Lost Documents

The Name Is...

by jammin_2099

aka zero_traveler, Zero the Dimensional Traveler


It was strange at first, somewhat like looking into a mirror, as they stood there staring at each other, one clad in scarlet armor from head to toe, wielding a brightly burning lightsword, his armor all hard edges and spikes offset by the cloak...no, the burning blond mane of hair that flared out from the warriors back. The other, a man with deep cerulean eyes, his own blond mane held tame by only a simple elastic, his stance resolute as he clutched tightly the trinket he'd just found. His clothes were simple, slacks and a white collared shirt, but a faint pink shimmering in the air indicated a field was in place preventing him from injury, It shattered a moment later though, as it's power was cut off.

A cry from across the field as two girls flew towards the pair, only to be stopped suddenly as they ran into a force field preventing their access. "Alex-san!" The brown haired girl called out. "Run, Alex-san!" The blonde girl raised a large energy blade and brought it down on the shield, attempting to force her way through. There was a shriek of worry from the first girl as she was blasted away at impact. The brunette flew quickly to catch her falling friend and right her before she hit the ground. Smoke was rising from her black outfit as the blonde recovered.

"So you're supposed to be me, huh?" 'Alex' laughed as he faced off against his doppelganger. "From a different life I suppose." He said taking in the calmly grinning face of the armored figure. "...and I suppose you'll be giving me a 'join me, and we'll be unstoppable' speech right?"

He was caught a bit off guard as the figure launched forwards suddenly and tried to put its fist through his stomach. "Nah." The dark crimson reploid replied. "I figured I'd just kill ya. It'd be a pain to leave allies for my weaker half laying around. Ha!" It was a near thing as Alex dodged to the side and leapt over his manaical, armored twin.

"Fine then. Caliburn."

Yes, My master. Stand by, ready. Setup.

The two girls, as well as the armored figure were taken by surprise, as Alex erupted in a column of shimmering light. When the light cleared, Alex was holding a weapon that looked something like a two-handed dagger with a hilt too large for the blade, a complicated slide mechanism at the base of it's blade on both sides of the flat of the blade, and a large sheath for it strapped to his back. His clothes had changed to a black undersuit over which he had a pair of slacks, and a large, red, duster-style coat wth white trim. The slide mechanism slammed forward along the blade and a cartridge as from a shotgun was ejected from a slot beneath it. The rather smallish blade erupted into a large, claymore style blade of energy which Alex brought to bear before him, smaller armor emitters appearing and snapping into place at his ankles, wrists, elbows, knees, and waist.

Barrier Jacket Ready. Caliburn, Fighting mode ready.

"Well, I must say my other selves are always interesting. Let's have a go, then?" The armored figure taunted as he leapt forward, only to be met in midair by Alex, already in midswing. The two clashed in mid air, but surprisingly, the blade carried a lot of weight for being a simple physical projection of Manna. The armored one was knocked aside as he tried to block the swing and landed on the ground a bit farther away, then looked back up at his opponent who hung in mid air, the energy blade gone, and replaced by a large composite bow made of energy. The drawstring was pulled back fully and small rings of green energy shimmered into being as a large green energy quarrel appeared on the bowstring.

"Heh. Zetto-Buster...Fire." Alex said as he released the bowstring and the quarrel lanced forward, passing through where the armored figure had just leapt through a closing portal and exploding spectacularly against the weapon reverted to it's dagger form and he dropped none too gracefully to the ground as the two girls managed to get to him. Breathing heavily, he looked around, and finally let himself relax when he could find no trace of the armored figure. The girls managed to catch him as he fell, lowering him gently to the ground as he passed out from magical fatigue.

"Admiral Harlowne. We have managed to get to Alex Wells, although it seems we ere a bit late. He seems to be fine from what we can tell, but he needs treatment for magic fatigue." The blonde sent to HQ.

The response was immediate. "Excellent, Enforcer Testarossa. The Arcadia will be there shortly for pickup. Any idea who was targetting him?"

"We couldn't see his face, but we'd recognize the Armor if we saw it again." Fate Testarossa Harlowne sent back, as she watched for signs of more attacks. The brunette was examining the young researcher Alex Wells on the ground. "Nanoha-chan, Is he ok?"

"Yes, Fate-chan. He's fine. I'm sure he'll wake up in a minute." Nanoha called back to her friend .