Summary: Tea's after-school volunteer hospital job is turned upside-down when a certain CEO is admitted under her care.....

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Tea Gardener yawned bone-poppingly at her receptionist's desk. Today a receptionist, tomorrow bed pans, she thought. [a/n: she does different kinds of errands at the hospital as well as a medical student]Which is worse? She adjusted her uniform: a candy pink sweater, the ones with white stripes at the sleeves.

Today I answered a phone call from some creep that said, "Uhhhh….yeah….I'm, uh, looking for, uh, my wife…Yeah, my wife! Right…….and uh, she has blond hair…..Huh? No, I forgot 'er name……" Click!

Who forgets their wife's name? Tea blinked her watery cerulean-blue eyes and wiped the tiny tears from the corners. Creepazoids only. And if it were true, I'd hate to have him as a husband!

She brushed one hot hand through her cool, fine, straight deep brown hair that hung to her slender shoulders and fanned her bangs out. I sure wish one of my friends came to work here with my at the hospital so I could talk to somebody.....!

Even the waiting room had pitifully sparse and scattered people. And all of them were old, foreigner men; no one interesting to converse with. Except for her female supervisor, who had gone out to lunch break. That's a good idea……that's a darned good idea, Tea thought, sliding her purse's strap over one shoulder, dusting her white slacks off, and pushing the little swinging waist high door beside the desk. Straight to the coffee machine.…Coffee, and lots of it! Yup.…..then I'll call one of my friends and be all hyper on the phone….

She released a tiny giggle at the thought of it. They'll be like, "Tea, were you BORED at the hospital AGAIN?" They'll instantly know exactly how bad my day went….

"BP over sixty….and dropping fast! Nurse, is he lucid?!" A team of doctors and nurses nearly ran her over, speeding down the hall, shouting and causing a hubbub. Tea stopped short, her eyes following the commotion. One tall doctor, who was usually one of the most calmest people she'd ever seen, was yelling and waving his arms, gesturing frantically.

Tea's curiosity peaked up. It must be really serious then! Serious, or …..some famous person…. Lunch forgotten, she strolled down, following at a much more leisurely pace.

They were going so fast that she nearly lost them as the elevators' door slid shut behind them. In fact…..I did lose them, she thought, looking right, then left, rather helplessly.

Then Tea kept her eye in the numbers above the metal doors. Three….two…one the orange colored lights went, stopping at five. Fifth floor…. Tea headed for the stairs. I should get back to my post, but I'll just take a minute to take a peek! Who is it?

At the fifth floor, sweaty and tired from climbing all those steps, she found the tall doctor. "Sir? Which room did you take whoever that just came in a few seconds ago?"

The doctor was sweating as much as she and looked very stressed out. "Rm 516, Tea. Are you going to change the bed sheets there? Be careful, there's one thing you should know about this patient."

Tea didn't get a chance to find out what it was because there was suddenly loud cursing, the kind that filled the hall. The doctor muttered a troubled goodbye and gave her a stack of bed sheets, and left so quickly, his air nearly blew the stack out of her hands.

Tea stared blankly at them for a moment, then remembered what he had said. "But……" She turned her attention back to the closed, crowded room, since the doctor had already left and thereby couldn't hear her protestations.

Oh, well, might as well do it…. She went inside, holding the white sheets in one hand and closing the door softly behind her with the other. The sound of the door closing was the only soft sound in there, because nurses were frantically stomping around, their white uniforms creating a blur.

These sheets have baby blue ducks on them Tea found out, holding them up in front of her. They unrolled to the floor, and she quickly rolled them up again. That means this patient's probably a child…..poor little guy…. She took a step forward carefully, avoiding the nurses and male orderlies

"Dammit, woman! Lay a finger on me and your job on the line! You better be damn sure you know what you're giving me…..I'll sue this hospital to such an Extent you'll still be paying after you've retired! Got that?!"

Oh….my……..God……that voice!

"Please, Mr. Kaiba! You have to stay STILL!" The poor nurse did everything short of hitting him to administer his sedation. Tea saw him fidgeting like a little boy, tossing and turning this way and that as the nurse pressed the needle into the I.V.

Well…..the doctor was right in giving me these sheets, after all Tea went over to the bed beside him and spreading them out and tucking in the corners. She watched as three men hauled the body and top of it and stepped back, thinking of the elusive CEO on ducks. He was very still after being sedated, quite still, they must have given him a lot.

I don't blame them… she thought. They way he was cursing like that…… I wish he were awake so I could scold him for that; there are children down the hall! "What happened?" she asked a nurse passing by.

"What--? Oh, Tea honey," she wiped the pouring sweat from her brow, "what are you doing here?" She paused, her face growing solemn and heavy. Tea felt a prickle of anxiety. In a strange, slow-sounding voice, " the pleasantly plump nurse went on, "Car accident. Bad. The other guy was killed……"

Well, that's good, Tea couldn't help thinking, …else he'd pay forever with his life from all Kaiba's revenge he'd get on him! "….and….." the nurse jerked her thumb in Kaiba's direction, "him, he might never walk again. Shame. A surgeon's coming in a few minutes to take him to the operating table. Hate to be in his shoes."

Tea stood there long after the nurse left, her brain spinning. Spinning from the thought she just had right now. She stood after all the hospital staff left, blankly. Only then, she slowly turned back to regard the sleeping form, carefully, cautiously, as if she were afraid it'd jump at her. She'd never liked the arrogant, tall CEO, too good looking for his own good, who'd barely given her a second glance for all she knew, but this was terrible.

After a while she crept up closer to get a better look. His eyes were closed, his chestnut head lolled to one side. Thinking that the light coming from the window was disturbing him, she took the edge the blanket and pulled it over his head to block out the light. Suddenly, one hand came up and gripped her wrist in a tight, painful squeeze.

"What are doing?!" The words came out as a rasp, but they sent shiver down her spine. "I'm NOT DEAD!" Then he saw who she was. "So. It's you." Her hackles rose at the contemptuous sounding remark. "Trying to get me sent accidentally to the morgue eh, woman?" He threw her wrist down hard. "You'll have to do better than that to get rid of ME!"

"I wasn't!" she snapped back. "I was just thinking the light was bothering you, that's all!" He gave a scornful scoff. "I was!" Such a parnoid jerk.......

"Riiiight. What are you doing here?!"

"I work here." Not that it's any of your business…. With that she started to turn away.

"Wait." She hesitated, thinking he was going to apologize. "Tell me what those idiots said already!"

"Those idiots, if you mean the ones that were trying to save your life," Tea said huffily, annoyed that he could be so callous, "said you're going to have surgery soon!" His horribly handsome face turned blank with shock all the sudden and she was taken aback. There was a long silence, and she figured him afraid. "I'm sure…it'll turn out all right." For you…..the poor surgeons are another story!

"That sounded so sincere," he said sarcastically, adjusting himself in the bed. What the---? Tea saw where he was looking at the pattern on the bed. Uh oh, she thought.

"I'm always sincere, unlike you," she said, hurrying out the door. Her words had been mumbled, so he hadn't heard it. Then she chided herself. Even though he was a jerk that practically turned to whole staff into tears, he still was all alone, with no support and probably afraid, though he would go to his grave before admitting it. I should at least stay with him until the surgeon arrives. Tea asked him as politely as possible where his brother was.

"Just hurry and get your tight little ass out of my ROOM already!"

"Well, you don't have to snipe at me," She left as slowly as she pleased. "Just because you're afraid! Hmph!"

"I'm not---" he stopped abruptly, realizing it was true, staring out the window with a sulk, with a stone cold expression. "I'm not," he said again in a whisper.

Tea stopped and paused, studying him for a while at his downcast head. He looked like a big handsome, tall baby feeling sorry for himself. She turned back, with a smile. "You don't have to worry about dying on the operating table." she said clearly. "Since the nice guys die young, you don't have to worry."

With that, she turned, and quickly hurried out down the busy hallway, nearly knocking over the approaching surgeon. I did my duty as a classmate….

Stupid girl that never shuts up. I'll get her later for that remark. And no way I'm having surgery......too many people want me dead.... he thought, sliding his feet to the floor, wincing from the pain and looking at the doorway to see if the coast was clear. But how? I can't move my legs.... He managed to retrieve his phone from his coat. "Roland?" he hissed. "It's me....."

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