by SpelCastrMax

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Okay, this a fic based on ideas from two of the three Ray Harryhausen Sinbad films, which is funny since the Adventures of Sinbad TV series is based on those same movies. Ah yes, it comes full circle.

Also, I am an true blue Sinbad/Maeve fan, but I chose not to write Bryn out completely. Don't worry, I'm not going to create any "love triangles". This is where the idea from one of the original Sinbad movies comes in. For those of you who have seen those movies you'll probably figure out which ideas I took. For those of you who haven't seen those films...well, you are heathen dogs and I will pity you until you educate yourself in the magic of Ray Harryhausen. Down with CGI!


The shrill cry was long and loud, catching the attention of every crew member. There was a pause in the noise as they all strained their necks to watch as the brown hawk circled the sky. He called out again, this time holding out the noise until it forced everyone to let out an annoyed grunt and cover their ears.

"Dermott!" Captain Sinbad shouted over the sounds, but he could never be sure if the hawk understood him. Instead he tried a different name, "Bryn! What's wrong?" He knew that the only one who could tell him what the hawk was upset about was Bryn.

A thin brunette shielded her eyes as she tried to track the bird's shadow against the sunlight. She listened carefully, reaching out her mind to translate the excited Dermott's thoughts. After a moment, she yelled, "Maeve! He says that Maeve is close by. On a small island straight ahead!"

Sinbad's face lit up for a brief moment at the thought of the lost sorceress, then immediately sobered. "Is he sure?"

The captain's older brother, the bearded Doubar, added, "We've been on wild Maeve chases before. I don't think I'm ready to be disappointed again."

Pausing to laugh, Bryn assured them, "He's positive. Dermott is really happy about it too. He's thinking a million things at once. I..." The smile slipped from her face.

"Bryn? What is it?" Firouz, the ship's resident scientist questioned with concern.

The girl shook off whatever thought it was that had startled her. "Everything is fine," she replied, then shouted upward, "Dermott, come down."

The hawk did so, perching himself on her gloved hand and chirping merrily. Sinbad felt a surge of hope at the animal's reaction and order that their ship, the Nomad, continue traveling north, the direction Dermott had instructed.

Bryn took the hawk down below, making up some excuse to leave. As soon as she knew no one could hear her, she set Dermott on a chair back and bluntly said, "I heard you say 'sister'. You aren't just a guardian hawk, are you?"

She listened to what the hawk had to tell her, which although it was little, it was heartfelt. Lately, Bryn had been enjoying Dermott's company more and more, yet at last she understood why her crush for the ship's handsome captain was replaced with a telepathic friendship

"So, you're a human," she said, obviously repeating whatever he had told her through his mind, "Okay, I promise I won't tell." She reached out to stroke his feathers like she usually did, then thought better of it. "You know what, why don't I just get used to that I idea before I start petting you again."

Back on deck, the crew caught sight of the island in one of Firouz's inventions, the magnascope. Sinbad had not said much since Dermott's announcement. He just watched the island growing closer and tried not to seem as anxious as the hawk had been.

"Do you really think she's there this time?" Firouz asked Doubar and Rongar, the ship most quiet of crewmen, as they prepared the long boat.

Rongar shrugged as he placed a case of food into the small craft. Doubar growled a little, "I'm starting to think that it's too late. Even if we did find Maeve, what right do we have to assume that she'll want to come with us? By now she probably has a whole new life."

It wasn't long until the Nomad sailed into the bay of the tiny, mountainous isle. Anchor was weighed and Dermott flew ahead. As on most of their journeys, only Sinbad, Doubar, Rongar, Firouz, and Bryn took seats in the long boat and paddled to the shore.

Dermott was perched on a piece of driftwood waiting for the five humans to pull settle themselves and the heavy long boat on the beach. Both he and Sinbad seemed to be itching to explore, it was as if they were a boy and his pet waiting to be given permission to play outside. At last, the rest of the crew was ready and Dermott shot off into the island's tropical forest barely waiting for them to follow.

The run lasted a for what felt like an eternity. There was a rocky path uphill through the close knit trees which Dermott had them follow for over half of the trip. It wasn't until they found a clearing that the hawk lead them off the road and towards a field of stumps and tall grasses.

"He says she's close by," Bryn told the others, out of breath.

The bird slowed down a little and perched in a tree on the edge of the field. He was watching the ground behind a fallen tree trunk. Suddenly, he grew very quiet, but Sinbad did not notice the change in the hawk's mood. His paced slowed the closer he came to the trunk. The rest of the crew stayed a few feet behind, giving the captain the first chance to see whatever was there.

Sinbad stepped around rotting wood and peered into the foot high grass. He saw some red hair amongst the green. He opened his mouth to speak, but was silenced when the hair's owner lifter her head to stare him down. The sailor's hope and excitement deflated. Standing there, gazing into the grasses with a dry mouth and no words, Sinbad wanted to yell. He wanted to rewind the day and wish Dermott had never told them to come there. He wanted to cry.

In the grass, laying on her stomach and propping herself up on her hands, was not the woman he had come to find, but a child who held the perfect image of Maeve.

Do I have your attention?