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The Quest

It was an ordinary day in Kamiya school, Tokyo. Sun was shining between white clouds, gentle wind rippled trees and the weather was nicely warm. Two little girls were training with wooden swords with their teacher, Kamiya Kaoru. Miyoujin Yahiko was brining firewood for Sagara Sanosuke, who was lighting a fire to make dinner. But who's that one - squatting on his heels in the bushes with his buttocks up?


Oh, who else could it be than Himura Kenshin...

"What is it, Kenshin?" Kaoru shouted from inside. "Don't disturb, I'm in the middle of a lesson!"

"It's just that -", Kenshin fell on his butt after pulling a vegetable out of the ground. "- do you really want to cook?"

"It's my turn", Kaoru said and almost hit Yahiko with her sword. "Why? Do you want me not to cook?"

"It's not that", Kenshin said while climbing out of the bush. "I mean... you must teach. Aren't you tired?"

"No, conversely! I feel like I could rule the world!" Kaoru said smiling brightly and coming out to see Kenshin's face. "Must be this weather."

She turned her look to the blue sky.

"Isn't it beautiful, Kenshin?" she said with her eyes closed with pleasure. Kenshin smiled and brought the vegetable to the fireplace.

"Indeed it is, Kaoru-dono", he said and greeted Sanosuke.

After cooking a "delicious" dinner and eating, Kaoru was about to go back inside, when she heard a knock from the gate. She went to open the gate, and behind it there was a beautiful young woman. She wore a flowery kimono and her black hair was tied up complicatedly. She was holding a fan matching to her kimono before her face, and the its shadow covered her eyes. Her small, painted lips could still be seen. She resembled a geisha.

"I wonder if Himura Kenshin lives here?" she asked with a gloomy, soft voice. Kaoru stared at her for a moment before answering:

"Yes, he's here. Do you want to talk to him?"

"That is my desire", the lady answered. Kaoru let her inside and closed the gate. She invited the lady inside but she refused.

"Kenshin!" Kaoru called. "There's a guest for you!"

After few seconds Kenshin appeared from behind the house and was obviously surprised to see the lady. He didn't know her.

"Good day", he said and bowed a little. The lady did the same and said:

"You too, Himura-san. I'm here because I have something to ask you. Are you willing to listen?"

"Of course", Kenshin said. "What is your name?"

"That is not important", the lady said. She had taken her fan off her face, but she kept her head a little down. The sunshine made a shadow on her eyes. Her small, sweet mouth opened to a faint smile as she spoke:

"I have an employment for you."

"An employment?" Kaoru and Kenshin both asked.

"Yes. It's a quest", the lady continued. "If you'll accept, I'll give you something grand in return."

Kenshin looked at little incredulous.

"What is that?"

The lady's smile spread. She rose her fan a little.

"I'll give you something you've dreamed of so far since you were made a swordsman."

Kenshin's eyes widened. Kaoru was confused. For a while it was totally quiet, the only sounds made by a few singing birds. Kenshin took a step forwards and said determined:

"I accept."

"Kenshin!" Kaoru whispered. "Are you sure? We don't even know -"

"What do you want me to do?" Kenshin continued, ignoring Kaoru. The lady still smiled and put down her fan. She took a piece of paper out of her purse and showed it to Kenshin. It was light yellow but had nothing written on it.

"I've hid two of these papers somewhere in this city", she said. "Find them. If you do, you will get a hint that will lead you to the place you must be to solve the quest. Every time you solve a hint, you'll get a new one. Finally, you'll be lead to me."

"Somewhere in this city?" Kaoru said. "That's insane! He can't find two little papers from Tokyo!"

"I'll search for them", Kenshin said. He turned to smile at Kaoru. "Don't worry, Kaoru-dono. I'll find them."

The lady put the paper back into her purse and smiled.

"I'm sure you will", she said. "Good luck."

With those words she turned around, walked to the gate and left. Kenshin and Kaoru looked after her, and a new shine was born in Kenshin eyes. The mysterious lady had filled his mind with questions without answers. And he was sure he'd get them only by solving the quest.

Who is that lady?

Why is she giving this challenge to me?

Where will this quest lead me?

What is it she'll give me in return?

How does he know what I've dreamed of?

What is it I've dreamed of?

-end of chapter 1-

Author: Yeah, I know, short. But it'll get longer, yakusoku desu! -Deer