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Spoilers: Season 7, through Heroes. (episode insert)

Flowers for Tears

by Ana Lyssie Cotton

There are daisies in his hands. And it looks wrong. Because he shouldn't be carrying them, or they shouldn't be there. There shouldn't be a reason for them.

But he's got them and the others can't look him in the eye as he holds them.

Few even understand how he can be this audacious. How he can stand there, the daisies in his hands, and watch what unfolds. After all, this isn't his day. It never would be. Not now, not here. Time, space, dimensions, wormholes, planets, politics. They had all been against them, in the end.

It makes Sam smile sadly when she notices him, her gaze meets his briefly, her lips smile softly.

There are tears in her eyes as she stands there, tall and proud. So damned brave, her voice catching as she speaks. He wants to hold her, wants to be the one she turns to when this is over.

And he can't.

He only sort of held that right for a short time, that position of favorite little brother. But now Daniel's in her life. Back, some would say. Never left, others would note. And, of course, she's dead. But that's the crux of course. The real reason he stands there with daisies, looking more lost than he has any right to.

Because Jonas Quinn isn't supposed to understand that Janet Frasier had a passion for daisies. He's not supposed to have gotten them for her. And he's not sure if that's because he's an alien. Or because she never loved him. He knows he could have loved her, though.

She didn't kiss on the first date. She didn't even kiss on the second. And she'd certainly seen his bad side as well as his good.

It doesn't matter, strangely. And, damn, but he's not normally this introspective.

But it hurts to watch the others go through the motions. To see Sam hold herself back from reaching out for Jack, to see Jack... And Jonas wonders if the regulations really are all that have kept them apart from each other all of these years.

Or if, like he and Janet, it's fate.

But that's a specious argument for another time. He's moved on. He's heard she had. Daniel Jackson stands there, stoic look on his face.

Jonas suddenly wonders if feeling like the other man is a common occurrance for men in the SGC. If it's just the way they love that make them so easily broken and bruised when it comes to the women in their lives. They give and give and fight another day. Some of them die.

It wasn't supposed to be her.


And so he holds the daisies, and hopes that it helps.