan sighed softly, shaking his head a bit as he slowly took a few steps forward, using the same tactics that he would use if he were walking up to a scared and injured predator that could easily rip him apart.

"Kurt?" he whispered. Kurt stopped slashing his message into the walls, but he continued to wail and whip himself with his tail, rocking back and forth as he did so. "Kurt, it's me."

"All dead and gone." Kurt whimpered in English. "All of them."

"We're not dead, Kurt." Logan tried uselessly. "It's me, Logan remember?"

"Wolverine wasn't supposed to die." Kurt snarled suddenly, whipping himself harder and drawing more blood. "He could heal himself and live on forever and ever if he wanted to!"

"I'm right here, Elf."

Kurt whirled around, and Logan suddenly thought that he had made a big mistake by coming in here.

He had taken to clawing at his face for a while, until the doctors had finally put a stop to that by giving him tons of medication when he started to show any of the warning signs that he would try it again. His cheeks and brow were covered in horrible and jagged slash wounds, all of them milky white under his fur. Just under his eyes, there were two long and deep slash wounds from him dragging his claws as deeply as he could into his flesh during a sudden bout of misery and terror.

His hair was wild, a few patches torn out when the nightmares became too intense for him to handle. The rest of it was filthy from not being washed, and large clumps stuck together with sweat and filth. When the doctors really wanted him to take a bath and wash his hair, they were forced to bind his hands and feet tightly to do so.

His arms were bandaged up tightly from the elbows down, due to the bites he constantly gave himself, and the times when he would scratch and claw at his arms until they bled heavily. His legs were in the same condition; bandaged from the knees down.

He was not eating well, and the bones in his face were becoming more and more visible because of this. The doctors were sometimes forced to hold him down and force his mouth open to feed him something. This made him hate them even more, and he sometimes lashed out and attacked them before they could restrain him and force-feed him once more.

Baring his fangs at Logan, Kurt hissed, lashing his back a few more times before he stopped and went back to just staring at the wall, trying to find an empty space to write his message again.

"Go away!" he snarled, sensing that Logan was still there. "I don't know you! I hate you!"


"I'm not an Elf!" Kurt raged, getting to his feet suddenly. He lunged at Logan and would have gouged out his eyes with his claws if Logan had not caught him by his wrists and held him off.

"Stop it, Elf." Logan said. "You need to stop it!" Kurt suddenly whimpered, pulling at his trapped wrists.

"Let me go." He begged, tears falling down his scarred cheeks. "In the name of God, let me go! I don't want to be beaten again!" When Logan let him go, Kurt fell in a heap on the floor, sobbing brokenly.

"You couldn't do that to me if my friends were alive." He said. "They would have helped me get away from you. Wolverine would have killed you and made you sorry for hurting me like that!" he said, hugging himself tightly.

Shaking his head, Logan crouched down and he reached out a hand to fix a wild tuft of hair that was hanging in front of Kurt's eyes. Kurt flinched away from his touch, hissing softly at him once more and baring his fangs at him angrily. Pulling his hand away, Logan sighed and shook his head once more, holding out the box of crayons as a kind of peace offering.

"I'm a friend, Kurt." He said, figuring that Kurt would never believe that he was Logan ever again. "I brought these for you to write on the walls with if you wanted to." Kurt looked at the box suspiciously, narrowing his eyes a bit. He poked it with his tail, tilting his head to one side slightly as he looked back up at Logan.

"It's all right." Logan assured him, opening the top to show him the crayons inside. "They're just crayons." Kurt instantly snatched them away, hissing at Logan before he ran on all fours to another corner of the room, pouring the crayons out of the box and poking them lightly with his tail, as if he could still remember how to count them.

"I'm so sorry about this, Kurt." Logan said, looking at his friend sadly. "I can't believe this has happened to you." Kurt looked up at him, his tail curling up slightly like a snake's. He crouched in on himself, looking as if he was thinking about something.

Finally, he uncurled from his position and he crawled up to where there was a large slash in the wall. Reaching inside, he took out a pile of papers and he crawled up to Logan, laying them at his feet like a peasant giving his king a special kind of gift. Crouching down on his haunches, he bowed his head, waiting to hear what Logan had to say about the papers.

Cocking an eyebrow slightly, Logan sat down and he looked at the papers, laying them out one by one.

They were drawings, each one a picture of one of the X-men. They looked like they were done by a child, but it was obvious which one was which member of the X-men. The one with red all around his head was obviously Scott, and the one that was a red bird was obviously Jean after she received the Phoenix. The black and white crayon had been used up completely when Kurt drew a picture of Ororo, her stick arms spread out wide as lightning streaked through the blue sky.

The pictures continued on in this fashion, and Logan couldn't help the tears that welled up when he saw the last picture.

Kurt had drawn himself, a simple blue stick figure with a tail, with an arm around the shoulders of a yellow and black figure with three claws poking out of his stick arms. It was obviously supposed to be him and Logan together and in their costumes.

"I miss them." Looking up, Logan saw Kurt lying on his side, his head resting on his one hand as he looked at him drowsily. "I want to be with them, but the men with needles won't let me. They keep giving me bad candy to eat. The candy makes me sleepy and sad all the time. And sometimes... They stick me with needles that make me sleep for hours, and it makes me cry but they don't care. They hate me here."

"I'm sorry to hear that." Logan said softly. "But I don't think your friends would want you to join them just yet."

"Why not?" Kurt asked. Logan raked his brain for some kind of good excuse.

"Because they'd be sad if you kept hurting yourself like this just to be with them again. I used to know one of them too you see."

"Which one?" Kurt asked.

"The one called Wolverine." Logan said sadly.

"He was my best friend." Kurt said dreamily. "He was my big brother."

"I'm sure he was." Logan said, trying hard not to let his voice tremble. "And I'm also sure that he wouldn't like it if you killed yourself. He would want you to live your life and keep drawing these pictures."

"You think so?"

"I know so." Kurt was silent, his tail rising and falling slowly as he thought about this.

"I won't hurt myself anymore." He said finally. "I want my brother Wolverine to be happy."

"Oh I'm sure he's very happy to hear that."

"I like you." Kurt said suddenly. "Who are you?" he asked. Looking around, Logan found a tattered blanket lying on the ground. Getting to his feet, he picked it up and laid it over Kurt gently.

"My name is... It's Logan, Kurt." Logan said. Kurt nodded faintly, yawning a bit.

"Logan... That's a nice name." He said dreamily. "Will you visit me tomorrow?" he asked, closing his eyes slowly. Logan nodded a bit, getting to his feet.

"Yeah, I'll come visit you tomorrow, Kurt." He said. "I'll also bring you some more crayons, and maybe even sneak you in some chocolate." Kurt sighed softly, his tail curling up slightly.

"That's nice..." he murmured. "Good night, Logan."

"Good night, Kurt."