For You I'd Do Anything
By: Met

Disclaimer, I do not own any of these characters, I am just borrowing them for a story, and I promise to return them when im finished gab may not be in one piece, but that's ok.. Smirk . They belong to Ren Pics, and USA studios. This story is not for any profit.

Spoilers. Some from Path of Vengeance, but just stating what happened in that ep.

Violence/sex/subtext: yea, but it is after all a Xena story, what do you expect? No sex. Just kissing and by the gods no subtext, I see Xena and Gab as just best friends going through a life together where ever it may take them.

Dedications: to my best friend Emily who inspires me with her artwork and writings.

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Ares sat on his throne "Hello Ares." A voice rang through the throne room like birds singing a song.

"Xena" he breathed

"My army just got done taking over Athens." She informed him, taking a seat on his lap. She leaned down to give him a kiss...

"Yo, Bro." His sister The Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, interrupted his thoughts.

"Hello???" she said waving her hand in front of his face.

"Hello Aphrodite, you interrupted me, I was having the nicest day dream." He smiled

"You miss her don't you?"

"Yes, very much so."

"It is like such a tragedy."

"What do you want anyways?" he asked

"I want to know if there is anything I can do for you."

"You actually want to do something NICE?" he questioned

"Yea, like Zeus he put me on this thing where instead of doing everything for me, I have to do some nice things for other people. Once I do 4 nice things, I can go back to what it used to be."

"Well, there is nothing you can do, she will never love me for me."

"Oh, don't be so sure." The goddess of love smiled at him.

"You leave her alone!"

"Oh, I will...." She disappeared before another word could be spoken. Xena, Gabrielle, and Argo walked along the dirt path

"You know I could have had them." Says Gabrielle

"Yes but I had it handled pretty well." Says Xena with a smile

"Yea well." Xena smiled and they continued to walk. Gabrielle looked over to her friend. "Umm Xena I've been thinking."

"What about?" "I want to go see my family, I haven't seen them in a while ya know, and I miss them."

"Yea I know. I think it will be good for you to go."

"What about you?"

"You know I can more than take care of myself." Says Xena

"I know, but why don't you come with me."

"No, besides your family doesn't seem to like me to much."

"That's nonsense. They like you"

"No, they don't but nice try. You go ahead, send my regrets to the part of the family that likes me. I'll catch up in a few days."

"Ok if you're sure, but first lets stop in the next town and get something to eat, I'm starved." Says Gabrielle They arrived in the village where they went to the tavern in the middle of the town and ate. They said their good byes and Gabrielle left. Xena got Argo and left the village, things were a lot quieter now that Gabrielle had gone. Xena felt tired and sweaty from the weeks walk, she hadn't seen a bath in almost a week. She thought about how nice a bath sounded, "Well Argo I guess its just you and me."

She had met up with Hercules and Iolaus unexpectedly. So much for peace and quiet she thought to herself while giving Hercules a hug. They decided to camp together for the night. Xena walked into the woods on a path, as soon as she was out of sight from the camp.

"I know you are there, how long have you been watching me?" she knew if Hercules would witness Ares being around there would be a huge argument and she didn't have the strength to deal with it at the moment. Just then, Ares appeared.

"That is so amazing. You are too good." Says Ares

"Yea, what do you want?"

"Can't I just drop by unannounced and not want anything?"

"No" He stood there for a brief moment and stared into her eyes.

"Well?" she asked

"Oh, you want to know why im here." Xena nodded. Tell her u love her dufus he thought to himself. No don't she might kick your ass

He's up to sum thing, he loves me? What the fu.... Xena thought to herself looking into Ares' eyes.

"Never mind, I'll talk to you later." He says and disappears

Just then she heard someone clear his throat, she turned around to see Hercules standing there. "Whom were you talking to?" he asked

"No one." She said looking at the place where the war god stood moments before.

"Um, someone is looking for you."

"Who?" she asked

"I don't know, but he says it's urgent. Come-on." He said leaving the wooded area into the clearing where Iolaus and the messenger sat.


"Your Roman. What do you want?" she asked coldly

"I have been sent to tell you that your daughter has been captured by the amazons."

"WHAT? How?"

"She was on a peace message sent by...Eli my army was there to protect her, we had orders, my entire army was slaughtered, and they took Eve prisoner. I think they will executer her for her crimes against the amazons." He explained "Thank you, how far are the lands?" she questioned

"About a half a days ride north."

"Thank you, I will take care of it."

"Good luck, they have about every Amazon nation together to form a hole, its hell."

"Every Amazon nation?"

"Yea with in about 20 miles or so." Xena sighed.

"Thank you be sure to tell the empower that I will deal with it."

"Yes malady, I will deliverer it." He said and then hurried off. Xena sat down on a log and poked at the fire.

"Are you ok?" Hercules questioned

"Yea, I need to go and get my daughter back."

"Do you need any help?"

"No, I will be fine.... im going to go and get some rest, I'm leaving at first light." Hercules nodded in response, the warrior princess went and laid down on her bedroll and put a blanket over herself and closed her eyes. She thought about Ares and how he had appeared out of nowhere only to say he would tell me later. Maybe Eve being taken has sum thing to do with the bastard? She didn't know and soon she fell asleep.

Xena woke up just before dawn and gathered her things; she looked at Hercules and Iolaus who had been sleeping. She was quiet not to wake them, she saddled her mare and left. Maybe I should go see Ares first his temple is close enough No I cant do that.... oh but I must, if he has sum thing to do with this I want to know. She made up her mind to go and see the war god, even if it wasn't the best thing at the time. Ares' Temple

She arrived, jumped off Argo and sighed. She looked the temple over, it was dark, darker then she remembered. She walked up to the front doors and then remembered the secret entrance, she didn't feel like dealing with the priests and priestess, she might end up killing them off or some thing. She entered the back entrance and slipped in unnoticed. She went directly to the throne room knowing that he would be there, she opened the door a crack and looked in, there Ares' talked with a few of his generals, she slammed the door open and got stunned looks from everyone.

"Xena." Ares smiled

"What the hell did you think you were doing??" she questioned

"Doing with what?"

"My daughter has been taken by the amazons, now I want answers!"

"And you think I have something to do with it?" he smirked Xena narrowed her eyes at him,

"come this way." Ares ushered her out of the council meeting and into the hallway. "Xena, I assure you I had nothing to do with your daughters capture, she shouldn't have been in Amazon territory, she should have known better, you know that she was pardoned once, they will kill her."

"Not if I can help it."

"And what do you plan to do? Storm in and take her, then they will put a bounty on your head. And I can't help you, I am the god of the amazons now that Athena is dead."

"Then you can just take her out of there. They trust you." Says Xena


"Fine I will do it on my own, I will not let them kill my daughter with out a fight!" with that said she stormed out and headed to the Amazon village. She arrived only to see a familiar face standing among them.


"Xena, hi."

"I thought you went back to visit your family."

"I did, Xena I am the queen, Ephiny has been killed by the Romans. I am here to take her place."

"We need to talk." Says Xena They went to the queen's hut.

"Xena, Eve has been captured and brought here. As Queen I have to up hold the Amazon law. You know that."

"Just let me take her out of here, Gabrielle."

"No, Amazon law says I have to chose a punishment, we banished her before, and now she has returned, I have no choice..."

"You stop it. What makes you think I am going to let you kill my daughter Gabrielle, you know better than that." Says Xena


"No, I can't talk to you right now." With that Xena stormed out of the queens hut and out to the woods. Xena walked for what seemed like forever, she stopped and looked back toward the Amazon village, she had to go back and get her daughter that was apparent but how. Ares was right, the amazons will kill her. Trying to take a prisoner was forbidden and a very high price was to be paid, but with Gabrielle as queen she could squeak by. The peace-loving hippy wouldn't let anything happen to the warrior princess and that could be used as leverage. She continued on her little walk, until she stopped suddenly. "Ares, I know you're here." Just then he appeared, in a flash of blue light. "What do you want?" Xena questioned not in the mood for games.

"I heard about your lil bard friend turning on you, wanting to kill your daughter." She gave him a hard look

"but seriously, I hate to be the one to tell you this, you may try to rip my head off or something, but.... Hope is back."

"WHAT? How can that be? Is this a trick to get me back?"She questioned "No, Hope is back and she wants revenge on Gabrielle for killing her."

"How in the fuck did she get out?" Xena asked irrited

"with Hades gone, there is no one to watch the enterance of the underworld, they can go in and get out at random. I have taken care of that problem by putting Cerberus at the front gates, but we need to find someone to judge the mortals when they die, and send them to their rightfull place."

"hope is back, where can I find her? And where can I get my hands on some hinds blood?" she questioned

"Xena, slow down, I don't know where hope is but for the hinds blood there I can help you, but your going to have to trust me." Xena thought for a minute then sighed she had no choice, she nodded at Ares signanling that she would help him.

"good" he smiled and held out his hand.

"comeon, we don't have much time." she hesitantly took his hand and they were transported to the basement on Olympus,

"ares why are we here?" she questioned

"Zeus used to keep some hinds blood down here, just in case, no other gods knew about it but I found it a while ago while I was having a bit of insomnia problem." He smirked Xena just rolled her eyes.

"Well where can we find it?"

"I will be right back with it, stay here, there are tons of traps and I don't have time to show you where they are. You got that stay here! You have a history of not listening to me." He stated

"Yes, my lord Ares, I will stay here." She said sarcastically.

With that he was gone in a flash Xena let out a deep sigh and looked around, there were tapestries on the wall and tons of stuff you would think a King of the Gods wouldn't need. And many doors that had been marked no entrance. She pondered a moment, and then smiled deliciously it wouldn't hurt to take a peek would it?? She asked herself, just then she heard a voice say

"don't even think about it!" she turned around to see Ares standing there with a dagger soaked in hinds blood,

"I wasn't.... I. Ummm...." He stood there for a brief moment waiting for whatever answer. She sounded like a little kid that got caught trying to sneak a snack before dinnertime.

"Well?" he questioned a grin coming to his lips. Xena shook her head.

"Sorry I couldn't help but be curious."

"Yea, I know, you were always like that." He stated.

"Come one lets go find Hope." He held out his hand and they were transported they spent all day looking for hope but found nothing. Finally it became dark and they arrived back that the temple.