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TASE: The Truth

Days change to weeks, weeks into months. It seems like an eternity since the accident. Danny's adjusted pretty well I think. Things are almost back to normal at the casa de Fenton.

I'm lying to myself and I know it.

Danny's grades have been slipping desperately. Mr. Lancer thinks he's a hooligan and Mom and Dad still don't realize anything's wrong. I've tried to be there for him, but it seems every time I try, I just make things worse for him.

Is that all I'm good at? Ruining my brother's life? It's all I seem to have accomplished lately. I've tried getting him in with the popular crowd. I tried to get Mom and Dad to open up to him like parents, but things always went from bad to worse. I don't know how he got so beat up at Masters house. Something went seriously wrong there, I almost don't wanna know what.

I know I'd said I'd wait till he was ready to tell me, but I don't know how much longer I can take it. I want to do something to help him. Really help him. At first talking to him helped, but he's closing up on me again. I've been debating telling him that I know for a while, but I'm not sure he's ready for anyone else to know. Also, it may be the last thing I'll ever tell him. Like he would want to hear anything I have to say after confessing everything that's gone wrong in his life is completely my fault.

While I'm worrying about this, Danny is in the next room, worrying about everything else in the world. No kid should have that kind of responsibility.

Suddenly Dad's voice booms through the house, excitedly summoning us to the basement lab. Inside I shudder. I remember the last time I heard that same excited tone, it was the was the day he'd unveiled the Fenton Portal. Neither Danny nor I were ever the same after that day. I dread what he has in store for us now.

As I exit my room, I see Danny. He looks terrible. And it's not just the stress, he looks like his very life's being drained out of him. I hope he doesn't have a ghost flu or something. I offer to help him, but he shrugs me off, strong and independent as always. But with each step closer to the lab, he looks worse. And as we enter the lab I think I know why.

Mom and Dad are standing in front of what appears to be a camping lantern gone horribly wrong. It's emitting a blue stream of light towards the ceiling, and giving off some strange blue energy waves. I feel Danny slump against me, his condition getting worse. This is serious.

"Like it" Dad announced proudly. "It was going to be the Fenton Ghost beacon. But your mother and I found a way to alter it's emissions so instead of waves of energy that draw ghosts to it, it emits a radiation that destroys them on a molecular level. With it, any home can be ghost free in minutes." He beamed, proud of his invention.

Oh God. No WONDER Danny looked sick! I give Mom and Dad my patented death glare combined with a (very) short speech on their sick obsessions. I grab Danny and stomp out of there as fast as I can. Almost as soon as we're upstairs, he collapses on the ground. This is not good. Danny's half human nature must have been acting as a shield from the devices emissions, but it wasn't enough to block them completely. He's dying. For good. What can I do? How can I save him.

In a flash it hits me. The only was to buy us enough time. "Danny you have to possess me!"

"WHAT!" He shrieks in a mixture of shock and horror. I can see he wants to know, but there's no time.

"Yes. I know your secret. Don't argue, Danny, that machine is killing you! I think if you possess me, my fully living body will act as a temporary barrier. Which might just give you the time you need to walk us out of here to safely."

He looks at me, uncertain and untrusting. But he too can feel his time growing short. Suddenly he vanishes. I hope that it was his own doing. If that damned machine got him, I swear I'll...

Suddenly I feel his presences within me, reassuring me that he's okay. It's a strange feeling, someone else within you, taking control of your bones and muscles. I try to stay awake, but I can't. I'm going to sleep...

There's no waking up, suddenly I'm wide awake, as if I were never asleep. I'm sitting on a bench in Amity Park with no idea how I got there. I try to shift through my fuzzy memories, to remember what happened.

"How long?"

I see Danny sitting beside me, his shoulders are hunched and he's looking at me suspiciously. And everything comes back. "How long have you known Jazz?"

"The whole time. Since the accident" I confess. I take a deep breath. This isn't how I wanted the conversation to happen.

He takes a sharp intake of breath. "Are you going to tell Mom and Dad?" he asked, nervously.

"Never" I hiss. Yes, hiss. I take a deep breath and try to calm down. "I don't trust them, Danny. If you want to tell them, I won't stop you but..." I bow my head.

"But you don't think they'll accept me as a halfa." he said.

"I don't think they'll believe you're a...halfa you said?... I think they'll think you're possessed."

"And that de-possessing me is potentially fatal. I got that impression." He sighs. "Thanks. For back there. You saved me."

I shake my head. "Don't thank me Danny." Don't tell him. He doesn't have to know... "You shouldn't thank me for anything. It's...It's my fault."

"What is?" he asked confused.

"The accident." I sigh "I was tampering with the Fenton Portal" He looks at me shocked. "I know it was wrong, but...I couldn't take it anymore. Ghosts Ghosts Ghosts. They were ignoring their own family in pursuit of something I didn't think existed. I reached my snapping point. And paid the price. I know it's nowhere near enough, but I'm sorry."

He's not saying anything, just staring into his lap. It feels like an eternity we're sitting in silence. He must hate me now. Just like I hate myself.

"I'm not" He finally says.

"You're not what?" I ask, confused.

"I'm not sorry. You heard how Dad described how the Portal works. 'To let ghosts through whether he wanted them to or not'. Mom and Dad would have gotten the portal working eventually, and when they did Skulker, Desiree, and all the other ghosts would have had free reign with no one to stop them. But because of what you did, I have the power to fight. I have the power to protect my friends family, and everyone else. Thanks Jazz."

I'm speechless. He doesn't hate me? He's smiling at me? I give my brother the biggest hug I've ever given in my life. Suddenly I'm hugging air. I open my eyes and I see a semi transparent Danny grinning at me. He's joking about it?

I feel a great weight lift off my shoulders. Suddenly there's no more hiding on either end. It's like we're finally free to be our true selves around each other. Knowing the truth has set both of us free.