Dimensional Travels

by: Jammin2099 AKA zerotraveler


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BTW: This is after the end of the series, about 2-3 years. Sakura and Syaoran are about 15-17 in age range. Syaoran never left, being allowed to continue his education without uprooting himself.


Chapter 8

A Mystical Alliance: Swords and Cards

Part 3: Darkness Rising

Shadowy figures ringed a dark colored table, at the head of which was a stone obelisk, black as night, and covered in glowing rune work. They were arranged around the table in simple stone chairs, their faces hidden in shadow as they held their meeting. Each showed the others an unemotional disdain, but grudging respect as well as a little fear for the Stone Obelisk.

In the center of the table, an intricate pattern was etched out of lines of pulsing dark violet, bathing those near it in slightly brighter illumination than the others, though not enough to reveal facial features. Slightly above the symbol, a battle was playing out, depicting a spiked, foul demon facing a boy swordsman, and a girl with a strange staff, and then the armored figure with the sword made of light. The last image was of a massive spike of ice being driven into whatever had been seeing this, and the vision flared with mystical energies, blinding its viewers for a moment, before it sudden burst, the lines on the surface scattering fragments of the viewing spell, and the smell of brimstone filled the room.


"N-no, my lord, I meant no..."

"$#" The responding sound was infernal and angry. The Stone Obelisk lit with red tracings and symbols, a strange humming filling the air.

"NO! I...Please, milord, another chance, Surely I will..."

But it was useless, the next instant, the body belonging to the feminine voice ignited, melting away from the feet up. Her screams were horrible, until her throat finally melted away and soon after the steaming skeleton hit the floor bursting apart and burning to ashes a moment later.


"Yes, milord." a man's voice rang clearly in the darkness of the room, a smirk almost noticeable in his tone.

"$&$#. #$..."

"Of course, Master. The brat will be dealt with. As will the warrior."


"By your leave, then..." The man said, and the owner of the voice stood and bowed before vanishing. The others on this shadow council began talking with each other in hushed tones, as the muted red tracings began to fade into the stone again.

Sakura looked on as Zero began walking into the mist, a call on her lips as she stepped forward, but after only a moment, the clouds of ice and steam hid him from view and he was gone. A muffled groan from behind her reminded her of the other concern...

"Syaoran!" She suddenly remembered, turning around and rushing back to the young mans side. "Are you okay?" She said, checking him thoroughly as a pained gasp escaped, whistling through grit teeth.

"I'll be fi..." He started, but the look on her face cut him short. "I've been better." he finally admitted, accepting her hand up and shoulder to lean on. "Is it dead?" He ground out after pushing down the slight nausea changing his position had brought up.

"I think so. That was an amazing attack." Sakura said, thinking back on the battle. "I..." she started, but was cut off by the sound of approaching sirens. "We should probably get out of here."

A moment, and one Power and Jump card later, Sakura was leaping away, and the police cars screeched into the intersection finding a steaming, quickly thawing, frozen crater, and signs of explosions.

"So, a Master has appeared, and it is not Clow's Descendant." The shadowed man said as he watched the investigation of the scene from the shadows of the roof. "Hrm. Perhaps this Warrior could prove useful to our cause." He said with a dark chuckle as he examined the size of the crater that had been blown in the earth.

(A few days later...)

Zero growled as his last available Buster shot burst from his weapon only to be dodged and burn a hole in the brick wall behind his target. The creature he was fighting was fast and agile, and he had only managed to score it once or twice with the tip of his blade. After it had finished flowing around the burst of energy, It pounced on the reploid warrior like some type of evil cat, the image all the more convincing due to the creatures feline face and features. It grinned smugly in his face as it pinned him to the ground, razor-sharp teeth in many rows as it took in its victory over the crimson warrior.

"Not so proud without your little fan club here to help, are you?" It ground out in a feral sounding growl, tinged with a taunting tone that said the demon thought it's battle already won.

Zero's ears perked up and he suddenly asked the catlike creature, "Tell me, do you happen to know what the words 'Raitei Shourai' mean?" The demons face twisted into a laughably confused expression as it pondered his words.


"Well, It's just that I've heard it so many times right before one of you guys get blasted by 'My little fan club' that I'd like to know what it means." He said seriously.


"Yeah, Just like that!" He said to the suddenly surprised demon, as a moment later, a bolt of concentrated lightning engulfed the cat demon and swept it off of Zero, who had closed his eyes and raised his visor to protect both his sight and identity.

A moment later, and the girl, (In yet another ridiculous costume, Zero noted...) called out some sort of huge cat made of lightning that basically devoured the cat-demon, leaving behind a scattering pile of dust in the wind before vanishing.

"Hey! At least you could thank us before you leave!" The boy shouted out to Zero as he stood and dusted himself off before turning away.

"Yeah sure, I'm thankful already." Zero said, stopping and looking over their shoulder at the pair. Lumbering up behind the two was a huge kid that looked like a viking bodybuilder, as well as camera girl, chinese girl, and tech boy.

"You know we can help you, Why won't you show us who you are?" The summoner girl called out.

"Because I'm not sure I'll be here very long. And if you don't get attached to me, it won't be hard to leave." Zero replied, suddenly cold as he turned away. A moment later, and his teleporter picked up the correct type of sattelite, and he teleported away.

The Man remained calm as he was lifted as soon as he stepped into the room and slammed against the wall, held there by a powerful force, as a baleful eye glared down at him from the top of the black stone obelisk in the room. "#$ ! $#, $&W#!"

"I know my Lord, but they were necessary to our plan."

"#$ . #$#$#$ #$$ #$$#...$ !"

"Of course. All is going according to plan, and soon, the warrior will make more than an adequate replacement for your lost soldiers."

"$#. #$$."

He shook himself and smoothed out the wrinkles in his suit as the force left him and he landed smoothly on the floor, flexing slightly to absorb the impact. He straightened his tie and turned to walk out the door, the dark Obelisk in the room growling darkly at the loss of another of it's dark warriors.

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