Chapter 13

The people of Edoras headed back to the capital the day after the battle. With them also went the people who had lost their towns in the attacks by the wild men and a single female elf.

A large group of workers stayed at Helms Deep to burn the rest of the Uruk-Hai bodies. All the men and elves had been removed and a mass funeral had been preformed, like in Edoras, Eowyn sang for the dead but this time Larwen joined in with an elvish lament, their voices and songs melding into a perfect harmony.

The men who had stayed behind were also going to start the repairs on the fortress.

A third group, consisting of Gandalf, Aragorn, Gimli, Théoden, Eomer and a small group of soldiers, left for Isengard to negotiate with Saruman for information on the enemies plans.

When the Rohirrim arrived back at the city there was a rush to return the city to its normal proceedings before the king returned.

Larwen moved around the village from house to house helping where she could, doing everything from helping to fix a leaking roof to caring for the horses after the long journey back from Helms Deep.

On the third day after they returned to Edoras, Théoden and his party returned to the city with two extra tag-a-longs.

"Merry! Pippin!" Larwen rushed forward and pulled both Hobbits into her arms.

"Legolas, you won't believe what's happened to us the last few weeks." Pippin said excitedly, then "Why are you in a dress."

"So you managed to trick the entire fellowship into believing that you were your brother?" Eomer asked later that night at the gathering Théoden had organised in honour of the dead and to celebrate their survival.

"Well not completely, Gandalf knew something was wrong the moment he saw me and I'm sure that Lord Elrond also knew but other then that I think I had them all fooled until we reached Lórien."

"I'm guessing that's where Gimli found out." Aragorn said.

"Yes and remember Haldir pulling me away? He took me to see Galadriel; I spent a lot of time in Lórien as a child, that's why I avoided the Fellowship a lot, I as worried that someone who knew me would give my identity away."

"But how did Gimli work it out?" Pippin demanded.

"Yes, I think we would all like to know that." Aragorn put in sending a look at the Dwarf who was hiding behind his mug of ale.

"Well I think Gimli can answer that." Larwen said evilly causing everyone to look at the dwarf whose face was now almost the same colour as his beard.

"I think I'll go and get some more ale." Gimli said trying to move away from the table.

"Come now master Dwarf it can't be that embarrassing you didn't see anything or were you hiding in the bushes before approaching me."

"I did no such thing, I didn't mean to walk in on you in the bath but Aragorn asked me to find you so I did." Gimli said, the large amount of alcohol he had already consumed loosening his tongue.

"You didn't?"

"He did." Larwen confirmed, enjoying the Dwarf's embarrassment.

"Well you shouldn't bath our in the open should you." The dwarf countered.

"Gimli, I have been bathing there since I was but 200 years of age and no one has ever walked in on me there, except you."

"200!" Merry exclaimed as he slapped his cousin on the back to stop him choking, "How old are you now?"

"Oh I don't know 2000 maybe 2500 something like that I don't keep track of my age anymore. The years just meld together after a couple of hundred years."

"Well who found out next?" Aragorn asked, breaking the awed silence that had settled over the table.

"Well that would be a matter of opinion because Eowyn was positive but Eomer's men suspected on the plains."

"What? They saw you for a few moments and they worked it out and I didn't work it out after 3 months." Aragorn asked disbelievingly.

"My dear Lord, the only reason you worked it out was because you heard an orc call me a women."

The entire table burst into laughter at this comment while Aragorn grumbled to himself.

"Do not despair Aragorn, you can use your ignorance as a defence against my father." Larwen teased, "Maybe if you're lucky he will only feed you to the spiders, rather then skin you alive and then feeding you to the spiders."

"No my lady," Gandalf said around his pipe, "He should despair, nothing can stop Thranduil when he is in a rage, which is why I will not be visiting Mirkwood again for the next thousand years or so."

"That's very comforting Gandalf, thank you." Aragorn said sarcastically.

"You're very welcome." Gandalf replied cheerfully.

"So you're from Mirkwood?" Eomer asked.

"Yes." Larwen confirmed.

"There are many stories here about Mirkwood that are told to scare the children into being good"

"Oh really and what do these stories say?"

"That there's an evil tyrant that lives there and if he catches you he'll lock you away in his dungeon for evermore."

Larwen laughed, "Well, that is quite true actually; the 'evil tyrant' is my father, Thranduil…"

"You're Thranduil's daughter?" Pippin asked.

"Yes, you probably heard of him through Bilbo Baggins."

"You knew Bilbo?"

"Only from afar, when ever there are non elves in the palace my father orders me to my room, I only saw him because he passed my rooms."

"Oh." Pip said returning to his drink.

Not long after that Larwen informed them that she was going to retire for the night and Eowyn agreed to accompany her as they were to be sharing a room for the night. She had been told that sleeping in the same room as the rest of the fellowship would be improper even though she had been sleeping near them for the last few months.

Eowyn led Larwen to her room and they both stripped down to their undergarments and then helped each other to undo and brush their hair. They chatted quietly as they did this, Larwen speaking at length about her twin brother Legolas and Eowyn confessed her feelings towards Aragorn, both becoming slightly depressed at discussing the lives they could never have.

Larwen was just plating Eowyn's hair so it wouldn't get too knotted while she slept when loud voices started in the hall coming towards them.

"This is highly inappropriate. My niece is in there too, they could be in a state of undress." Théoden said.

"My Lord, please allow me to enter first I…"

"Be silent!"

Larwen gasped at the sound of her beloved handmaiden's voice and that of her father. Both women realised that the group planned on entering the room and they rushed to cover themselves, Eowyn grabbed a dressing gown from her closet and put it on while Larwen was only able to find the dress she had just removed and she held it to her breast as the door flew open revealing and enraged Thranduil, followed by Théoden in a similar state, as well as Vanya, Aragorn, Eomer, Gandalf and the real Legolas.

"What is the meaning of this, barging in without knocking?" Eowyn demanded of them, "We are not in a fit state of dress for company." She said angrily moving in front of Larwen who was still clutching the dress to try and hide herself, but also in a curtsy waiting to be acknowledged by her Adar.

"Be silent!" Thranduil shouted pushing her aside to get to his daughter, Théoden growled something at Thranduil for the abuse of his niece but he was ignored and Eomer moved over to her drawing her close to his side protectively. Larwen had now curtsied as low as possible because she knew she would most likely be in the uncomfortable position for awhile and it would hopefully calm his temper slightly.

"You had better have a good explanation for this outrage!" Thranduil snapped, looking down on his daughter.

Legolas quickly approached her and whipped off his cloak, pulling her to her feet and covering her with it.

"My Lord, this is neither the place nor the time," he said unconsciously shielding his twin from heir sire.

"Very well, come." He grabbed his daughters arm and started to drag her from the room.

"She can't go out there like that!" Eowyn and Legolas exclaimed.

"Be silent woman, must I tell you again?" Thranduil shouted but he released his daughter. "You have five minutes to be dressed and outside before I drag you out regardless." He hissed at her before leaving the room, apart from Eowyn and Vanya everyone followed the elven king from the room, Théoden still demanding an answer for the intrusion. Gandalf left last, giving Larwen an encouraging if not slightly sympathetic look before gently closing the door behind him.

Adar Father (Formal)

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