Hey Arnold!

Secrets and Lies - Chapter Seven

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"I just phoned up the airport," said Helga, slowly walking downstairs. "They have a ticket for me! I'm leaving in two weeks!"

"Two weeks?" asked Phoebe, shooting up from the couch in a shot. "You don't have any place to stay!"

"Well, actually, I do," said Helga. "I've been talking to Nadine on the telephone. I remembered that she told me that she had broken up with her boyfriend a few months ago."

"What did Nadine say?" asked Phoebe.

"I picked Nadine because I know that she lives alone in New York," said Helga. "She says that she could do with a roommate! So I told her that I would be happy to move in with her!"

"Helga, you can't just leave like that!" exclaimed Phoebe. "You are taking James away from Arnold with hardly any notice!"

"We've been over this before!" moaned Helga. "If Arnold really cares about James, he can see him on weekends! He'll just have to move over to America!"

"There's no talking sense to her, is there?" Gerald asked Phoebe angrily.

"Don't talk to me as if I'm not here!" snapped Helga. "I know that you guys hate me for this, but I feel like it's for the best!"

"It may be for the best for you, Helga, but it's not for everybody else!" said Gerald.

"Listen Helga, if this is what you want, I'll support you through it all," Phoebe comforted her.

"What?" asked Gerald.

"What about your house?" asked Phoebe.

"I don't care about it," said Helga. "Arnold can do whatever he likes with it! I'll just be glad to get out of here!" Helga paused for a moment while she looked in her handbag and took out a small envelope. She turned to Gerald. "Gerald, when you see Arnold could you give this to him?"

"What is it?" asked Gerald.

"It's my rent for the last month," said Helga. "We haven't paid the rent yet and I did live there last month, so I have to pay."

"Okay," said Gerald, who reluctantly took the envelope from her.

"Do you want me to make you a cup of tea?" Phoebe asked Helga.

"Yes please," said Helga and Phoebe made her way to the kitchen. There was an awkward silence in the room. Helga knew that Gerald was very angry with her because of the decision that she had made. She thought that it would be best not to talk to him right now, he needed time to calm down. Gerald was more than angry at Helga at that moment. He could see what a big mistake that Helga was making and could see that she was breaking Arnold's heart. Gerald thought that she was selfish.

In a modern apartment in New York City, Nadine sat back, very excited about the phone call that she had just had. She had just been talking to Helga Pataki. They had started to get closer as friends as they grew up together in High School and had kept in touch with each other after Helga's wedding.

Helga had said that she had wanted to get out of England as quickly as possible and had asked whether it would be possible for her to stay with Nadine. Nadine had jumped at the chance to have a roommate, as she had been extremely lonely after her break up with her boyfriend.

But now, Nadine was wondering if she had made the right decision. Helga hadn't exactly explained why she had wanted to leave England, but she hadn't mentioned Arnold. "They must have broken up," Nadine muttered sadly. Had she made the right decision? Nadine wondered what could have happened to break up what she had thought was the perfect couple. Of course, she hadn't thought this when she was younger, but after seeing how happy Arnold and Helga were together at the reunion and at their wedding, she had thought that they were happy together. But, now that Nadine had said that Helga could stay, Nadine felt that she couldn't change her mind. It was up to Helga and Arnold to sort out their differences.

Nadine would have to try and talk to Phoebe on the telephone for an explanation of what had gone wrong with Helga and Arnold's marriage.

Arnold and Lila continued to kiss in Lila's hotel room, when Arnold quickly tried to stop and he sat upright.

"What's the matter?" asked Lila.

"I can't do this!" exclaimed Arnold. "It's wrong."

"Arnold, you love me, you don't have to deny it any more!" smiled Lila. "You and Helga have broken up!"

"I don't love you; I'm leaving," said Arnold.

"You'll stay here!" shouted Lila and then added. "Or you won't see Josh ever again!

Notes: To be continued! What will happen between Arnold and Lila? Will Helga move in with Nadine and get her divorce? I know that this is short, you don't have to tell me. I'm really sorry about these short chapters! I promise that I will give you all a longer one soon.