Across the Hogwarts crowd

By KerrianneLupin

Chapter Two


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"Mr Black, do not make me warn you once again about disrupting my class, if I have to speak to you about this one more time then I will be forced to put you into detention, something I'm sure you don't wish to happen, have I made myself perfectly clear to you?" Sirius raised his head from his desk and flashed Professor Filtwick his most charming smile.

"You've made it perfectly clear Sir" he replied back, pushing himself up fully before slouching in his seat, staring moodily at the desk, he could see James waving his hand subtly at him from the corner of his eyes but for once he chose to ignore it, he had far more urgent and pressing things to think about in his head, other than what James wanted, such as how someone who looked like Remus Lupin could have remained out of his sightlines for 5 years without him noticing him. He turned his head to the right and risked another glance at him, groaning out loud in his head as he did.

It really didn't seem fair to him that he had to spend the next 45 minutes sitting next to someone that was that gorgeous but who he wasn't allowed to touch and make a play for, firstly because he had no idea whether Remus was even gay to begin with and secondly because he would have to have done it in public and probably would have ended up with a detention everyday for the rest of the year.

The only thing he could decide on for certain was the fact that Remus had to be one of the most attractive boys Sirius had seen for quite a while with soft blond hair falling into light amber eyes that were startling to look at, especially as they were surrounded by lashes so dark they could almost be black. He had a slim oval face and his features fitted in perfectly with that not to mention the fact that he had the most kissable lips Sirius had ever seen. He seemed to be tall as well, not as tall as Sirius but definitely taller than average and slimly built.

"Is that understood class? You all understand what your assignment entails you to do?" Sirius sat up quickly blinking as he looked around, he hadn't heard a word of what his Professor had said, he had been too busy staring at Remus. He glanced at James who raised an eyebrow at his look of confusion but anything either of them may have said was interrupted when Lily's hand went shooting into the air nearly knocking Sirius as it did. He gave her a glare but she ignored him waving her hand a little higher.

"Yes Miss Evans, what is the problem?" Professor Filtwick said, smiling broadly at her as he spoke. Sirius rolled his eyes before looking at the front of the class. He couldn't believe how blatantly some teachers made it over who their favourite students were.

"Please Sir is it possible that I can work with someone else other than Black or Potter, perhaps Remus or someone like that. I can't possibly work with them" she sent a spiteful glare at James and Sirius who sent one straight back. It wasn't as if either of them was very keen on working with her either. Sirius would rather have eaten his own arm out then spend any extra time with her. He smirked as the Professor shook his head with a look of regret.

"I'm afraid not Miss Evans, if I allow you to work with the person of your choice then I must allow the whole class to as well. It would perhaps be best to keep you and Mr Black away from working with each other considering your… history together so please work with Mr Potter, Miss Evans. Mr Lupin" he said turning his gaze onto Remus who had been looking highly amused by the scene playing out.

"Yes Sir?" he asked, sitting up slightly straighter. Filtwick smiled at him

"Would you mind working with Mr Black? Do you think you could handle him?" Remus's amused look grew as he nodded

"I think I can manage Sirius just fine Professor" he said smoothly, glancing at Sirius from the corner of his eyes. Sirius swallowed deeply as he felt the same kick in the stomach as he did before. That was seriously going to have to stop because it was beginning to get on his nerves slightly.

"Excellent that leaves you Mr Pettigrew working with Miss Watson on your right, the rest of the class can stay in the partners they already have" he glanced around the class but other than a few disgruntled faces everyone seemed satisfied by the arrangements "Remember that this is the only lesson you have to work on these projects, any additional time you and your partner have you must decide on after school or on your breaks," he glanced around once more than took his seat at his desk "Begin" he squeaked.

Sirius glanced at James with a smug smile as he leaned back into his chair, to think that he had almost had the ill fortune to have to work with Evans, he almost felt sorry for his best friend, almost. He grinned as James noticed his look and the look of despair melted away into an answering grin as he gave Sirius the one finger salute over Lily's bent head.

Sirius stuck his tongue out in a childish retort and turned to look at Remus who was smiling at something that Peter was saying to him, Sirius was kind of surprised by that, normally Peter was quite shy when it came to people he wasn't sure of but for some reason he seemed completely happy to talk to Remus, acting as if he had known him for years rather than only 20 minutes.

As if feeling his gaze on his head, Remus turned away from Peter and turned his body round in his chair so he was facing Sirius, he still looked highly amused, but Sirius was beginning to think that most things in life brought a smile to Remus Lupin's face. Sirius found himself smiling back though, trying extremely hard at the same time to ignore the way his heart was pumping far faster than it should have been and the fact that his mouth was suddenly extremely dry as well.

"So tell me Black" Remus said, staring at him "How much of that 25 minute lecture did you actually pay attention to since I see that you made absolutely no notes at all" Sirius glanced down at his paper to see that Remus was right, apart from a few doodles there was nothing on the parchment which indicated he was in a lecture. His eye widened slightly, had he been daydreaming all that time about Remus?

"I heard him telling me off and threatening me with a detention and then I heard him telling us all to begin" Sirius said with the same natural confidence that was a fundamental part of his charm. "Saying that though Lupin I think you've made more than enough notes for the pair of us to use" he commented with a smile, as he lowered his eyes to Remus's parchment. Two sheets of it were covered with a neat loopy handwriting that Sirius found himself envying. His handwriting wasn't his strong point to say the least.

"And what makes you think that you can borrow my notes Black?" Remus asked "Perhaps if I do let you borrow them I should charge you for it seeing how you're too lazy to make your own." Sirius looked up distractedly from comparing the bronze in the Ravenclaw window to Remus's eye colour.

"Because Lupin you're stuck with me for this project, if I do badly then you do badly and considering the fact you're a Ravenclaw and it's a known fact that Ravenclaws can't bear to do badly in anything I think its safe to say that you'll let me look at your notes" Sirius looked at him with a challenging look that was met with an equally thoughtful one on Remus's part as he seemed to consider Sirius's words.

"I guess your right" he conceded finally, sounding gracious as he did. Sirius face broke into a knowing grin though as he noticed the annoyed gleam in Remus's eyes as the blond glanced at him, pushing his notes across the table to him, a look that completely belied Remus's former tone of voice.

It appeared to Sirius that Remus Lupin didn't like being proved wrong and that small fact would work nicely in the plan that Sirius had spent the whole lesson concocting. His plan was simple. To seduce Remus Lupin and make him his, no matter what it took.

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