A letter from Kenji to his father, after his father's death. R/R please, constructive criticism is much appreciated. =P

Warning: Might be a tiny spoiler

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To My Father


I'm writing this to you, though you're not around now, to announce my engagement to a wonderful young woman whom I've known for a long time. You would love her dad, she's so much like mother (though a little calmer perhaps).

So many things have happened since I've seen you last... Though I think I must be more specific on the word "last". The last time I saw you was before you were buried... What I truly mean is... so many things have happened since the last time I saw you alive.

I think I knew that you wouldn't live to see your grandchildren... But a little piece of me hoped, just for a minute, that you would at least be around to see me married to a wonderful woman.

I suppose you'll watch over me from above, but it's not as easy as all that... The cherry blossoms falling in spring remind me of you and mother, back when you were together...together in a sense that I hope to soon know. You both looked at each other with such a love that seemed nearly impossible for anyone other than the two of you to achieve.

The wind chimes are still where they were left, bumping against each other softly at the winds' caress. I think they belong there, and they remind me every time I see them, of how mother waited so diligently for your return.

I beg for your forgiveness for never truly understanding why you weren't around... why you weren't there when I thought I needed you... I now know the real reasons why you left mother and I alone...

I guess I was most upset because you left mother alone so very often. She seemed to be constantly looking off into the sunset, trying to see if you were coming back to her that night. If maybe you would be home for supper...

But I have forgiven you and I ask your forgiveness in return...

I am leaving this here, under the cherry blossom trees where mother and you were reunited at long last. May the wind sweep it into the heavens above for you to hold and read along with mother.

And even though you're not here, you are- in a different sense. Help me to protect my future wife, and to protect the children that I hope to someday have.

I love you and mother dearly, and I miss you both. I will see you again when my time comes, and I take comfort in the fact that the two of you are happy together, dancing in the clouds...

Your Loving Son, -Kenji

By: Kitten Kisses