Married to You


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1. Hating You So Soon

A feud between Japan's finest and China's greatest, which was spurred between many generations of Kinomotos and Lis ago, is finally going to be able to find a truce.

"Well then, Mr. Kinomoto, It's a deal." Said Li, Yelan calmly looking into Kinomoto, Fujitaka's eyes.

"I believe this will be the best for the both of our families." He replied.

"Yes, A long, long feud to be broken with the union of our families." She pondered for a moment as she sipped her tea, and looking up she spoke again, "We must be strong in persuading them to be able to say the 2 words 'I do.' Yet, perchance they would want to divorce after we force them to marry?"

"I've thought about that as well, and I've come to the conclusion that we must make sure that there are no loopholes for either of our children to slip through." Fujitaka thought on how to arrange his words so that they were not demanding, but rather, they were suggestions too well planned to pass by. "If you'll allow me." He inquired politely.

"Do continue, I have a feeling you have an ingenious plan that the children will not be able to slip from?" Yelan was getting curious.

"Well, if by any chance they should want a divorce, we must push them to have a child in order to 'seal the deal', should I say." Fujitaka took a sip of tea as Yelan listened tentatively. "Then should your son, by any unlikely chance, may not want to stay in marriage with my daughter, and decide that he would rather marry someone else and have a child with that woman, then he will, with your authorization, lose the inheritance of you're company. If my daughter decides upon the divorce, the child will be yours, she will give up the child, and for mothers, as well as fathers any and all parents in general, I believe that is one of the hardest things to ever do."

"That is very well planned out, but sir, should they not want to have a child, what shall we do?" Yelan wanted every thing to be perfect.

Fujitaka smiled as he answered her, "Syaoran will lose inheritance and it will go on to your nephew Eriol, I believe he is 6 now?" Yelan nodded.

"And my daughter, Sakura will be under the threat of my disowning her." The last part Fujitaka's smile faltered, he didn't know how he would ever be able to do that, but this alliance, this peace, must be made. He didn't know if there ever would be another chance, and they had to make this all possible.

Yelan understanding his predicament nodded gravely, if he was willing to disown his only daughter, a living memory of his deceased wife, she was willing to use Syaoran's inheritance against him, as well as give it to someone else on behalf of this necessary truce.

The union of Sakura and Syaoran was going to be the living treaty between families that have warred long enough. Yet although the two families were currently at peace, the two offspring were not.

Yelan had moved to Japan that summer, Syaoran was to go to the same school as Sakura as well as live on the same block as her. Fujitaka and she had decided that the more they got to know each other, the better it would be. Because the two families both owned a large quantity of land, even though they were "next door neighbors" they weren't actually next door to each other. Living so close to each other, Sakura and Syaoran didn't become friends, like they were expected to be, they became enemies.


"You're a potty face," yelled a four-year-old, green-eyed little girl as she stood in the ruins of her sand castle, "You stupid boy, I hate boys, cause they have germs."

Syaoran was over at Sakura's house as Yelan and Fujitaka further discussed their plans.

Her pretty, honey brown hair was in a French braid and her eyes were teary as well as angry as she looked at the boy that was less than a year older than her. He was scowling at her with his dark amber eyes that were covered by his unruly dark brown hair. He was quite handsome for a boy of 5 yet his scowling face made him look so mean and unhappy.

"Well girls are stupider." Syaoran said matter-of-factly.

Sakura stuck her tongue out at this new boy. She at first wanted to be play mates but he had stomped on her castle and didn't even apologize.

"Who asked you? You're just a stupid boy. Go away you poopey face!" She turned away from him and sat back down in the sand.

"I bet I could beat you in a race." Syaoran wanted to show this stupid little girl he was better than her.

"I don't want to race you, you're stupid and mean." Sakura didn't look up as she built a new castle.

"That's cause you're scared." He challenged.

Sakura looked up furiously, "You're on!" she yelled. "First one to that tree over there wins." She said pointing to a beautiful cherry blossom tree.

"On your marks, get set, GO!" They yelled out in unison and set off as fast as their little legs could carry them. Sakura was a fast runner and she got to the tree before Syaoran had. It was their first taste of competition and dislike for each other. They didn't grow out of it like most people did, they just kept on hating each other. Sakura not only beat him in that race, but she beat him in most everything as well. As they grew to be in junior high, she had always had higher grades than him, and he hated her for that. Yet Syaoran had a lot more friends that Sakura, and she hated him for that. Spurred by their jealously and rage they continued to compete to be better than the other throughout junior high and on to high school.

High School


"Syaoran, just one kiss, please? Come on, no body's watching." Meilin giggled as she pulled herself close to Syaoran.

"Meilin get off me, not now." Syaoran replied huskily. Meilin was his first real girlfriend and she was really turning him on at the moment. Her body was really close to his as she held on to his shirt collar, her full breasts pushing against his chest. He was up against the wall on the side of the school, under the shade of the trees nearby.

"Oh Syaoran I know you can't resist." Meilin's reddish brown eyes twinkled in delight as she 'played' with him. She trailed kisses on his neck as he slowly gave in to her. His hands crept up her thighs to her ass and he gave it a squeeze, bringing her closer to him. She moved her hips slightly in such a way that aroused him. Unable to stand the torture, he moved in for a kiss, hoping that the kiss would stop their advancements. They kissed passionately for some time, and instead of stopping, it led them further on.

"MMM... Meilin..." Syaoran moaned softly as her hands found their way outside his pants. She softly stroked the hard bulge that was his manhood. "'re such a tease" he said through gritted teeth. "I know, I know, don't worry I'll give you what you want and more." She couldn't help but moan as Syaoran started to play with her. His hands moving from her tight ass to under her way-too-short school skirt (that she fixed herself to be short, no doubt), he stroked the outside of her wet underwear. Moving his thumbs on the spots that he knew aroused her he rubbed in circular motions massaging her clit as well.

Meilin couldn't help but jerk slightly as pleasure and desire flew through her lower regions. She unzipped his pants and inserted her hand into them. Gently touching his hardness. She knew it was painful for him, she ran her fingers up and down his staff, still kissing him. Syaoran knew he had to pleasure her before she gave him what he wanted. Moving her underwear aside, he put two fingers into her tight opening. She moaned into his mouth as he moved his fingers in and out of her, a motion they never tired of. She started to move her hips in rhythm as if her life depended on it. Faster and harder he thrusted his fingers as Meilin's hands left his arousal, occupied by her own fulfillment. He felt her inner walls tighten around him, faster and harder he kept going, and finally she reached satisfaction. Breathing heavily she smiled, her eyes half closed. Syaoran took his fingers out of her and licked them clean of her liquid, watching as she slowly went down to her knees. He smirked knowing this was going to be great.


Sakura watched as Eriol played basketball with a couple of other guys. Ryo was there, he was her second best friend after Tomoyo. She and Tomoyo giggled as they watched the guys dribbled and do three-point shots, showing off to the two girls.

The two were probably the best looking in the whole school besides, Meilin, but she was taken. Sakura was smart and athletic, she was good in everything, but math. Sigh you can't have em all. Tomoyo was sweet, angelic, she had a big heart, a wonderful voice, and was a talented clothing designer. Sakura's sweat dropped as she thought of this. She was Tomoyo's Barbie doll, she never played with Barbie's knowing how it felt to be dressed and played with all day by somebody. But Sakura loved it nonetheless, she especially loved Tomoyo and was very happy with her best friend by her side all the time.

Sakura felt bored and wanted to play with the guys, so she got up and joined a team. To her disappointment she ended up taking Eriol's place, who went and took a break sitting next to Tomoyo.

Sakura couldn't deny it, she had feelings for this blue-eyed, blue-haired boy. His glasses made him look so cute. He was sophisticated and much more enjoyable to be around than Li, definitely much more enjoyable. Eriol and Syaoran were cousins and best friends, yet Eriol was somebody she could almost feel an attraction to. She didn't like many guys throughout her life. As a matter of fact, Eriol was the only one she's had a crush on.

They were just friends, yet she wanted it to be something more. She never told anybody about her crush on Eriol, not even Tomoyo. Tomoyo was enemies with Eriol like Sakura and Syaoran, but these days Eriol seemed to try and get Tomoyo's respect. Sakura knew deep down inside somewhere that Eriol might have feelings for Tomoyo, yet she shoved that thought as far from her as she could possibly make it.

Playing with the guys took a lot of concentration from her and she enjoyed it a lot. She forgot about her troubles with Eriol, and whatnot and was able to just enjoy herself.

After School


"Hey Sakura, wait for me!" Tomoyo yelled after Sakura as she was walking home. Sakura turned around to greet Tomoyo but before she knew it...

"AhHhHHHHh!! Watch out!!!" Sakura barely had a chance to intake what was going on when BAM! Tomoyo had run straight into Sakura.

"Oh no, Sakura I'm so sorry." Tomoyo sighed as she tried to help Sakura up. Sakura was on the floor, her face flat, her eyes all dizzy and unfocused.

"Are you ok?" asked a worried Tomoyo. "Yea I'm fine" Sakura replied as she got up regaining her balance.

"That was some hit Tomoyo," Sakura teased, "What if you knocked me down and I... I never got up again?" Sakura grabbed Tomoyo's arm scaring the hell out of her friend.

"Oh Sakura you're horrible." Tomoyo laughed and arm in arm they walked home together.


"So how was your day Eriol?" Syaoran asked as he walked home with one hand in his pocket the other holding his school bag.

"It was okay, I think Tomoyo's starting to not mind my company." Eriol's blue eyes twinkled.

Syaoran smirked, "Aww, my cousin likes a junior." He reached up to ruffle Eriol's already messy midnight blue hair. Glaring at him he replied coolly "Aww my baby cousin's all grown up, fucking his little girlfriend and all." Eriol laughed as he ran from Syaoran's wrath.

"Idiot, Baka, I'm only a year younger than you." Syaoran replied.

"Ah... but nonetheless, I must watch over you." Eriol laughed as he pet Syaoran. "The big senior must watch over the 'wittle' baby junior." Syaoran was fuming as Eriol continued to pet him.

"GR... I can't wait till you go off to college." Syaoran mumbled.

Eriol chuckled as he could practically see the steam coming out of Syaoran's ears. "So... how's it going with Sakura?"

Syaoran's ears perked up and he nearly shrieked as he roared in anger "DON'T TALK ABOUT THAT STUPID BITCH IN FRONT OF ME!!! WHAT THE HELL MAKES HER SO GREAT? WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS? I HATE HER FUCKING GUTS!!! HOLY MOTHER FUCKER!!! I HATE HER ROYAL MISS 'ALL THAT' SUPER STAR!!! " Syaoran breathed heavily, clenching and unclenching his fists.

Syaoran had an early birthday and Sakura a late one, so they were 11 months apart yet they were still in the same grade, and she was always... ALWAYS the first in the class, and Syaoran was ALWAYS second. They were practically a year apart, It should be illegal for them to be in the same grade. He fumed to himself thinking of all the possibilities of killing her, stomping away. Eriol's sweat dropped as he watched... "That well...Eh?" he sarcastically asked to no one in particular.

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