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Tucker: She's nuts

Danny: nope, only the people that believe her (hint hint)

AN: Through A Sister's Eyes was originally intended to be a one-shot, but well, reviews are flattering :P In another chapter or two I will move away for having Jazz's POV during the show and make the story original (Still from Jazz's POV of course). Also, I always wondered what Danny and Jazz talked about on that car ride

The Truth

part 1

I run over to my brother fallen body, but he's not moving. I run my hand through his jet black hair crying his name.

"You killed me." I look up and there's Danny, but he's different. His suit is black and his hair's white. His eyes are [i]glowing[/i] green. "You killed me Jazz. All because you want a perfect family you would destroy our parent's dreams and take my life!"

"I didn't mean to" I choked.

"But you did. You killed me!"

I wake up in a cold sweat. I've been having that dream for the past month, ever since the "accident". But it's just a dream. Danny didn't die.

At least not completely.

He's half ghost now. He can fly and walk through walls. Sometimes parts of his body disappear and sometimes... sometimes he transforms into the ghostly Danny from my dream. Glowing eyes and all. I've even heard him jokingly refer to himself as Danny Phantom to Sam and Tucker, the only other two who know Danny's secret.

The alarms about to go off, so i turn off my clock and start getting ready for school. I grab the book I've been reading and head downstairs. It's entitled "Surviving Adolescence through Therapy." Therapy's something my family could definitely use.

I fix myself a bowl of cereal and pretend to read. Mom's working on her latest invention and Danny's eating his breakfast.

Or trying to. His hand disappears, the spoon falling right through. I wince and try to ignore the pang of guilt. I turn my attention away from Danny, hoping he won't notice I was watching him. Instead I look at what Mom and Dad are doing.

Oh Great. Mom and Dad's latest greatest invention is a ghost finder. And it's pointing to Danny. Of all the times for one of their lame inventions to actually work.

They glance at the screen to make sure it's working properly and Danny disappears completely! I hate when that happens, a part of me always fears he won't come back.

"Actually, there's something I need to tell you..."

NO! I may be responsible for this, but there's no way I'm going to trust Mom and Dad. What if they try to do experiments on him?

I slam down my book and start babbling about how Danny needs more support than they give him, or something like that. I drag him out to the car with me. I don't want him near them for another minute.

Danny slides his bookbag into the passenger's side and buckles in. I do the same on the driver's side. I start the motor and we ride in silence for a while.

"Why did you offer to drive me in? You never drive me to school?"

"You need more positive influences" I lie, "Someone in our house needs to responsible and caring. I mean all they do is work on their stupid inventions" I'm starting to get riled up. "They hardly ever pay any attention to us anymore unless we ask for something. We've been eating microwave dinners for two months straight. They don't even try to protect us or safe guard their stupid machines. One little accident and ..." I clamp my mouth shut quickly.

Oh God Almighty, please take back what I just said. Please!  Of all the things to say to of all people…

Danny looks away; he's starting to fade again, "I…guess that's true." He said looking away from me.

We drive in silence for a while. How can I be such an idiot? How could I be so insensitive?

Finally Danny turns back to me. "Are you using me to get to Mom and Dad?" he asks quietly.

"No!" I say, rather forcefully, still mad at myself. I take a few deep breathes. "Danny, listen to me. I am waging a war against Mom and Dad's obsession with ghosts. I can understand if you don't want to fight with me, and I won't try to force you to take a position. I love you very much Danny, even though I don't show it at times. And it is [i]very[/i] important to me that you do NOT become a casualty of this war.

I try to ignore the little voice that telling me [i]Too Late... [/i]