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A Child's Answer is Sometimes the Smartest.

The interrogations have long since passed, the many wanted-to know-questions answered, and foolishly I thought we might be able to live our happy life in peace. Forgive me I seem to be a dreamer at heart.

While the alpha-female was very understanding I still sensed in her-smelled from her- a strange emotion. Awe with a drowning fear laced with a proud happiness. Being around this woman was like drinking a fine wine, she was nicely aged, full of flavor, and still had a pleasant bite to her. I can now fully understand why kit loves her so much.

Naruto brought me to her as quickly as he was able too, the poor kit was still weak, nearly collapsed at the end of our meeting, he was exhausted. The female was very patient with me, was very open-minded too. That did not mean, of course, that I fell for her female trick. I had that card dealt to me many a times and new it only led to trouble in the end. She had asked me what I intended to do, now that I have a form of my own.

Maybe I should have worded my answer more carefully; apparently stating that I wished to remain here with Naruto was a shocking answer. Oh well, apparently I'm one who is known to be full of surprises. Did she honestly think I would repeat my mistake? I may be of animal spirit, but I'm not stupid, she has the power to seal me again, and chances are she would not seal me inside Naruto again. I can't risk that.

She has told me that I am to beput under house arrest for the time being. Personally I found that fair, extremely unusual. I know this female is widely known as a tyrant at times, so I was the one pleasantly shocked that time. I am to be put under house arrest until a sufficient story can be made up, a personal human record is to be made as well for me and it has to be of the length of twenty-one years. When the alpha-female said this aloud there was a smirk on her face and smugness in her voice. I was unfazed, to fool the world into thinking I was youthfully twenty-one, would be wonderful. Naruto seemed a little uneasy about this age; I will have to make a mental note to not tell Naruto my true age. I don't want him leaving me over such a trifling thing.

It wasn't too long after we had agreed to the matters before that I was rather enthusiastically escorted into fitting room. Apparently I am a lone ninja who was the only survivor of an A+ mission gone horribly wrong. Due to the extreme trauma I have endured I have lost my memory, and had been found in the forest living with a clan of fox bears. I am now being re-entered into my rightful society, but first I will need clothes.

And these humans actually bought that completely idiotic story. I have to admit though, that female can really keep a story going, no matter how far-fetched it sounds, she actually made it sound like she was sympathetic of me. Naruto said I played my part perfectly, all I had to do was stand there and make it seem like I was listening to their words with an awed-interest (which wasn't hard, hearing the female start it off was fascinating) when the tailors approached me I was to snarl and growl and then hesitantly sniff their hand. I caused Naruto to laugh when I sneezed rather forcefully on the woman's hand, it was her own fault though, she was wearing too much perfume, but it was worth the public humiliation. I caused Naruto to be both proud of me and I made him laugh.

The day was wonderful.

Currently I am now waiting for Naruto to return home, it has become rather boring in here with nothing to do. I had already read every scroll I could find in Naruto's apartment. I have played his games, and I have even resorted myself into reading the ingredients and directions from Naruto's packaged foods. I am quite concerned now; does Naruto even know how much sodium he is consuming from one innocently prepared ramen cup?

I hear Naruto entering the apartment, I will have to remind myself to talk to him about his eating habits, and maybe convince him to gather me some more books. But for now I'll just run to greet him.

After being transported back to the Hokage tower Naruto had been completely swamped with papers. When he had agreed that making a personal profile on Kyubi would be an excellent idea, he had not realized that he would have to handle most of the paper work!

When that stupid old woman finally told him he could go he had nearly jumped for joy and relief. But no, the hag couldn't just let him leave he had to bring with him all the papers required to make a plausible life, he supposed the grandma was right, Naruto himself wouldn't know Kyubi's whole life, and to just simply make everything up could be dangerous.

So not only was he carrying a bag full of heavy papers and scrolls, but also a large bag of groceries and a smaller bag that held Kyubi's sandals. The idiot forgot to bring his sandals when they were being transported to his house.

He began to blame it all on the demon and hokage, knowing his luck today the two did it purely just to tire him out more. Those two knew he was tired and sore, had he not complained about it enough? And yet he was still dragged away while that lucky Kyubi got to catch up on some of his naptime!

The nerve!

Managing to open the door he tiredly dragged himself into his house and set everything he had in his arms down with a loud bang. He no longer cared he just wanted sleep.

A series of excited thumps could be heard getting closer and closer to him, and dimly he promised himself that if the cause of that noise crashed into him and made him fall to the floor, he would kill them the day after.

Sleep comes first.

Ecstatic gold eyes lit up at the blonde's still grumpy expression. "Naruto! You've returned! I thought that woman was never going to let you leave… you look tired you should lie down." The demon finished with a concerned frown.

Naruto grumbled out that the demon had to take all those papers and read each and every one of them and then fill them out, preferably by tomorrow afternoon. Kyubi nodded and asked a question Naruto could not understand would make the demon sound so sad.

"How are you feeling?"

Naruto stared at him suspiciously but then finally whined, "Extremely tired, and my body still hurts, I have a head ach too. But other than that, I'm just fine."

Kyubi smiled sympathetically, "It pains me to hear you say that. You should most defiantly go to bed and rest then, I'll deal with those papers while you do."

Naruto nodded, and snuggled into the hug that the fox demon so happily offered before heading towards his bed. Softly he heard the other mumble, "I wish I could still hear your thoughts…" and why Naruto felt so empathetic towards the demon confused him.

With a slight whiny drawl he answered, "Why would you want to hear my thoughts, when you can just ask what I'm thinking anyway?"

Had the blond looked behind him while he shut the door he would have noticed how utterly shocked Kyubi was. The demon looked to the floor mulling the cute blonde's words over, before a soft smile lit his face.

Leave it to Naruto to have such a childish answer… that makes perfect sense.

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