Dimensional Travels: Lost Documents

Maverick Hunter Headquarters Log Files

Chapter 3: Event Log "MHHQ" January 15-20th 21XX

(These are excerpts taken from the MHHQ Database.)

Accessing stored records.....(Complete)

File 1:

Event Log: MHHQ Mission Report

Subject: Debriefing, Teleporter Prototype Test Mission

Report Submitted By: X, Megaman (Hunter ID# 20945) Rank and Status: Captain, Command of the 17th Hunter Unit

Date and Time: January 15th 21XX, 16:02 MH Standard

Begin Replay.....(The screen clears for a moment and we see X's face appear, sitting in front of the recording device, preparing to give his report.)

This is Captain X of the 17th, Giving my report on the test mission.

The Mission began normally, Zero and I had departed as planned, using landchasers to cross the Skeleton Grasslands to the target test area. Experienced some radiation interference in communication, from the background radiation in the area.

We arrived at the test site at 09:47 MH Standard. After arriving, I proceeded to setup the communications uplink, and established a better communication signal once the primary linkup to the sattelite MH19 had been setup.

(At this point X's face falls, as his report brings back the memories of the accident.)

At 09:53 Zero commenced the test of the new teleportation unit, nothing happened, at first we assumed the unit was merely inoperational, surely something had just gone wrong with the programming and the unit was refusing to function at all. This was not the case. At 09:56 Zero's teleportation control unit sparked and began to emit a kalaidoscopic light. Apparently gathering energy, it continued to grow larger, and Zero was unable to disengage the unit. A moment later we got an urgent message from Dr. Cain over the Comm-link that a large build up of Temporal energy was gathering on our position. Knowing the danger of this situation, I yelled for Zero to get clear and ran for cover, expecting Zero to be behind me.

He wasn't.

Looking back, I found him trapped within the energy matrix the Teleporter had gathered, unable to move. I was unable to get to him to help before the Energy completely enveloped him and blasted into the sky, apparently teleporting him away. I immediately began attempting to reach HQ on my own comm-link, as the Uplink had been destroyed in the blast of the excess energy. When I finally did reach Command, Zero had not arrived there as he was supposed to. A moment later at 10:12 MH Standard, I received orders to return to base. I sent my acknowledgment in right after, and took a moment to search the area. No trace of Zero could be found. I returned to base and arrived at 11:53 MH Standard. End of Report.

End Replay....


Accessing Next File.....

File 2:

Event Log: MHHQ Daily Status Report

Subject: Zero Search, Day One

Report Submitted By: Crione, Alia (Hunter ID# 53612) Rank and Status: 1st Lieutenant, Communications and TacNav Support

Date and Time: January 16th 21XX, 18:00 MH Standard

Begin Replay....

1st Lieutenant Alia Crione, giving my daily status report for January 16th 21XX.

Today started more or less ordinarily, with my arrival at the communications room at 06:00 MHS. Captain X was waiting for me when I arrived. We talked a moment, going over small things, though he looked as if something was bothering him.

It wasn't until he gave me my orders for the day that I discovered what was bothering him. He said I was to run a scan using every sattelite available to scan for Hunter Commander Zero's signature. Zero apparently had gone missing in a botched test mission the day before and had not returned.

Needless to say, I got started right away. I can only thank whatever being is watching over us that we didn't have any major Maverick uprisings today.

X also told me that this was Top-Level Clearance Hunter business only, and the only person outside of MHHQ that knew of it was Dr. Cain. I managed to keep my scans discreet enough that no-one else in the center knew. At the end of the day today though, I had no trace of him. I'll continue the scans tomorrow, but this is something the Hunters need to know.

Even if we don't know if he's coming back.

Encode and Encrypt Report Entry: Auth. Code Alia-One-Niner-Zeta, Lock and Seal.

End of Report.


End Replay....


Accessing Next File....

File 3:

Event Log: MHHQ Science Labs (Cain Labs)

Subject: Scientific Journal; Cain Labs R&D

Report Submitted By: Cain, James; PhD. Rank and Status: Founder of MHHQ and newly developed 'SciLabs, Inc.', Head Researcher-Cain Labs and SciLabs.

Date and Time: January 18th 21XX, 04:27 MH Standard

Begin Replay....

The hell is this thing doing.....Oh! It's on! I'm Dr. James Cain, and I haven't slept in three days. But that's not important right now. What I've been working on is my calculations, and I've determined that I have absolutely NO IDEA what went wrong. I mean, I wrote those Protocols myself, and I've been over them at least a hundred times since the incident. I can't find anything wrong with them. The only hypothesis I can come up with is the freak temporal matrix that gathered near Zero when he was trying to use the teleporter screwed up his systems and the programming I put in, and flung him Lord knows where and possibly when.

I'm trying to duplicate the conditions in a controlled lab, but I can't get it to work the same way, there's just too many variables. But, if we could get this to work, we would have a way to transport to other dimensions, I think. Bah! It's just theories and hypothesis right now. I'll report more when we have more.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a demon fox yelling at me to quote, "Get some damned rest!" So excuse me if I go ahead and do that right now.

End of Report.

End Replay.


Accessing Next File....

File 4:

Event Log: MHHQ Hunter Daily Report

Subject: Investigation Of Fort Raven, Post-Mission Report

Report Submitted By: McTreggor, Celeste (Hunter ID# 39453) Rank and Status: Lieutenant, Squad leader (Silver Blades) a part of the 0th Special Unit

Silver Blades Unit Specialty: Field Recon and Infiltration

Date and Time: January 19th 21XX, 18:00 MH Standard

Begin Replay....

Silver Blades Squad Leader, Lieutenant Celeste McTreggor, submitting my report on the mission to Fort Raven.

Several weeks ago, we lost contact with Fort Raven, our main watchtower for maverick activity in the Rocky mountains. My team and I were appointed to go and investigate the loss of communications, and deal with any problems that might arise. We left by transport plane, and landed several miles east of the bases position. From the deployment point, we employed the use of stealth landchasers to cover the remaining distance.

Upon arrival to Fort Raven, we found the base had been overtaken by a small but well armed Maverick cell, and from the transmissions we were receiving, they were using the base to gather more Mavericks to their cause.

Splitting my squad into two teams, I took the lead of the team one on a silent infiltration. Team two was left in the command of my second, 2nd Lieutenant Randall Timmons, Which I had storm the front gates to create a distraction. After my teams successful insertion, Timmons cut his attack and moved to a safe distance. Leaving the Mavericks none the wiser for our infiltration.

After several hours, we had taken the control room, and had activated the internal auto-defense grid, which easily took care of the remaining Mavericks.

We waited for three days, and when the new command squad for the base was in place, we returned to Command, the mission a success. X has asked for me to speak to him, probably to give my report first hand. Will transfer this report directly to X's office.

End of Report.

End Replay.


Accessing Next File.....

File 5:

Event Log: MHHQ Personnel Log

Subject: Zero (Hunter ID# 07196) Rank and Status: Captain, Unit Leader for 0th Special Unit. High Commander of MHHQ Forces.

Report Submitted By: Captain X, Leader of the 17th Unit. Second In Command of MHHQ. (Hunter ID# 20945)

Date and Time: January 20th 21XX, 19:00 MH Standard

Begin Replay....

Captain Megaman X, Submitting this Change of Personnel Report.

Although this is the one thing I thought I'd never have to do, here I am.

I, Megaman X, Rank: Captain, Leader of the 17th Unit, Second in command of Maverick Hunter Headquarters, Do now take over Leadership of the Maverick Hunters, in the absence of the High Commander, Hunter Zero.

And now, as High Commander, I officially declare Hunter "Zero" (Hunter ID# 07196) to be officially MIA (Missing in Action) until further notice, or he is officially declared Deceased.

This is a great loss for MHHQ. This is a dark day hunters, I urge you all to stay strong, and pray for Commander Zero's safe return.

In the words of Zero himself, I say to all of you...

Stay Vigilant, Hunters.

End Replay....

Completed Review of MHHQ Files....

Storing Files for Future Access......

Shutdown Commencing.....


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Yes, Cain was talking about Genesis in his entry.

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