This is completely different to what you're used to reading with your Yaoi. But, ever since my friend suggested it, it stuck in my head; and I really like this pairing now. I hope that a couple of you great authors read this, and maybe start a story with this pairing of your own, because I'd really like to see more done with this pairing!! It's not that bad, you just have to be open minded...

This Line They Cannot Cross...

You don't see me, but I'm always watching you Naruto.

From the time you get up to the time you fall back to sleep, I'm watching you always.

Yes I realize I sound obsessed, and yes I realize this might be classified as stalking; but I really have nothing else to do in here but watch you.

When I was first introduced to you I was resentful. You, Naruto, were my punishment, my confinement, my hell; and I wanted nothing more than to rid myself of your limited body and be free.

But as the years grew by, and finding myself with nothing better to do, I found myself watching your world through your eyes. I found myself listening to your childish views on your world, and oh how I wanted to throttle you.

You saw the world as a field of open space and happiness, yet you had no idea of the horrors of the world you found yourself proud to live in. Though every time I came to this urge I remembered how young you were and it made something inside of me grow.

I don't know when it happened Kit, but somehow I found myself pitying you. I found myself feeling guilty for all the emotional pain you had to go through. I knew they shunned you because of me, and maybe I should have soothed you, but I couldn't and I hope you understand why. You would have thought yourself crazy, or worse, you would have found out who was talking to you and you would fear yourself.

I can understand the feeling of paranoia. The one place you can be alone with your thoughts is inside of your mind, it would be horrifying to know someone is listening in on your every thought...

As you grew older, this feeling inside of me grew as well. For every achievement you made, I felt a swell of pride; for every person who made you smile, I felt respect; for every day you were happy, I felt content.

But when you discovered who I was, and realized the horrible truth; you finally had something you could blame your misfortunes on. For every sneer you made, for every dark comment you uttered I felt hot iron knives burn into my flesh, imbedding themselves in my heart.

It was then that I realized, that this affection I felt towards you was misplaced. I never viewed you as a son I never had... oh no Naruto, not you.

It took me quite a while to realize it, and I feel almost embarrassed with myself of my blindness.

Every time you asked for my help, I would sneer and pretend I hated you, when you came to me and saw me for the first time demanding my chakara as rent payment, I gladly gave it to you with 'resistance'. As soon as you left my cage I burst out in peals of delighted laughter.

You are certainly charming in your own way Naruto.

Naruto? Why do you chase after that female when she obviously cares nothing for you? You're too nice to her, too forgiving of her in my opinion...

Why do you constantly run after that young male even though he hurts you? Your emotions confuse me Kit.

Do you chase them because you love them?

Do you love the ones who cause you pain?


Can you love me Naruto?

I know I love you; actually I better not jump to conclusions. I've never been in love before, but there is just something about you that draws me to you. You make me long for a body of my own, so I can hold you and comfort you.

Would you allow me that Naruto?

I'm a very experienced partner; I know I could make you forget a lot of things if you were with me...

But you still can't hear me; I'm still hesitant to do so. But maybe one day I'll finally gather courage to talk to you.

Maybe one day I'll find a way to find myself a new body, and you'll have nothing to worry about Naruto, because I promise if such a thing ever happens, I'll stay with you and protect you always.

I'll love you with everything I have, and I know you'll help teach me of your human ways.

So save yourself for me Naruto. It may seem selfish, but I pray that you get your wish for recognition and friendship, just so long as they don't cross that barrier.


Only I may cross that line.

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