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A/N: This story is loosely based off of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream".



by Lina Shay

Chapter One: Fancy A Someone

In the middle of Charms class, beneath the table, Harry could see Hermione and Ron's fingers intertwined. It had taken long enough for the two to realize how much they truly cared about each other. Ron and Hermione were afraid to tell Harry. They didn't want him left out, to feel like a third wheel or something. But Harry knew this was coming; he was relieved to find out that his two best friends were together, the way they always should have been.

Ron and Hermione glanced at each other. Their eyes were glowing with admiration and love. Harry wished a pare of blue eyes would look at him like that. Just to see a sweet, coy smile directed at him and soft, pale fingers caressing his hair would be perfection. His mind had wandered to the only girl who made him feel like nothing else mattered. Having a bottle cap necklace and her wand behind her ear added a cute, quirky quality to the beautiful Luna Lovegood. Oh, Harry would do anything for her, but she would ask nothing of him.

"Have a lovely Christmas holiday," Professor Flitwick said as the students began to pack away their parchment and ink bottles.

"Staying here for holiday with us, Hermione?" Harry asked, tucking his book under his arm.

"Absolutely," Hermione replied, smiling at Ron.

"Oh, you won't believe!" Ron exclaimed, turning his attention briefly to Harry. "Fred and George are coming up too."

"Will that be allowed?" Hermione asked.

"Sure," Ron insisted. "Now that Umbridge woman is gone, no one will have complaints about them visiting for a day or two."

"We're in for a crazy holiday," Harry said. "You know that, right?"

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After saying goodbye to all their friends, Hermione, Harry, and Ron remained out front to witness the arrival of Fred and George. Hermione cuddled up close to Ron as time wore on. it was nearly dark before Fred's flying motorbike, with George in the side car, landed right in front of them.

"Happy Christmas, everyone," Fred said, getting off the motorbike.

"Happy Christmas," Harry and Ron said at once.

"Well, well," George said, eyeing Ron and Hermione, "we heard you two were an item."

"It's about bloody time," Fred laughed.

Ron blushed.

"So, what's going down at ol' Hogwarts?" George asked as Harry, followed by Hermione and Ron, led the twins inside.

"We have a new Defense Against Dark Arts teacher," Hermione informed. "His name is Professor Cumberson..."

"And he's worse at spells than Neville is," Ron cut her off. "He's worse than Lockhart was, even."

"No kidding," was Fred' reply.

"So, Harry," George began, putting his arm around him, "any special ducks in your pond?"

"What?" Harry asked with confusion.

"Girls," Fred clarified. "Any girls you've got your eye on."

"No," Harry said, entirely too resolutely.

"You can tell us," George prodded.

"Honestly, these's no one," Harry declared.

Just then he turned a corner and found himself face-to-face with Luna Lovegood. Her dirty blonde tangles flowed down her shoulders and her eyes sparkled. Harry was struck dumb for an instant. He wanted to say something clever or witty. He wanted to say something that would dazzle her. But his mind was a complete blank.

Luna smiled at him, then looked over his shoulder, saying, "Hullo, Ronald. I trust you have been well."

"Yes, thanks, Luna," Ron muttered uncomfortably. "And yourself?"

"So sweet of you to ask," Luna smiled. "I have been well since I read about You-Know-Who having reconciled with his long lost mother and denouncing evil."

Ron gave Fred and George a skeptical look, saying, "Did he, now?"

"Why yes," Luna replied, pulling an issue of the Quibbler from her backpack and holding it out to Ron. "I thought you might be interested so I marked the page with a Carmel Cackle. I know how much you like them."

Thanks, Luna," Ron began, not taking the magazine form her, "but I'll be much too busy for reading."

"Oh?" Luna said, looking hurt as she withdrew the magazine. "It's quite all right. I should be off. In just a moment, it will be too late to catch the Crumple-Horned Snorkack migration. Good day."

Luna walked passed them, not giving Harry another look. He felt as if he were being choked. She didn't even say a word to him.

"Looney, that one," Fred said to George.

"I just wish she'd get it," Ron groaned. "I don't like her that way. Even now that I'm taken, she still stops me in the halls to discuss loony things."

"Something the matter, Harry?" Hermione asked, noticing his silence.

"It's nothing," he replied dismally.

"Uh-oh," Fred grinned.

"What?" Harry asked.

Fred smirked at George, who smiled back.

"What?!" Harry repeated.

"You've got a thing for Looney Lovegood," George teased.

"You're mental," Ron laughed. "Harry doesn't fancy Luna. Do you, Harry?"

Harry half-smiled, meanwhile trying to decide how to respond. He must have taken too long because Ron's eyes went big.

"Blimey! No way!" Ron exclaimed. "You have a thing for Looney Lovegood?"

"Say it a little louder, why don't you?" Harry hissed, glancing around to see if anyone was close enough to hear.

"Why didn't you ever tell us?" Hermione asked.

Harry shrugged, "I guess I thought you wouldn't understand."

"Oh, Fred would understand," George said loudly. "It's just like the time he fell for Madam Pomfrey. He kept hurting himself on purpose to go to the hospital wing and see her."

"Madam Pomfrey?" Ron exclaimed in shock.

"Shut it!" Fred shouted, smacking George on the back of the head. "You swore you'd never tell anyone."

"You should have heard him the night he confessed to her," George laughed. " 'I adore you, Poppy. Mend my broken heart and kiss me better.' Poor, Madam Pomfrey. Thought he has a fever and was delusional."

Just thinking about Fred confessing love to Madam Pomfrey was a side-spitter. It was hard to keep from laughing. But George went on talking about how Fred pined for Madam Pomfrey. It was too funny to resist. Soon, Harry, Ron, Hermione and George were roaring with laughter. Fred got so huffy that he stomped off.

"He promised not to say anything," Fred grumbled to himself, his fists clenched. "That lying git promised! I'll get him back!"

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