Chapter 5

"The Visit"

Aurora began pedaling home hoping that her mom had finished breakfast by this time and that it would still be hot when she got home. Aurora continued pedaling home and finally arrived home about fifteen minutes later, and parked her bike behind the house and went inside to find that breakfast was indeed ready as she had hoped.

"There you are, Aurora, just in time, I just took the gingerbread out of the over so it's still good and hot." Emma said cutting a slice of gingerbread and moving it onto Aurora's plate.

Aurora took her plate and walked over to the table with it and began to eat it, and while she was eating her mom brought over a cup of milk for her to drink. As soon as Aurora finished her piece of gingerbread she drank her milk and as soon as she was done she picked up her plate and carried it along with her cup to the sink where she gave them to her mom, who rinsed them thoroughly before she put them in the dishwasher. As soon as that was done Aurora took her poke ball and released her new pokemon so that her mom could see which pokemon she had chosen as her starter and her partner on her quest.

"Wow, what a cute pokemon! What's its name?" Aurora's mother asked.

"It's name is Tropius, and it can fly even though it's a grass type." Aurora replied smiling.

"Well I hope that you two will become best friends since you'll need to work as a team to overcome the challenges that might be thrown your way." Emma replied.

"I'm sure we will, mom."

Just then there was a knock on the door.

"Oh my gosh, that's probably Edward. Now remember to be yourself and don't be nervous because he's very nice." Aurora's mother reminded her.

"I know, mom, you told me already that I should do that." Aurora replied rolling her eyes.

"I know, but it doesn't hurt to reinforce the point. Now I must get that door." Aurora's mother now hastened off to open the door for their guest.

Emma reached the front door and after a minute of fumbling with the many locks on the door she finally succeeded in getting it open, and when she did there on the porch stood Edward.

"Hello Emma, how are you." Edward said smiling at her.

"I'm fine, please do come on in." Emma said moving out of the way so that Edward could enter.

"Thank you." Edward now entered the house and turned around and looked at Emma again. "Now where's Aurora? I've heard so much about her and that's surprising for a new trainer-to-be to be talked about so much."

"She's here, let me go get her." Aurora's mother said.

Edward nodded, "By all means do so, for I can't give the things I brought for her to her if she isn't here to receive them."

Emma nodded and walked back towards the kitchen and entered and came over to Aurora.

"Come on dear, it's time. Edward's here and he wants to see you. Now remember what I told you and everything will be fine." Aurora's mother said smiling.

Aurora nodded and followed her mother out of the kitchen and to the living room where Edward was waiting for her. As soon as Aurora entered the room, Edward stood up from where he had been sitting on the sofa and looked at Aurora curiously since she looked like a normal girl but he knew that deep down inside there was something about her that set her apart from everyone else and that intrigued him.

"Ah, so you're Aurora. Pleased to meet you, I'm Edward, Dragon Master of the Tahotian League and Leader of the Elite Four." Edward said extending his hand to Aurora.

"Please to meet you." Aurora replied shaking his hand.

"Now I have a few things for you…… Now let's see……" Edward now reached into a bag of his and brought out a cloak that had a hood. "This is a water resistant cloak, it has a hood so that you'll stay dry and I know how important that can be when you're traveling." Edward now handed it to Aurora.

Aurora took the cloak from him and examined it for a minute or two before she placed it on the coffee table off to the side so that there was still some room to place a few other things on the table if they needed to.

"Now, let me see……. Oh yes, it's time for me to let you select a dragon pokemon. I brought pictures of some so that you can see what they look like." Edward said bringing out a chart that showed pictures of many different dragon pokemon.

Aurora just looked at it surprised that dragon pokemon came in many shapes and sizes so Edward said, "Now don't worry, I know you don't know much about dragons and that's why I'm here to help you choose."

"Okay." Aurora replied.

Edward smiled, "Okay, now Swablu evolves into Altaria, however it's first form is a real pain to raise so I don't recommend that you choose that one to start with."

"Okay." Aurora said listening intently to everything he said since he knew more about these dragons than she did on any given day.

"Trapnich is another one of those pokemon that's hard to raise so I don't recommend that you start with that one either." Edward said.

"Which one do you recommend?" Aurora asked.

Edward smiled at her, "It's entirely your choice, but I myself think that Bagon would be the perfect one for you since it can learn both dragon and fire type attacks."

"That one sounds interesting." Aurora said.

"Indeed it is and it by any standard is a little easier to train than the others since it learns some very useful attacks early on. If you chose this one you wouldn't have to obtain a fire type since Bagon could also fill that slot for you if you wish." Edward said.

"I think I'm going to take your suggestion and pick Bagon." Aurora replied.

"Good choice, that one will help you immensely." Edward said handing her the poke ball that contained the Bagon. Edward now looked down and saw her starter standing a little beside the sofa looking like an overgrown plant that needed trimming.

"So you chose Tropius, that was a really good choice since it will be strong against the first two gyms you come up against." Edward said smiling at her.

Aurora nodded and Edward smiled. Then Edward said, "You obviously did your homework before you went to pick your starter and that in the long-run should play to your advantage."

"I sure hope so." Aurora said.

"It will don't worry, it might just take a little time to get it to a high enough level that it can beat pokemon that have a strong weakness to grass types." Edward said.

"Okay." Aurora replied.

Edward looked at his watch, "Oh my gosh, I have to go now, I have a meeting in two hours and I still have to get back to the league. It was nice meeting you Aurora, and it was nice to see you again Emma."

"You're always welcome here." Emma said smiling.

"Thank you, now I must really be going. Take care Aurora and I hope that we'll be able to battle each other one day. Keep at it and train hard but not too hard since pokemon are not tools of war but friends and companions that should be used in such a way that it doesn't overwhelm their own physical abilities." Edward said getting up to leave.

"I'll remember that." Aurora replied.

"Good. Now I must be off. Goodbye for now, and I hope that we'll see each other again soon." Edward said heading for the door.

"I'm sure we will." Emma said. "Have a safe journey back to where you're heading."

"I will, don't you worry. Now I must be off, it'll take awhile to get back to the league and I'll need every moment I can have to get there." Edward said.

"Then don't let us hold you up." Emma said.

"Goodbye to the both of you and good luck Aurora on your quest, remember to work as a team and pass the experience points around so that your companions will all grow evenly." Edward now walked outside and headed for his car.

Aurora and her mother waved goodbye to Edward as he got in his car and began driving back toward the Tahotian League Headquarters so that he could attend his meeting.

Now that Edward was gone, all that could be done now was to make sure that Aurora was totally ready to set out on her journey since this journey would either make or break her career as a pokemon trainer and Aurora hoped that her journey would turn out for the better and that she would find lots of great pokemon to train. With that thought in mind, Aurora and her mother headed back inside their house to see to it that Aurora was ready to embark on her journey.