Chapter 1

She was the Princess of Mirkwood, her name Princess Larwen, Daughter of Thranduil, King of Mirkwood and she had enough. All her life she had been told that she needed to act more lady-like. But she didn't want to sit around sewing and gossiping with the other ladies of the court. No, she wanted to go out see the world and have an adventure. Many blamed her boyish behaviour on her father for laughing and encouraging her when she was younger, he had said that she would grow out of it as she grow, but they were wrong.

But when she over heard (see was eavesdropping she was just in the right sorry...wrong place at the wrong time) that there was going to be a Council in Rivendell, the house of Elrond. She knew that she had to be a part of it. She begged her father to let her go to Rivendell to see the council, but once again she was told that it was to dangerous at this time to be leaving home and as a woman she should be thinking of marriage and children. Not go gallivanting off on pointless adventures to the distant corners of Middle Earth.

So when the official invitation came she intercepted the messenger and persuaded the messenger to give the letter to her (she could be very persuasive when she needed to be) and quickly rewriting the letter and changing the dates of the council, before taking it to her father.

And so it was that Thranduil was finding elves to go to Rivendell for a council on the 27th of the month when Larwen was getting ready to leave in the dead of the night for a council on the 3rd of the month.

She knew that it would take 4 days to get to Rivendell on horseback so she would leave the next day to be there a day early. She wouldn't tell anyone who she was just that she was the messenger from Mirkwood. That night she didn't go to dinner, sending a message that she was tired and going to bed early. Instead she went to her younger brother's room and stole some of his travelling clothes.

She then took out her bow and checked that it was still in good order, she had loved artery when she was younger and had become one of the finest in Mirkwood, but 100 years had passed since she last used it as the ladies of the court thought it was unbecoming of a lady to be wielding a weapon, but it was something that she never forgot, she had kept up with different exercises to keep her arms strong enough to pull the string. Later she went down to the armoury and took a bundle of arrows as well as the twin to the knife she kept under her pillow at night. (She insisted that she wouldn't sleep one minute without some protection that didn't include just the guards that marched up and down the hallways at night. Her father had refused, till she collapsed at an important meeting from lack of sleep.)

When she had her weapons she stole food from the kitchens and packed a bag for the next night when she would leave.