A lovely uh....poem about our favorite bandage man. =D Well, to tell the
truth, I love writing humorous poetry. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's
not...But it's always fun. =) Enjoy and leave a review please. And check
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Bandage Man

Oh Bandage Man!
Your delicate frame,
Is bandaged up,
Though it looks so lame...

Your skin is burnt,
Like well-done toast,
Smells like someone,
Over-cooked the roast!

Your eyes creep me out,
And your eyelids peel,
If your tongue is burnt too,
What do you eat every meal?

You frolic in the grasses,
When nobody is there,
And you stare at Yumi,
We know you care...

The hearts in your eyes,
As you look at the flowers...
And the pout on your face,
When you have to shower...

While taking a bath,
Your skin peels away,
Floating in the water,
It looks like moldy hay.

Your feet are nothing but bone,
Wrapped in some cloth,
A few hairs sticking out,
Was that a moth?!

When was the last time,
Your bandages were changed?
You smell like road kill,
Left out in the rain...

How can you use the bathroom,
If you're wrapped up so tight?
When a stain darkens your pants,
It sure gives Yumi a fright!

You're scary and you're ugly,
And you hate because you can,
But we love you anyway,
Because you're Bandage Man!

By: Kitten Kisses