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The Following Thursday

01325 Romeo

Harm and Mac with little Harm in her arms walked into the bustling bullpen, no one seemed to notice them at first. Everything looked the same to Mac except for the empty office that had been hers. Tiffany must have been in a hurry to get to Ireland. She also noted that Harm had his old office up in the front back. He must have earned it back and she was proud of him. Her thoughts were interrupted by a joyful squeal that could only be connected to Lieutenant Harriet Sims-Roberts.

"Ma'am! It that really you? Oh it is so good to see you!" Harriet bustled over and Mac gave her a one armed hug. Almost everyone in the bullpen had looked up at Harriet's squeal and were starting to gather around Harm and Mac. They were greeted with the usual 'hellos' and 'where were you' and things of that nature. Harm finally announced through the crowd.

"Everyone there is someone we would like you all to meet. Everyone this is my son Harmon Benjamin Rabb he was born on December 15 and is the newest edition to the Rabb family." Harm then leaned to his son. "This is your other family Harm, this is your JAG family and your…"

"ATTENTION ON DECK!" Coates shouted above the clapping and whistles. The Admiral emerged as everyone parted for him to walk through.

"So I hear this is our new attorney, he is a little young isn't he?"

"Just a little I think sir." Mac smiled.

"Well it is good to have you back Colonel, this office has gone to the dogs since you have been gone. So this is my adoptive grandson?"

"Yes sir. His name is Harmon Benjamin, and he will be two in just about three months."

"Well that is good, I assume you two are husband and wife now then?"

"Umm not yet sir," Harm admitted.

"Well then what the hell are you waiting for? The next eternity?"

"Alright." Harm pulled a small box out of his pocket and got down on one knee in front of Mac and began,

"Mac… You are the best thing that has ever and could ever happen to me and our son is a bonus. You have been way too good to me and I want to return the favor I want to be there every morning when I wake up and I want to grow old with you, so will you do the honor of becoming my wife? Mac will you marry me?" Mac smiled,

"Harm you always seem to have things right at your convenience engagement bands included." She then looked at her son and asked,

"Do you think I should because you're the man of the house what do you say?" Little Harm looked at Mac and then at Harm and pointed nodding,

"Daddy, dat Daddy." Mac and Harm both smiled and Mac answered.

"Yes I will marry you." She shifted Harm onto her other hip and the older Harm took her left hand and slipped the diamond ring on it, and then standing up he kissed her. That action alone caused a series of cheers and whistles to erupt around the bullpen. When Harm and Mac parted they smiled at each other not taking notice of the people around them until Little Harm started pulling on Mac's necklace.

"Ouch, sweetie don't pull so hard." She untangled the necklace from of his chubby fingers and Harm still seeing the ring dangling from it asked.

"Do you mind if I have that back?"

"Oh sure, hey Harriet would you hold him for a minute?" Mac asked and Harriet immediately relieved Mac, by taking little Harm into her arms and listening to his child babble. Mac reached up and undid the chain that held her ring and her dogtags she pulled it off and held it in her hand,

"Are you sure you want it back? Harm has used it as sort of a pacifier, the only thing that he ever puts into his mouth besides food." Harm took the ring out of her hands and smiled and slid it back on his finger.

"It's just fine. I'm just glad that he didn't swallow it." They shared a short kiss and then Mac went to retrieve her son and Harm went to talk with the Admiral. Mac visited with everyone until late into the afternoon then when little Harm was falling asleep in her arms she went to Harm.

"I think it's time to go. I know one sailor who is getting sleepy. He missed his nap but he is getting practice at being a babe magnet, all of the women here can't seem to get enough of him I had to practically tear him away from a female lieutenant." Mac said to Harm who agreed and they said quick good-byes when the Admiral stopped them.

"Commander, Colonel, just a minute. You two were on the promotions list last month and the request came through, now Mac I already spoke with your CO and you will return to full duty whenever you three get settled. Anyway my point was that I want to be the first to congratulate you on your new positions as Captain Rabb, and full Colonel Mackenzie, I assume you will be keeping that name for work purposes?" AJ asked Mac.

"No sir I think it will be changed but I haven't decided."

"Well then you two should be on your way, the promotion ceremony won't be until next Monday at the earliest, so congratulations." The Admiral then turned away and walked back to his office, while Harm, Mac and a sleeping Harm headed for the elevator. When the door dinged shut as they stepped in Harm questioned,

"Mac things just seem to be getting better for us don't they?"

"Yeah, and I'm glad that everything has finally worked out for us."

"Well not quite everything."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"Well counselor, I'll be seeing you in court on Monday, you still have to find a way to defend Brood, because I have a flawless argument."

"Oh you do, do you? Well I guess I'll be so busy coming up with a defense that you won't get any action tonight then."

"Oh we'll see about that, we'll see."

"I like the sound of that." Mac said and then Harm leaned down and gave her another kiss that was just a taste of what was to come along with many years of their happiness and love for each other.

The End