Dimensional Travels: Lost Documents

Chapter 4: The Fugitive

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Datalogs, Ninth Age of Reclamation

Research Station, Hunter's Rest

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Hail, my brothers. I bring word of our kin, those who have taken this stations protection into their caretaking. It has been long since my last report, and I have much to speak of.

First I would speak of the warriors, They are well, and morale is high, or as high as can be expected. They show eagerness for the battle in their training, and are well prepared for the harshness of the battlefield. I expect great things in the future for these Sang'Hieli I have trained.

The Researchers report nothing new, though much has been gained here in the past. Unfortunately, this research station I fear may be reaching the end of it's usefulness. As my recommendation, The station could easily be converted into a much more suitable training ground for new warriors with little changes. These I have offered to the prophets in humility as an alternative to reducing the planet to a mere colony world, meant only to house those who follow the prophecy. The planet itself would be much better suited to housing those that take up the path of ensuring the Covenant.

But these are all side issues to the main reason for this report.

I submit to the council, this report on a possible threat to all who follow the light of the Covenant. This foul creature has harried us several times in the past few weeks, eluding our ability to capture him. His description is as thus; Standing approximately the hieght of the humans, he resembles the creatures with an uncanny accuracy. Clad in a crimson armor of unknown properties, though it seems of the same grade as our own Elite battle armor. It might even rival the capacity of the Arbiters own battle armor, if the lack of shield was not an obvious factor. He carries several weapons that are variations on a simplified version of our energy blade, not as artistic as our own, but efficient in their design. The first is a Simple blade, composed of a plasma field not unlike our own. The second most utilized is a Simple plasma weapon, of similar caliber to our own Plasma Rifle, although with a slightly higher damage output that counterbalances a longer cooldown period. It also possesses a Charge function that we have seen him use to devastating effect on our forces. The third weapon is an energy shield, which he can detach and hurl as a disk of plasma energy, capable of cutting through most targets with ease, this he is also able to recall to himself and catch with little trouble. The last is a simple rod/staff weapon, similar to our royal guards polearms, as he can generate the plasma blade at the end of it.

At first, we thought him merely an unlearned savage, from his unintelligible battlecries and the obvious intimidation factor his armor invoked. The Unggoy were ineffective in combatting him, as they were simply too slow and clumsy to actively avoid his movements. Our Sangheili showed much better progress in combatting him, but even so, their endurance is pressed to the extremes, and he can battle for long periods with little evidence of fatigue. He seems to relish in the feel of close combat, and many times My subordinates have requested leave to face him in single combat at our next encounter. I have denied these requests out of a sense of professionalism, and that such selfish desires are unbecoming of our path under the Covenant. However, I must admit to some degree of wanting to engage this warrior in battle myself, as a battle of honor for the pride of our people.

He was first found, surprisingly in the midst of one of our research sectors, unconscious. We quickly quarantined him and began studies on him, attempting to discern how he had gotten so deeply into our base without entering. He seems to have appeared one day out of the aether. He was quarantined for 3 cycles, where we exposed him to every test and scan we could. Finally, we were about to dissect him further when he awoke on the table and broke free of the scientists studying him. He then was able to clear the laboratory and get to a hiding place inside the base somehow. We are still unaware of how he was able to avoid our sensor sweeps of the base. After the fifth cycle of searching for him, he finally was captured, only to be engulfed in a strange glow and vanish into a crimson beam into the sky.

It is surprising how like the Demon he seems, though he shows his face readily to our people. He is not Immortal, we have seen him retreat from battle. He shows wisdom in his battle tactics, pulling back when he suspects our forces may be closing in on him too tightly. Still he evades our patrols.

Since the day he disappeared into the sky, he has not been seen again. Though there are now whispered rumors among the Unggoy and Kig-yar that he was a test sent to us by the Prophets.

I am not so naïve. He is an enemy of the Covenant, and has escaped our grasp only momentarily. Therefore, I have given him the name of "Fugitive". He should be considered a dangerous threat and eliminated.

For the Glory of the Covenant, Brothers, and for those who have gone ahead of us in the journey. May they pave the road to our Glorius Victory!


Commander ---Translation unavailable---

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