Four weeks later, Kitty decided to pay the mansion a visit. She had been gone for a long time and because of this, she never heard about Kurt or his condition.

This is why she was so surprised when she was met with an attitude akin to loathing when she entered the mansion. A few of them didn't even look at her when she said hello to them.

Upset about this, Kitty went to ask Charles what was the matter with everyone.

"It's like everyone hates me!" she cried.

"That's because most of them do." Charles said, not wanting to sugar coat the situation. "They hate you for what you did to Kurt."

"What I did to Kurt?" Kitty repeated. "What did I do to Kurt that would make everyone hate me so much?"

"Do you remember what happened when Rachel suggested forming Excalibur?"

"That's why everyone hates me? Because I didn't want to be in another team?" Kitty asked in confusion. Charles shook his head sadly.

"He went mad."



"What?!" Kitty cried. Charles spent two hours telling her everything that had happened to Kurt; right up to the point where Kurt started to call him teacher once more when he and Logan returned.

"He's like a very young child now." Charles said. "He remembers us, but only in little ways." Kitty looked down at her feet sadly.

"Can I visit him?" she asked. Charles shrugged a bit.

"That depends." He said.

"Depends on what?"

"On whether or not Logan thinks you should, and whether Kurt wants to see you." Charles explained.

"But you said that he can barely remember anything from the past." Kitty pointed out. Sighing, Charles reached into his desk for something.

"Kurt used to have nightmares for the first few days he was here." He explained. "When we asked him what he dreamt about, he drew this in response. Charles handed Kitty a picture drawn in crayons, and she couldn't help but raise her eyebrows slightly in surprise.

It was a picture of her, Brian, and Meggan. They were leaving a sad looking stick figure of Kurt and Rachel alone in the woods. Large puddles of tears surrounded the picture of Kurt. There were also large black clouds in the sky, pouring down rain and lightning on him.

"He remembers three people leaving him when he wanted and needed them the most." Charles said softly. "He remembers you in this way, Kitty."

Kurt was out on the patio, coloring a picture in his Teen Titans coloring book when he heard Logan loudly protesting about something. Cocking an eyebrow, he looked up and saw Logan yelling at teacher and a girl with chestnut colored hair.

Narrowing his eyes, Kurt tilted his head to one side as he stared at the girl.

"There's no way in hell that I'm letting that bitch come anywhere near Kurt!" Logan protested, narrowing his eyes dangerously.

"Logan..." Kitty started.

"Don't you even try it you stupid bitch." Logan snapped, placing his hands on his hips. "It's your fault that he's this way in the first place!"

"I just want to talk to him." Kitty said. "Besides, How was I supposed to know that Kurt's mind would snap like that?" she demanded.

"Why did you leave him alone on Muir Island? Were you tired of living with him or something?" Logan snapped. "You should have known that by doing that you would mess him up somehow!"

"Well maybe if [i]you[/i] had left some kind of message for us to let us know that you weren't really dead, none of this would have happened in the first place, Logan!" Kitty shouted back in frustration.

"Well maybe you should have..."

"Kit-Kit." Closing his mouth, Logan looked over his shoulder, finding Kurt standing in the doorway, staring at Kitty as he hugged himself tightly. Slowly, Kurt walked up and he bent down slightly to look Kitty in the eyes, his tail starting to sway side to side lazily.

"Kit-Kit." He repeated, poking her on the nose lightly with his tail. "Kit-Kit come to stay?" he asked, tilting his head to one side hopefully.


"I want Kit-Kit to stay." Kurt said, looking at Logan pleadingly. "Kurt miss Kit-Kit a lot. Kit-Kit went 'way with Fairy and smelly muscle man long time ago." Kitty looked at Kurt quietly, trying to think of what to say in response to this.

"Kit-Kit stay?" Kurt asked, turning back to her expectantly. "No go 'way again?" Fighting back tears, Kitty nodded faintly, smiling a bit at him.

"I'll stay, Kurt." She said. "And I won't go away again either." Smiling, Kurt hugged Kitty tightly.

"Kurt missed Kit-Kit." He said simply.

Nothing else happened with Kurt and his condition; for good or bad. He remained with the mentality of a child, forgetting things that happened a week ago when they were not too important in the long scheme of things. The important things seemed to vanish into his mind, coming back up in the strangest of places.

With Kitty back at the mansion, Kurt revealed that he remembered a little more about that day with TechNet and everything. Sometimes, the memories gave him nightmares that made him thrash around, but he would always forget them once he drew them out in crayon and gave them to Charles to keep safe.

Kurt lived the rest of his life in peace; acting as the welcoming party for students that came to the school at a young age. He came their friend, and was often found outside running around on all fours with the students, laughing and playing with them.

"In all honesty, I think Kurt is the lucky one." Charles once said to Ororo.

"Lucky?" Ororo repeated. "How so?" she asked. Charles indicated the scene of Kurt dashing off with three students after him.

"Most of us remember everything that has happened to us, and that includes all of the evil things." He said. "Kurt doesn't have that problem. He has only recent memories of all the good things that have happened to him. Plus, he has retained his childlike innocence for as long as he shall live.

"Don't you think that that makes him one of the lucky ones?" he asked, turning to her with a smile. Narrowing her eyes slightly, Ororo slowly nodded as she smiled.

"Yes, I think it does." She admitted at last.

The End